Cherry Salad Recipe

Cherry Salad picture


Preparation Time15 MinDifficulty LevelMedium
Health IndexHealthyServings4
DishMain Ingredient
Interest Group


 Cherry gelatin3 1⁄2 Ounce (1 Package)
 Sour cherries20 Ounce (1 Can, No.2 Size)
 Cream cheese6 Ounce (2 Packages, 3 Ounce Each)
 Chopped nuts1 Tablespoon

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 253 Calories from Fat 150

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 17 g26.1%

Saturated Fat 8.6 g43.2%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 46.8 mg

Sodium 164 mg6.8%

Total Carbohydrates 23 g7.7%

Dietary Fiber 2.5 g10.1%

Sugars 13.5 g

Protein 5 g10%

Vitamin A 47.1% Vitamin C 23.6%

Calcium 7% Iron 3.4%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


1. In one cup of hot water, add one cup of drained canned cherry juice and dissolve the gelatin in it, add two cups of cherries to it
2. With the cream cheese, make eight balls and roll them in hopped nuts; place each into a well greased mould
3. Add the cooled gelatin mix on top and refrigerate till set
4. For the tang dressing, mix one cup of sour cream with two teaspoons of instant orange drink powder along with one or two teaspoons of sugar

5. Serve with Tang dressing