Jerky Cheese Cake Recipe Video

In this raw footage recipe inspired by Chef Isabella Small, head Chef of Wit U in Johannesburg SA, Grilldog makes a cheese cake using Jerky as an ingredient!


Preparation Time15 MinCooking Time50 Min
Ready In1 Hr 5 MinDifficulty LevelMedium
Health IndexJust EnjoyServings4
MethodMain Ingredient


 Butter3 Tablespoon
 Flour1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)
 Milk3 Cup (48 tbs)
 Eggs3 Medium
 Cheese2 Ounce, shredded
 Jerky4 Ounce, grated

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 395 Calories from Fat 210

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 24 g36.4%

Saturated Fat 13 g64.8%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 195.6 mg

Sodium 203.4 mg8.5%

Total Carbohydrates 21 g7.1%

Dietary Fiber 0.21 g0.84%

Sugars 9.3 g

Protein 26 g52.1%

Vitamin A 15.1% Vitamin C

Calcium 31.5% Iron 6.2%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


1. Preheat oven to 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. In a pan, melt the butter.
3. Add the flour and stir well and incorporate for 2-3 minutes.
4. Slowly add in 3 cups of milk while whisking vigorously. Continue to whisk the mix on simmer for 10 minutes.
5. Strain the mix through a colander into a bowl.
6. Separate the whites and yolks of 3 large eggs.
7. In a bowl, add 1 cup of the milk-flour mix and beat in the 3 egg yolks.
8. Fold in the cheese and grated jerky.
9. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until fluffy.
10. Fold in the egg white into the mix.
11. Pop into the oven for 15 minutes.

12. Garnish with paprika and serve.