Wine And Drink Recipes

Wine and drink course has been part of a main course for a very long time, though not necessarily paired with the food the way it is today. Wine and other drinks are alcoholic beverages. While wines are made by ... More »
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Pumpkin King

The Pumpkin King was inspired by the great seasonal pumpkin ales. Jamie uses this Ale to create a beer liqueur which is the foundation for the cocktail. With its soft yet rich flavor, Pigs Nose Scotch is the perfect compliment to the deep spice of the hand... - 147.587

Umeshu And Ume Syrup Oriental Style

Wondering what to do with all the plums in your pantry?? This video shows exactly what you can do with the fruit. Follow the step by step guide and learn how you can prepare Plum Wine and Plum Syrup that can be further put to several uses. - 144.573

Mango Daiquiri

It's sweet. It's sour. It's fruity. It's fresh. It's a mango daiquiri, and it's perfect for bringing a twist of the tropics to any occasion, from big backyard barbecues to cocktail time for two relaxing by the pool! Easily make a restaurant quality mango... - 143.156

Traditional Blended Bar Margarita

Learn how to make a traditional Bar margarita! One of the crown jewels in the cocktail world is the traditional margarita recipe. Like some of the classic French and Italian recipes every chef should know, the Margarita is something that every bartender... - 141.626

Watermelon Sangria

Instead of slicing the same old watermelon, let's do something different... a refreshing watermelon sangria! There are many versions, this one is perfect for a hot summer night. - 140.269

Hot Buttered Rum With A Twist

The holiday season is here and this classic hot drink is always on the list of favorites to warm up the toes. Watch Clint share his seasonal twist of the classic, using cider instead of water and maple syrup. It’s sweet, spicy, and buttery and topped with a... - 139.973

Jbt Blue Barrel Cocktail

Barrel aging a cocktail like this JBT Blue Barrel Cocktail is a fun and simple way to add mellow and nuanced spice to a cocktail. This video shows you, how to age your cocktails in a barrel. You will love this new twist to your cocktails. - 139.248

Roaring Dan's Mojito

In this free video Clint show you how to make a twist off a traditional Mojito. This cocktail has a little more flavor and is sure to be great in the fall. - 139.084

How To Make A Blue Blazer Style Hot Toddy

How about a hot drink to warm you up on a cold winter night. Watch this video of Hot Toddy Blue Blazer style and you will love it. This is a great drink to bring behind the bar or to impress your friends at home. The flowing flame will create quite a buzz.... - 138.803

Ginger Rouge Cocktail

Full of cranberry, orange and zesty ginger, the Ginger Rouge Cocktail could be the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail! In this video you will learn how to prepare a magical syrup for your cocktails as well as a spiced cocktail. Happy Holidays! - 138.113

Homemade Alcohol Based Eggnog Or Egg Nog

In this free cooking video Clint will show you how to make a traditional Christmas favorite, eggnog with Brandy! - 137.982

Kool & Chic Creamsicle Colada Cocktail

Now it's time for a dessert cocktail - have you ever tasted that? It's too good to describe in words. Why don't you prepare yourself and experience the extravaganza? Learn the process of mixing and surprise your guests with this amazing drink. - 137.955

Strawberry Margarita

What could be more refreshing on a summer's day than a cool strawberry margarita? Luckily, a Blendtec or Vitamix blender is the ULTIMATE margarita maker! Quickly make restaurant quality margaritas using fresh or frozen fruit. This delicious drink will make... - 137.384

Mango Margarita

Nothing can beat the flavor of this tropical mango margarita in a leisurely summary afternoon. Watch the video to learn the tips and fix a date with your friends to enjoy a gorgeous session with this special margarita. - 136.663

How To Make Authentic Homemade Sangria

Sangria originated in Spain and Portugal and is basically a Spanish wine punch flavored with lots of fresh fruit. - 136.57

X-rated Pink Martini

If you are going to organize a party only for girls, then you must serve this cocktail. This pink x-rated cocktail is absolutely girly, for its color as well as flavor. Watch the video thoroughly to learn the tricks for shaking up this cocktail. - 136.449

