French Chicken Breasts In Red Wine Noodles Recipe


MethodMain Ingredient


 Chicken breasts2 , split
 Canadian bacon4 Ounce, diced
 Dry red wine2 Cup (32 tbs)
 Onions2 , halved, sliced
 Bay leaf1
 Poultry seasoning1⁄4 Teaspoon
 Water4 Cup (64 tbs)
 Wide noodles4 Ounce
 Chopped fresh parsley2 Tablespoon
 Salt To Taste
 Pepper To Taste
 Nonfat cooking spray1

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: Complete recipe

Calories 1734 Calories from Fat 105

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 13 g19.4%

Saturated Fat 3.4 g17.1%

Trans Fat 0.1 g

Cholesterol 255.1 mg

Sodium 1873.6 mg78.1%

Total Carbohydrates 169 g56.4%

Dietary Fiber 18.1 g72.3%

Sugars 18.8 g

Protein 120 g239.3%

Vitamin A 54% Vitamin C 110.9%

Calcium 20.9% Iron 55.3%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


Spray large non-stick pot or Dutch oven with cooking spray for no-fat frying.
Place chicken skin-side-down.
Brown slowly over moderate heat until skin is crisp and well-rendered of fat.
Remove chicken; discard melted fat.
Put diced Canadian bacon in pot; brown, stirring frequently to prevent sticking.
Combine the wine, onions, bay leaf, and seasonings in pot.
Lay chicken breasts on top, skin-side-up.
Cover; simmer gently 20 minutes.
Add water to pot.
Heat to boiling.
Stir in noodles, few at a time.
Cover; simmer 12 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Uncover; simmer until all liquid is absorbed by noodles.
Sprinkle with parsley.