Oriental Sukiyaki Recipe Video

Today, I am going to show how to make sukiyaki (beef hot pot). It requires a lot of ingredients but pretty simple to make. In Japan, sukiyaki is eaten by dipping the ingredients in raw beaten egg. Learn how to make sukiyaki (beef hot pot) to enjoy it either with raw egg or otherwise also.


Difficulty LevelEasyServings2
Main Ingredient,


 Sake100 Milliliter (2/5 Us Cup)
 Mirin1⁄5 Cup (3.2 tbs) (A Type Of Sweet Rice Wine 50 Milliliters)
 Soy sauce1⁄5 Cup (3.2 tbs) (50 Milliliters)
 Sugar2 Tablespoon
 Beef1⁄2 Pound
 Eggs2 Small
 Chinese cabbage1
 Welsh onion1 (Negi)
 Chrysanthemum1 (Shungiku)
 Shiitake mushrooms1
 Enokitake mushrooms1
 Seared firm tofu1
 Konjac1 , cut into noodle-like strips (Ito Konnyaku)


1. Add sake, soy sauce, mirin and sugar in a sauce pan.
2. Boil until the alcohol is evaporated.

1. Slice beef.
2. Slice Chinese cabbage into thin slices.
3. Chop off the stem of shiitake mushroom. Cut a star shape on the cap.
4. Slice firm tofu.
5. Slice negi into thin diagonal slices.
6. Itto konnyaku noodles should be boiled and strained before cutting.
7. Chop the shungiku into 2 inch pieces.

1. Stir fry beef in a pan and add sukiyaki sauce to it.
2. Slide the beef to one side of the pan and add Chinese cabbage first and then tofu.
3. Keep itto konnyaku beside beef.
4. Add shiitake mushroom, enokitake mushroom and shungiku to the pan.
5. Add sukiyaki sauce and put the lid on. Cook for couple of more minutes.

Editors Review

Looking for an easy to make Japanese beef dish?? Making Oriental Sukiyaki was never so simple. This video is like a step by step guide to prepare the traditional Sukiyaki. The chef uses authentic Japanese methods and ingredients to prepare this delicacy. Watch the video now.