Pineapple Smash Cocktail

In this free mixology tutorial Clint will teach you how to make an original authentic Pineapple Smash. - 136.334

Homemade Apple Pie Shots

Want to drink some apple pie? Yes, you've read it correctly; “drink” apple pie flavored liquor. The combination of apples and cinnamon is one of the favorite fall-winter flavor combinations. This alcohol-infused hot sweet cinnamony apple juice cider drink... - 136.31

Green Blazer Cocktail

If you are aware of Blue Blazer style drinks. Here is a new twist that is perfect for the cold weather, the Green Blazer Cocktail. Watch this video to learn this jazzy drink that will keep you warm this winter and turn some eyes too. Watch out for the fire! - 136.029

Espresso Martini

Who doesn't like to sip espresso, especially when you shake it into an awesome martini. See this video that shares an espresso martini recipe which can be prepared in no time. Next time you host a cocktail party at home, amaze your friends with this flavorful... - 135.084

Refined Hypnotic Tom Collins

This refined hpnotiq tom collins recipe bounces back this age old cocktail right onto the main stage of today's beverage show. This contemporary version is full of tropical flavors and the flashy blue color makes it one of the most sought after drinks of... - 134.52

Ramo's Gin Fizz

GETTING READY 1. Break an egg and separate the egg white, from the egg yolk. 2. Squeeze the juice of a lemon and a lime. The resulting volume should be about ½ ounce. MAKING 3. In a cocktail shaker, add the egg white, Lime and Lemon juice, simple syrup,... - 133.536

Dandy Citrus Spring Sangria

Always greet your guests with a beverage, it makes for a great way to ease into the family festivities and gets everyone in the mood for celebrating. Offering a cocktail punch makes hosting stress free and is a great way to allow guests to help themselves... - 132.99

How To Make Scotch Cocktails - Rob Roy And Balvenie Mash

Scotch can be a tough cookie when it comes to incorporating it into cocktails. More and more though, bartenders are creating cocktails that go way beyond classics like the Rob Roy. Here, mixologist Charlotte Voisey shows us how to make the Rob Roy as well as... - 132.857


This is a recipe for Mulled Wine Swedish Style, stronger and sweeter and served in small glasses with blanched almonds and raisins. - 132.767

Maguey Harvest Cocktail

Mezcal is an often misunderstood spirit. Although similar to Tequila, it is worlds apart in many ways. In this video Tim Master shares the story of this special spirit. Tim also shares his recipe for a wonderful winter cocktail, the Maguey Harvest Cocktail.... - 132.596

Classic Molokai Mike Tiki Cocktail

Classic cocktails made using rum are timeless and simply versatile. Check out Damon showing how to make Molokai Mike cocktail through classic recipe by Trader Vic with rum in different layers. Pretty and colorful drink! - 132.403

Skinny Summer Cocktails: 4th Of July Potluck

For The Spicy Skinny Margarita MAKING 1. In a glass or jar add all the ingredients except ice cubes. Using a muddler or spoon muddle the jalapeno. Mix well. SERVING 2. Add the ice cubes and serve. For The Vodka Lemonade MAKING 1. In a jar or glass mix all... - 132.099

Blue Hawaiian Daiquiri

A fresh tropical cocktail like blue Hawaiian daiquiri is the best thing to enjoy in a hot summer evening. You can prepare this at your own bar, once you collect all the ingredients. Watch the video to learn about the cocktail recipe and just indulge in. - 131.963

Cointreau Caviar Pearls

Tickle your taste buds with a bracing yet delicious mix of champagne and Cointreau caviar. There can be a no other better way of bringing molecular mixology to your drinks than this heady cocktail. A perfect marriage of sweet and bitter, this unique and... - 131.934

Perfect Patron Margarita

Margarita is simply America's number one cocktail and to take it to the next level, here is a perfect patron margarita recipe from Bridget. She is an amazing mixologist and she knows how add a little zing, even to a classic drink. Watch her in action and you... - 131.912

No Flaming Mexican Coffee To Make At Home- Easy And Delicious

Make our Mexican coffee recipe the next time you want something to warm you up on a chilly night. Or serve this for an after dinner treat. Your guests will love it. - 131.818

