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Yeast bread refers to breads leavened by yeast. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the most commonly used yeast and reacts by fermenting the carbohydrates present in the flour. The dough for yeast bread is prepared by mixing flour, salt, water and yeast, once the dough is ready it is allowed to rise for 2-3 times – longer the rising time better the flavor. These loaves are then baked in the oven. Some bakers employ the pre-ferment process where the flour, water and yeast are mixed a day before baking and allowed to ferment overnight.

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How To Substitute Active Dry Yeast For Instant Yeast

How To Substitute Active Dry Yeast For Instant Yeast    On : 15-Mar-2011 By : Tiramisu

  How to substitute active dry yeast for instant yeast, perhaps is  an everyday deal for professional bakers but  may not be an easy task for homemakers. When you have a warm oven ready to bake your love ...

Eggless Irish Brown Bread Without Yeast, Butter Or Oil

On : 21-Apr-2008 By : madhuram

Check out here for Eggless Irish Bread without yeast, butter or oil. (Food Preparation, bread without yeast, eggless bread, irish brown bread)

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For a sugar-free diet or for any other reason – if avoiding yeast in bread is unavoidable (or desirable) for you, then learning how to make yeast free bread is a must for you. Yeast free breads are not only healthy, they also take lesser time since...

How To Use Yeast In Bread Making?

How To Use Yeast In Bread Making? On : 15-Oct-2010 By : Gourmandise

How to use yeast in bread making depends a lot on the kind of yeast that you are using. Broadly, there are two kinds of yeasts that are most commonly used – active dry yeast and instant yeast. While both work the same way on breads, i.e., both let the...

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