How To Cut A Lemon Recipe Video

A demonstration video with tips for cutting the lemon the easy way. A simple lemon cutting lesson that you could benefit from. This is a tried and tested techinique developed from my years of experience.


Difficulty LevelVery EasyHealth IndexAverage
Main Ingredient, Interest Group



Nutrition Facts

Serving size: Complete recipe

Calories 12 Calories from Fat 2

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 0.17 g0.27%

Saturated Fat 0.02 g0.11%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 1.7 mg0.1%

Total Carbohydrates 6 g2.1%

Dietary Fiber 2.7 g10.9%

Sugars 0 g

Protein 0.7 g1.4%

Vitamin A 0.3% Vitamin C 74.4%

Calcium 3.5% Iron 2.3%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


Follow the direction in video.

Editors Review

Do you know the best way to cut a lemon? Renowned chef Vikas Khanna shares his tricks in this video. Follow this, next time you go for cutting a lemon.


Lauren Groveman profile page

Lauren Groveman says :

Hi, Vikas. Great tip about microwaving lemons. Also, when you want to serve lemon sections to those at the table (to squeeze over seafood), it helps to (after cutting the lemons lengthwise into quarters or more pieces) to cut off the top "pithy" membrane that's at the peak of each wedge. This membrane makes it harder for the citrus juice to come out straight (meaning, it's more likely to squirt out randomly into a diners eye!). I enjoy your videos, it's a pleasure to be in the same company with you. Let's stay in touch. Lauren
Posted on: 21 September 2007 - 6:31pm
chefcharleshurlbut profile page

chefcharleshurlbut says :

Good point ! It makes them more attractive as well, you can also remove seeds at this point.
Posted on: 21 October 2007 - 12:27am
shantihhh profile page

shantihhh says :

It works!
Posted on: 26 August 2007 - 11:20pm
ooglie profile page

ooglie says :

Very interesting technique... Sure will be helpful. Thx - Pari
Posted on: 21 July 2007 - 12:19pm
vindahloo profile page

vindahloo says :

I think that another good idea will be to use a lemon squeezers. Anyway, if you are so famous * you can say anything.
Posted on: 14 November 2006 - 11:47pm
master2006 profile page

master2006 says :

Sure squeezer is good but rubbing is the trick here. On top of that hand-made is the best. I would prefer this technique over squeezer the same way as I prefer fresh food over canned food.
Posted on: 16 November 2006 - 5:14am