Nontraditional Jamaican Jerk Pasta Part 2 - Making the Rice Recipe Video

A few weeks back, I blogged about the great food at Horizons here in Philadelphia. One of the best appetizers is the Jamaican BBQ Seitan and fortunately, chef Rich Landau has been kind enough to share this recipe on a local media website. I decided to recreate the dish myself last night and it was amazing! I did make a few slight alterations and I also had to make my own Jamaican jerk because the grocery store was all out of it! I'll give you the Jamaican jerk recipe followed by my slightly modified version of the Jamaican BBQ Seitan. The sauce for this is amazing, I bet it would be great on some roasted tofu!


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Please See the first part of this recipe Video.


Please See the first part of this recipe Video.
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This is the second part of the recipe video Nontraditional Jamaican Jerk Pasta. Instead of the pasta, this recipe uses brown rice. Try this recipe! The lengthy preparation method is worth the effort!