Bean Salad Recipe


Health IndexHealthyCuisine
CourseMain Ingredient


 White beans375 Milliliter, soaked (1 1/2 Cups)
 Carrot1 , sliced
 Onion1 , chopped
 Celery seed1 Teaspoon
 Bay leaves2
 Basil1 Teaspoon
 Chopped parsley1 Teaspoon
 Cooked red kidney beans250 Milliliter (1 Cup)
 Black eyed peas250 Milliliter (1 Cup)
 Vegetable oil1 Teaspoon
 Bacon slices4 , diced
 Onion1 Medium, chopped
 Garlic1 Clove (5 gm), smashed and chopped
 Mustard15 Milliliter (1 Tablespoon)
 Raspberry wine vinegar50 Milliliter (1/4 Cup)
 Olive oil125 Milliliter (1/2 Cup)
 Salt To Taste
 Pepper To Taste

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: Complete recipe

Calories 4414 Calories from Fat 1322

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 151 g231.7%

Saturated Fat 22.2 g110.8%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 6.9 mg

Sodium 835.1 mg34.8%

Total Carbohydrates 577 g192.5%

Dietary Fiber 133 g531.9%

Sugars 31.8 g

Protein 215 g430.4%

Vitamin A 222% Vitamin C 92.6%

Calcium 163.2% Iron 487.4%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


Drain beans and place in large saucepan.
Add carrot, 1 chopped onion, celery seed, bay leaves, basil and parsley.
Pour in enough water to cover by 2 in (5 cm).
Partially cover and cook 1 1/2 hours, skimming as necessary during cooking.
Drain beans and vegetables; transfer to salad bowl.
Add kidney beans and peas; toss and set aside.
Heat vegetable oil in small frying pan.
Cook bacon, remaining onion and garlic 3 to 4 minutes over medium-high heat or until browned.
Stir this into salad mixture.
Mix mustard, vinegar and oil together in small bowl; season well and whisk.
Pour over beans.