March – The Indian Mini Meal!

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Name – Pav Bhaji

Taste – Tangy

Coupled with – They already make a great pair!

Birth Place – Mumbai(Bombay)

March…exam time for children. This is often the month that they ask for for light meals to snack on when they sit studying late into the nights. Mothers all over the country are preoccupied with feeding their kids all kinds of dishes and snacks.. The most well liked and famous Indian light meal often taken as a snack nowadays is the Pav Bhaji. For those who have been to Mumbai, you would know that this yummy Indian bun and Channa gravy is a pervasive snack that mostly all Indians have taken to. They were created as a light meal by a vendor years ago for the Mill Workers of Maharashtra who needed something light for lunch before heading back to heavy physical labor..don't they just look yummy!! Thanks to the resourceful Indian food vendors, the Pav Bhaji has become a delicious part of the Mumbai identity.