Cider Baked Sauerkraut With Pickled Or Smoked Loin Of Pork And Farmer's Sausage Recipe


Preparation Time15 MinCooking Time5 Hr 0 Min
Ready In5 Hr 15 MinDifficulty LevelMedium
Health IndexAverageServings10
Main Ingredient


 Bacon slices10
 Finely chopped onions1 Cup (16 tbs)
 Cored sliced apples1 1⁄2 Cup (24 tbs)
 Sauerkraut3 Pound (6 Cups, Use Fresh)
 Garlic3 Clove (15 gm), minced
 Freshly ground pepper1⁄2 Teaspoon
 Juniper berries6
 Cider/Beer6 Cup (96 tbs)
 Pork loin4 Pound (Fresh, Pickled, Or Smoked)
 Sausage1 1⁄2 Pound (Farmer'S)

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 637 Calories from Fat 308

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 34 g52.7%

Saturated Fat 11.3 g56.7%

Trans Fat 0.3 g

Cholesterol 166.8 mg

Sodium 1466.5 mg61.1%

Total Carbohydrates 29 g9.7%

Dietary Fiber 4.7 g18.6%

Sugars 21.8 g

Protein 51 g102.1%

Vitamin A 1.9% Vitamin C 37.8%

Calcium 6.7% Iron 21.5%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


Line a large ovenproof dish with bacon slices.
Add half the onions and apples.
Rinse the sauerkraut under cold running water.
Drain well.
Place half the sauerkraut in the dish.
Add the garlic, pepper, juniper berries, the rest of the onions and apples, and finally the remaining sauerkraut.
Pour in the cider.
Cover and cook at 300 degrees 4-5 hours.
2 1/2 hours before the end of the cooking time, add the loin of pork, pushing it down somewhat into the sauerkraut.
45 minutes before the end of the cooking time, add the farmer's sausage, pushing it down as well.
10 minutes before the end of the cooking time, lift up the meat, turn on the grill, and cook the meat until brown and crisp.
To serve, heap the sauerkraut onto a big preheated platter.
Slice the loin of pork, cut the sausages into 3" pieces, and arrange around the sauerkraut.