Cranberry-Avocado Salad Recipe

Everyone with love for fruits is sure to love this Cranberry-Avocado Salad. Try out this simple recipe for extremely healthy and filling Cranberry-Avocado Salad!


Difficulty LevelEasyHealth IndexAverage
Interest Group


 Avocados2 Medium
 Salt To Taste
 Lemon juice1 Tablespoon
 Cranberry jelly cubes1 Cup (16 tbs)
 Halved orange sections3⁄4 Cup (12 tbs)
 French dressing1 Tablespoon

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 540 Calories from Fat 233

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 28 g42.6%

Saturated Fat 4 g19.9%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 345.7 mg14.4%

Total Carbohydrates 73 g24.4%

Dietary Fiber 11.9 g47.6%

Sugars 53.7 g

Protein 9 g18.8%

Vitamin A 5.5% Vitamin C 32.6%

Calcium 2.2% Iron 5.6%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


Cut the avocados in halves lengthwise, remove the seed and peel avocados.
Sprinkle with salt and lemon juice to prevent darkening.
Mix the cranberry cubes lightly with the orange sections and pile into the avocado halves.
Place on lettuce cups and serve with plenty of French dressing.