Creamy Chocolate Mochatini

If you want to replicate the fabulous chocolate mochatini prepared by skilled bartenders, then you should check with this recipe. It is simple and easy, but the shaking requires little bit of practice. Follow the given instruction and enjoy a great flavorful... - 131.667

Lemon Drop

In this video Clint will show you the two classic ways to serve a Lemon Drop shot. This is a shot you take if you're a girl or if you have a sweet tooth. This is also a great shot for any sugar addicts out there as there is plenty in a Lemon Drop. - 131.641

Milwaukee Pina Colada

In this video Clint give us a great twist on a traditional Pina Colada. This one will take you to exotic Caribbean places, even if you stuck in Milwaukee, Denver or wherever you may be. - 131.618

Cucumber Mojito - St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Mix up this cool and easy-to-make cocktail for your St. Patty's Day Party. It's perfect to serve guests and to cool off during the spring and summer months. - 131.259

Starbucks Café Society Cocktail

Preparing a good dessert cocktail recipe calls for some experience and if you want to try your hands in it, this starbucks café society cocktail is the perfect recipe for you. It uses all the starbucks products so you don't have to worry about preparing the... - 131.128

Luxury Gin & Tonic Cocktail With Cucumber Lime Foam

This recipe for a gin and tonic takes the classic to a new level. Infused bitters and a cucumber lime foam make this g&t anything but typical. - 131.076

Milwaukee Flirtini - A Fresh Fruit Martini

In this bar tending tutorial Clint will teach you how to make a fresh fruit flirtini. Great for summer days, chilling out at the beach. - 131.057

Old Fashion Sweet - The Wisconsin Way

In this mixology video Clint will teach you how to make an Old Fashion the traditional Wisconsin way. This is a great drink no matter where you are from! - 129.996

The Last Word - Absinthe Based Cocktail

In today's free mixology video Clint will show you how to make The Last Word. This one is a classic and a personal favorite. It is a strong drink but the anise of Absinthe blends beautifully to make this drink go down smooth. Let us know what you think of... - 129.943

Aromatic Collins

Bitters have been an ingredient in cocktails since the birth of the art form. Some would say that a cocktail is not truly a cocktail without bitters. Even so, it is rare to find a cocktail that utilizes more than a dash or two. Not so with the Aromatic... - 129.778

Perfect Manhattan

In this free mixology video Clint will teach you how to make a Perfect Manhattan. This is an awesome whiskey based cocktail that is sure to knock your socks off! This is a strong drink for sure but what classifies this drink as "perfect" is the fact that it... - 129.706

The Widows Kiss

In this free mixology video Clint will teach you how to make a classic, The Widows Kiss. This cocktail is super silky and smooth, one sip of it and you will be able to tell how it got its name. This is a sinful, deadly cocktail but those are always the best.... - 129.666

Green Margarita

MAKING 1. In the blendtec combine white grape juice, tequila, triple sec, lime juice, spinach and ice. 2. Press the ice crush button on blendtec and blend for 45 seconds until smooth thick frozen consistency. SERVING 3. Serve in a margarita glass chilled. - 129.59

Coffee Martini, Green Tea Cocktail And Lychee Cocktail

You can be creative and make your own cocktails by making flavored simple syrups. Boil a cup of your preferred sweetener with a cup of flavored liquid like juice, coffee or tea to make the syrup. Let cool and mix with liquor, juice, seltzer or prosecco. On... - 129.464

Strawberry Collins Cocktail

Be the first to know when new episodes air on our site! Delicious ripe strawberries are the epitome of summer freshness. Muddled into this Collins style cocktail, the strawberries provide an enticing base for the flavor of blood orange and a decent helping of... - 129.31

Lemon Drop Cocktail With Citron Vodka

This Lemon Drop Cocktail with Citron Vodka recipe gives this all time favorite drink a new dimension. Take a look at this video to see how three layers of lemon flavor is added to this cocktail. It is simply beautiful. - 129.169

