Fruit Soup Recipe


Preparation Time10 MinCooking Time30 Min
Ready In40 MinDifficulty LevelEasy
Health IndexHealthy++Servings4
Main IngredientInterest Group


 Fruits1 Pound, peeled, stoned or cored and diced (450 gram, morello cherries, apples, elderberries, pears, blueberries or gooseberries)
 Water2 Pint
 Lemon peel strip1
 Cornflour1 Ounce
 Sugar5 Ounce (adjust quantity as per taste)
 Fresh lemon juice1⁄2 Teaspoon
 Toasted croutons1 Cup (16 tbs) (for serving)

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 248 Calories from Fat 4

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 0.51 g0.78%

Saturated Fat 0.11 g0.57%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 53.1 mg2.2%

Total Carbohydrates 61 g20.2%

Dietary Fiber 2.2 g8.9%

Sugars 45.3 g

Protein 2 g3.4%

Vitamin A 7.5% Vitamin C 50.9%

Calcium 2.5% Iron 2%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


1) In a saucepan, place the fruits, water and lemon peel.
2) Heat the fruits mixture to a boil.
3) Put the lid on and simmer until fruits are tender.
4) Remove from heat and allow to cool.
5) In an electric blender, place the fruit mixture and process until well pureed.

6) In a saucepan, place the pureed fruits and bring to boil.
7) In a small cup, mix cornflour with a little water.
8) Stir the cornflur paste into the fruit puree and simmer until thick, stirring constantly.
9) Mix in sugar and lemon juice to taste.
10) If you wish to freeze the dish, then do so at this stage. Pour the cooled fruit soup into a rigid container.
11) Seal, label and freeze the container.

12) Serve hot with croutons.
13) If using the frozen fruit soup, reheat gently from frozen on top of the stove, stirring occasionally.
14) Serve as explained in step 12.
15) To serve cold, thaw in the refrigerator overnight and stir thoroughly.