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Hi raw food diet enthusiasts in Australia and the world! My name is Gosia. I am a scientist who follows her instincts. I use the wisdom of nature to guide me. I use the intelligence of my mind to analyze and validate my ideas. My raw food approach is intuitive and empowering in a deep way. It allows me to thrive in a spontaneous and effortless way. You can spread your wings too. Be your own guru! http://www.rawgosia.com/
  • Rawgosia007 - Raw Food Recipe Video

    Rawgosia007 - Raw Food

    Ever heard of a rich but healthy cake? Here is one recipe you must try if you are a cake lover on a diet! This video shows you how to prepare a vegan and raw cake with almonds, dates and banana. It...
    By : Rawgosia  

  • Rawgosia003 - Raw Food Recipe Video

    Rawgosia003 - Raw Food

    Goodness of fruits! This video prepares a couple of fruit based dishes. Rich smoothie, fruit salad and jelly. Yummy and wonderfully healthy. These vegan recipes can even get the kids excited!
    By : Rawgosia