Zombie cocktail is a drink made of liqueurs, fruit juices and different varieties of rums and has been named so because of the effect it creates upon the drinker. The Zombie drink is characterized by a smooth feel and a fruity taste which work harmoniously in concealing the extremely high content of alcohol in the drink.


History of Zombie Drink

The Zombie cocktail is the invention of Donn Beach (formerly known as Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gannt) who worked at the Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood. The drink came into the surface in the late 1930s and gained a lot of popularity soon after it was introduced to the public in the New York World's Fair of 1939. The interesting story behind the naming of this drink is that Beach had concocted this drink for his friend, who returned few days later to complain that he was feeling like a zombie during his flight trip to San Francisco in the meantime. Since, Beach maintained a great deal of secrecy with the Zombie  recipe, coding the ingredients as “Donn’s Mix,” a number of Zombie cocktail variations emerged, with each bar and restaurant creating their own version of the popular cocktail, most of which were met with poor reception.


Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation: Zombie Drink

One of the most popular recipes of Zombie cocktail is the one which suggests mixing together the ingredients such as dark and white rums, apricot brandy, lime and pineapple juices, powdered sugar and ice. Another widespread recipe of Zombie mentions mixing together white, golden and dark rums, apricot brandy, papaya and pineapple juices and grenadine, which is then poured in the glass topped with the high proof rum.


Serving and Drinking Zombie

The Zombie cocktail can be served in a hurricane glass or a classic Zombie glass with a pineapple wedge or cherry garnish.


Zombie Drink: Trivia 

  • The original recipe recommends adding 7.5 ounces of alcohol in the drink which creates an after effect in the drink that is equivalent to drinking three and half drink concocted with 2 ounces of alcohol for every drink.


  • The “Don the Beachcomber” restaurants only serve a maximum of two Zombie cocktail drinks to their customers, which is equivalent of having seven regular cocktails such as Scotch or Manhattan on the rocks.


  • The original recipes for the Zombie cocktail were researched out by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry and were published in his book “in Sippin' Safari.”


  • Scottish actor - comedian Billy Connolly in his show “An Audience With...” suggested the audience to try out the Zombie cocktailcalling it an extraordinary concept.

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