Banana Fritter Bites Recipe

This Banana Fritter Bites are simply lovely, especially when served in the fondue style. Give this Banana Fritter Bites a try and this is gonna be one of your favorites in the menu forever!


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Prepare fritter batter for fruits .
Fill metal fondue pot 1/2 full with cooking oil.
Heat on stove to 350°F.
Place pot on fondue stand over direct high heat and maintain temperature.
Cut bananas crosswise into 1 or 11/4 inch slices.
Spear a banana slice with fondue fork.
Dip into fritter batter for fruits; drain well and hold in hot oil until a golden brown on all sides, 2 to 3 minutes.
Cool slightly; dip into confectioners' sugar; remove from fork.
Eat and fry another.