Cabbage And Kielbasa Soup Recipe


Difficulty LevelVery EasyServings4
MethodMain Ingredient
Interest Group


 Vegetable oil10 Milliliter
 Chopped onion250 Milliliter
 Sliced carrots250 Milliliter
 Diced potatoes250 Milliliter
 Kielbasa125 Gram
 Canned tomatoes19 Ounce
 Shredded cabbage4 Cup (64 tbs)
 Beef stock625 Milliliter
 Chopped parsley50 Milliliter
 Granulated sugar15 Milliliter
 Paprika2 Milliliter
 Pepper2 Milliliter

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 304 Calories from Fat 80

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 9 g13.8%

Saturated Fat 2.5 g12.4%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 21.9 mg

Sodium 946.6 mg39.4%

Total Carbohydrates 46 g15.4%

Dietary Fiber 9.2 g36.8%

Sugars 12.6 g

Protein 13 g27%

Vitamin A 255.4% Vitamin C 113.2%

Calcium 13.9% Iron 26.9%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


In large heavy saucepan, heat oil over medium heat; cook onions, carrots, potatoes and kielbasa for 5 minutes or until onions are softened.
Stir in tomatoes, cabbage, beef stock, parsley, sugar, paprika and pepper; cover and bring to boil.
Reduce heat to medium-low; cover and simmer for 20 minutes or until vegetables are tender.