Black Donald Cocktail

The Black Donald is essentially an El Diablo using Scotch instead of Tequila and Drambuie instead of Creme de Cassis. Highball glass cocktails have their own style. The ginger beer on top just jazzes it up! Watch the video and learn how to make it. - 128.983

How To Carbonate A Cocktail

Carbonated Negroni is a magical cocktail. Whether you are a pro behind the bar or just want to impress your friends at home, adding bubbles is a fun and unique way to add texture and flavor to old favorites. Find out the details from this video. - 128.934

Strega Sour Cocktail

This Strega Sour Cocktail is from Junior, Portland, OR. He found the Strega Sour in the Playboy Host and Bar Book and traded it up using Martin Miller's Gin and the addition of egg white and house-made honey and earl grey syrup. It turned out to be a winner.... - 128.908

Homemade Gluvine Aka Mulled Wine

MAKING 1. In a large pot, boil the water along with honey and sugar. Stir well to dissolve the honey and sugar into the water. 2. Add the cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, cloves, star anise, all spice pods, oranges, lemon juice, lemon rind, dried tart cherries... - 128.715

The Cherry Basil Smash

In this bartending video, Clint will show you how to make a awesome cherry Limoncello cocktail. This is great, refreshing drink is sure to please! Be sure to use fresh cherries, we used Door County Cherries in ours. Hope you enjoy! - 128.36

Trident Cocktail

Most of the modern cocktails are derived from classics that have come before. This Trident Cocktail is derived from the Negroni. It is very simple as it uses everything in equal parts. This video will guide you through this modern cocktail. - 128.178

Milwaukee Bijou - A Twist On A Classic Orange Martini

In this free bar tending video Clint will show you how to make a twist off a classic Bijou. What Clint failed to mention is that the original martini is made with Chartreuse. We decided to add Great Lakes Distillery's Absinthe in the place of the original... - 128.09

The Apocalyptic Cocktail - Thai Inspired Michelada

It is 2012, the year of the apocalypse. Is the world going to end? Or did the Mayans just run out of room on the calendar? In any case whether it is zombie apocalypse or not, who knows? But you got to be prepared! Mr. Jingjong aka Jay shares a cocktail that... - 128.07

The Corpse Reviver Number 2

In this free bar tending tutorial Clint will show you how to make a classic martini, The Corpse Reviver #2. This is a refreshing drink with lots of citrus nicely complimenting the anise flavor of the Absinthe. - 128.022

Whiskey Hot Toddy

GETTING READY 1. In a saucepan, heat 1 cup of drinking water. MAKING 2. In a pint glass, add the hot water, the whiskey and lemon. Steep the tea bag into the glass for 5 minutes. 3. Using a stirrer, add the honey and stir well to dissolve it, into the... - 127.97

Long Island Iced Tea

In this bartending lesson Clint will teach you a classic, the Long Island Iced Tea. Be careful this one is sure to get you drunk! - 127.826

Red And White Summer Sangria Recipes-summer Cocktails!

These Sangria recipes are easy and a great accompaniment to any Summer dish or you can enjoy them on their own. - 127.81

Grapefruit Negroni

When there is a cornucopia of delicious citrus in season it's perfect for twisting up a classic. Watch this video to see how a Grapefruit Negroni is made. It surely gives this classic drink a new edge. Salute! - 127.679

Water Kefir Drink

Water Kefir is a non-dairy Drink. It is made from Kefir Grains. The Chef shows how to make the drink right from showing how to grow Kefir Grains. This drink has many health benefits. - 127.668

How To Make Non Alcoholic Jello Champagne

But as they say, there is a child in each one of us, and that love for jellies doesn't really die out with age. Learn how to make non alcoholic jello champagne with HooplaKidzRecipes! One of the more creative ways to serve dessert at a party is to create... - 127.662

Rubicon Cocktail

Herbs can provide an amazing back drop to a cocktail. This Rubicon Cocktail is flavored with rosemary that goes well with the chartreuse. Take a look for the directions. Oh, and don't forget your lighter; this one needs a bit of a flambé! - 127.553

