Yogurt Dip

Yogurt dip is a refreshing accompaniment to snack items like crackers and salads. Plain sour tasting yogurt is flavored up with spices, garlic powder, mayonnaise, salt, lime and crushed almond. The crunchy and scrumptious yogurt dip is an irresistible accompaniment to crispy snack items.

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How To Eat Yogurt

How To Eat Yogurt On : 09-Aug-2010 By : Sudipa

Yogurt is one of the healthiest milk products which we can have today. I learnt about different ways on how to eat yogurt when we were being introduced to the benefits of yogurt in our diet class. If you are planning to eat yogurt everyday you can eat...

Health Benefits Of Greek Yogurt

Health Benefits Of Greek Yogurt On : 31-Jan-2011 By : colorfulcandies

The health benefits of Greek yogurt are myriad as compared to the regular yogurt.  Greek yogurt’s popularity has been increasing day by day as more and more people discover the simplicity of opening a carton and consuming probiotic rich food as a...

Bring Variety To Yogurt – Choose A Different One Every Day

Bring Variety To Yogurt – Choose A Different One Every Day On : 14-Oct-2010 By : Sudipa

If you have yogurt almost everyday, you might become bored with the same taste almost everyday. Try to bring variety to yogurt – choose a different one every day and you will simply love the taste of yogurt. Here are a few ideas on how you can have...

How To Use Greek Yogurt

How To Use Greek Yogurt On : 16-Nov-2010 By : Sweetcandy

Greek yogurt is little different as it uses cow or sheep milk in its making. This is very creamy and delicious and you need to know how to use Greek yogurt , to enjoy it the most. It is little sourer than the typical yogurt we use everyday – you will...

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