Gratinated Fresh Fruits With Mild Spices Zabaglione Recipe


Main Ingredient


 Fresh fruit1 Cup (16 tbs)
 Pears500 Gram
 Mangoes500 Gram
 Grapes200 Gram
 Grapefruit slices1
 Fresh ginger20 Gram
 Vanilla stick1
 Cinnamon powder1 Teaspoon (Leveled)
 Egg yolks6
 Icing sugar150 Gram
 White wine2 Tablespoon


Skin the fruits, cut them into small pieces and marinate in the crushed ginger, split vanilla stick and cinnamon powder for a few hours.
Drain the marinated fruits and divide them into individual moulds.
Zabaglione Beat the egg yolk with icing sugar in a bain-marie until smooth.
Add white wine and remove from heat.
Cover the fruits with the zabaglione and cook in a hot oven until the zabaglione turns golden brown