Homemade Frozen Strawberry Smoothie Recipe Video

Home with Conjunctivitis Ryan was feeling a bit sad since he was away from all of his friends. To brighten his spirits he made himself a great healthy snack. A frozen strawberry smoothie.


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Frozen Strawberries and some juice in a blender for a minute or so and out comes a frozen yummy treat that puts a smile on any little face. But Ryan does a much better job than I do explaining how to get it done.
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Editors Review

Looking for a drink that not only beats the heat but also fills your gut? Then this frozen strawberry treat is worth a try. Young Chef Ryan shares one of his all-time favorite smoothie recipe that isn't just a cinch to blend, but also can be made with ingredients easily found in your fridge. Next time when hunger pangs hit you, you surely know what to reach out for?