Hussainy Kabab Recipe


Difficulty LevelEasyServings4
Main Ingredient


 Cashew nuts20
 Ginger piece1 Inch
 Garlic flakes4
 Leg meat500 Gram, with the bone removed and cubed
 Salt To Taste
 Cumin powder1 Teaspoon
 Chilli powder To Taste
 Butter4 Tablespoon
 Milk1⁄2 Liter
 Cream200 Milliliter


1 Blanch and peel the almonds and grind alongwith the cashewnuts to a paste. Separately grind ginger and garlic together. Mix salt, chilli, cumin and coriander powders to it and apply on top of the meat cubes. Mix well and set aside for a few hours. Grill, basting frequently with oil till tender and golden. Place in a serving dish.
2 Melt the butter. Add the milk, nuts and cream and cook over a slow fire till thick. Spread a thick layer of the cream mixture over each kabab. Serve at once.