Lobster Alabretonne Recipe


MethodMain Ingredient


For beurre manie (kneaded butter)
 Butter5 Tablespoon
 Flour2 Tablespoon
For lobster
 Live lobsters6 Pound (4 lobsters, 1 1/2pound /750g each)
 Butter3 Tablespoon
 Shallots2 , chopped
 Garlic2 Clove (10 gm), smashed and chopped
 Fresh tarragon sprig2
 Cognac3 Tablespoon
 Dry white wine1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
 Fish stock1 1⁄2 Cup (24 tbs), heated
 Beurre manie3 Tablespoon
 Heavy cream3 Tablespoon
 Tabasco sauce3 Drop (Few drops)


Blend butter with flour to make beurre manie Set aside.
Place lobsters in large pot filled with boiling, salted water. Boil 1 minute over high heat. Remove lobsters and drain. Set aside to cool.
Place lobsters right-side up on counter and hold with left hand. Spread tails flat on counter. Cut off claws.
Cut lobster bodies into large pieces. Discard gravel sac in head and intestinal vein in tail. Remove tomalley and reserve in bowl.
Heat butter in frying pan. Add shallots, garlic and tarragon. Cook 1 minute.
Add lobster pieces and claws. Season with salt and pepper; cook 2 minutes over high heat. Cover and continue cooking just until lobster shells become red in color.
Add cognac and flambe. Remove lobster pieces from pan and set aside.
Pour white wine into pan and cook 3 minutes over high heat. Incorporate fish stock and continue cooking 4 minutes over high heat.
Stir in beurre manie" and continue cooking to thicken sauce. Whisk constantly.
Mix cream with reserved tomalley. Stir into sauce and add few drops Tabasco sauce. Cook 3 minutes over medium heat.
Place lobster pieces in sauce and simmer 2 minutes. Serve.