Old Fashioned Cocktail

How about a drink from the 1900s? No kidding this old fashioned cocktail was created about 100 years ago in the year 1900 and Bridget shares the story of this cocktail while sharing the secret of making a perfect one. Take a look and you can make your own... - 127.549

Autumn Blaze Cocktail

In this bartending video Clint teaches you how to make an Autumn Blaze. This is a great cocktail for fall! Lots of full rich flavor in this one, be sure to try it as fall approaches. - 127.418

Whiskey Sour With Egg Whites

In this free mixology video Clint offers a twist on a classic. This drink is great for the Whiskey fans out there. Its also a different variation than you might be used to seeing, the egg-whites really add some texture and body to this drink! - 127.409

Cmc Live Event, Gordon's Wine In Waltham, Ma

Here is the live event we did in Waltham, MA at Gordon's Wine, Spirits and Culinary Center. It is an hour long and really only for those that want to watch or have nothing better to do. We had the footage, figured it was worth posting for those that may have... - 127.302

Ramos Gin Fizz Classic Cocktail

The Ramos Gin Fizz, a classic cocktail from the 1888 invented by Henry C. Ramos. You may also refer to it as a New Orleans Fizz if you would like, but at the end of the day this classic breakfast cocktail brings some flavors not usually seen within a... - 127.268

The Black Thorn

In this bar tending video Clint shows you how to make yet anther classic, The Black Thorn. This cocktail is sweet and finishes a bit dry. Great served as an after dinner drink or anytime you are looking for a gin drink with a sweet kick. We highly suggest you... - 127.253

Tuscan Lemon Drop

We recently filmed a new episode of Capital Cooking called, "Under the Tuscan Stars." I came up with a delicious recipe to go with the food. This Tuscan Lemon Drop has the perfect herby-lemon flavor. - 127.251

How To Make A Cherry Basil Collins

The Cherry Basil Collins is the epitome of a fresh, seasonal cocktail. Chef and mixologist Kathy Casey shows us how to mix bright, sweet-tart cherries and herbaceous basil into a refreshing summertime sipper. - 127.171

Lemon Gin Twist - A Rehorst Gin Cocktail

In this bartending video Clint will show you an original refreshing cocktail. - 127.036

Whiskey Sour And Dr. Jack Cocktails

The best of cocktail recipes continues with a reflection back on the whiskey sour and Doug desiring to try the Dr. Jack cocktail because he loves Dr. Pepper. Don confesses his undying love for the whiskey sour recipe and things get crazy when we see some... - 126.954

El Gran Malo Cocktails

The Urban Swank Girls are back at it again sharing a few great cocktails from one of their local Houston faves, El Gran Malo. Known for their tequila infusions and fabulous food, El Gran Malo is definitely the place to be. Watch bartender Marcelo mix it up in... - 126.907

The Clover Club

Finally a drink that you can knock back for a great cause. Drink this cocktail in the month of October for Brest Cancer Awareness Month. Support a good cause and have a great time at the next football game with this classic cocktail. Let us know what you... - 126.895

The White Lady

In this free cocktail making video Clint will show you how to make a prohibition style martini called The White Lady. This is an awesome classic that really packs a punch. - 126.88

Limencello Cooler

In this bartending lesson Clint will teach you how to make a cocktail from Limoncello. This one is sure to be a party favorite so check it out. - 126.782

Kinnickinnic Sidecar Martini

In this bartending video Clint will give you a twist on a traditional Brandy martini. He replaces Brandy with Great Lakes Distillery's Kinnickinnic Whiskey. This is a great refreshing cocktail! - 126.69

Chocolate Vodka Martini

We cover two vodka martini's, the Crazy Cow Martini and the Mint Chocolate Chip Martini. If you're into vodka martini's or just don't like gin martinis, this is the one to try. Great after dinner drinks or serving at a party. Give them a try! - 126.69

Cucumber And Raspberry Mojito

If you are searching for a unique cocktail recipe, here is a recipe of mojito, which you are definitely going to like. This mojito comes to you with cucumber and raspberry, with a flavor of lime. Follow the easy instruction and serve to your guests. - 126.658

