Wonton Ravioli

Wonton ravioli is a dish that seems to be extremely difficult to prepare but this is really not the case. The process as to how to make Wonton ravioli is relatively simple if the correct Wonton ravioli recipes are followed. First, the filling needs to be prepared by mixing ricotta cheese, garlic, parsley, pepper, eggs and salt. These need to be boiled and stuffed in a wonton wrapper. These can then be molded into different shapes and sizes as per individual preferences. The final step involves cooking on low heat and Wonton ravioli is ready to be served. These are best accompanied by simple sauces like herb and bitter sauce that let the dish retain its original flavor and taste at al times.

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Academy Awards - Govenor's Ball On : 06-Feb-2008 By : shantihhh

Wolfgang Puck has been the chef in charge of coordinating the menu at the official post-Academy Awards dinner forĀ fourteen years. Every year he tempts the taste buds of Hollywood's elite and never fails to impress. The dinner is served to more than 1600...

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