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Interested in achieving raw food health? A healthy diet is the key to living a vital life in a disease-free, strong and youthful body. But knowing what to eat in today's highly commercial and junk-food-oriented world can be challenging. Even if you've figured out what a raw diet can do for you, there are plenty of missteps that can be taken. After spending the early portion of my life trapped in an overweight and sick body, I slowly but surely began to transition away from what was harming me: unhealthy food. Today, after years of research and experimentation, I do not get sick, the last of my maladies have disappeared, and my energy seems boundless. Visit my website at Raw-food-health.net!!
  • Awesome Raw Dinner Salad Recipe Video

    Awesome Raw Dinner Salad

    Raw dinners don't have to take lots of time to make, cost you an arm and a leg, or involve exotic ingredients. In this video I show a typical dinner salad with dressing in my home, which takes...
    By : RawRunner  

  • Date Banana Coconut Smoothie Recipe Video

    Date Banana Coconut Smoothie

    A novel smoothie is afoot: it's made of dates, bananas and coconut—and packs in just enough nutrition required to jump-start your day. It's so simple and sumptuous that blending it everyday would...
    By : RawRunner