Bloody Mary With A Twist

If Blood Mary drink makes you crazy, then you must definitely watch this video. Here the host takes us to Salty's restaurant where there is an option of making our own Blood Mary by choosing different vodka, tomato sauces, and even condiments. The host shows... - 126.614

Sangria Clara

This is a simple and tasty white sangria - no added alcohol to mask a bad wine; so make sure you choose a wine you would drink on it's own! - 126.575

The Milwaukee Gimlet- A Martini With Pineapple Vodka

In this mixology video Clint will show you how to make a slight twist on your traditional Gimlet. This one is great for summer. - 126.516

Violet Fizz Cocktail

The fizz is a classification of mixed drink that is a variation on the Sour family of cocktails. The addition of carbonated water (soda) adds the "fizz". First mentioned in the 1887 edition of Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide, the fizz has many variations,... - 126.403

Cloister Cocktail

While visiting the Zig Zag Café, Robert and owner Ben Dougherty came upon the Cloister Cocktail in an obscure book neither of them had ever seen before. This video shows you how to make this unique cocktail. It's worth a try for every cocktail lover! - 126.37

Washington Apple Shot

In this free bar tending video Clint will show you how to make a Washington Apple Shot. This is a great shot for Fall! It's also a great shot if all you can handle are sweet tasting shots yet like something that packs a punch at the same time. This is one... - 126.352

White Sangria

Try with Sonia a variant of the traditional Spanish sangria: the white sangria! It's a fresh drink, made with fruit, spices and sparkling white wine... cheers! - 126.267

Peanut Butter And Jelly Shot

In this free bar tending video Clint will show you how to make a very easy shot that will take you back to your childhood. The Peanut Butter and Jelly shot is a classic that doesn't actually involve any peanut butter, yet it still works. If you decide to take... - 126.251

How To Make A Whiskey Sour Cocktail

Let me show you how to make a whiskey sour cocktail, my signature summertime drink! - 126.135

How To Mix A Pina Colada

Nothing says tropical TIKI like a Pina Colada served in a pineapple... Trevor from Tipicular Fixin's shows you how to wow your guests with this special cocktail. - 126.132

The Last Word (classic)

MAKING 1. In a pint glass, add the lime juice, gin, green chartreuse and cherry liqueur. Chill until serving time. FINALIZING 2. In a shaker, add the contents of the pint glass and shake well. SERVING 3. Serve immediately in a martini glass, garnished with... - 126.114

Soju Cocktail

Join Honeysuckle Catering in mixing the refreshing Soju Cocktail! Please drink responsibly - 126.078

How To Make Sangria : Mango Raspberry Sangria

MAKING 1. In a glass pitcher combine mango, raspberries and sugar, using a wooden spoon muddle everything for few seconds. 2. Pour Cointreau and rose wine and stir everything, allow it to sit for 1 hour. 3. After 1 hour pour club soda and stir everything... - 126.077

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, a cocktail that doesn't exist from a fantasy world built around the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. We created it based on the common recipe description using fantasy names and realized with actual spirits. This drink will... - 126.061

Stemilt Back To School Punch

There is something exciting about the back to school season that goes well beyond the new pencil case. I love watching my children make friends with new classmates just as much as I adore meeting the new classroom moms. Every year I host a back to school... - 126.003

Wtf Cocktail

There are ingredients sitting in your back bar that you just don't like. Maybe it is just because you haven't taken the time to get to know them. The WTF Cocktail is a cocktail made with some of those ingredients Jamie took the time to experiment with. Take a... - 125.955

Champs Elysees Cocktail

Chartreuse is featured in a number of wonderful classic cocktails, like the "Last Word". The Champs Elysees Cocktail seems poised to become a must serve at craft cocktail bars around the country. Take a look at this video to know more about this age old... - 125.932

Wasabi Infused Caesar Cocktail

Bring a little twist to your regular cocktail by adding some special herbs or spices. The wasabi caesar cocktail is a nice fusion of Oriental and Canadian styles. The muddled wasabi makes the classic Canadian caesar cocktail completely irresistible. Watch the... - 125.874

Petruccio Cocktail

The Petruccio Cocktail shows how egg white and rich simple syrup can be used in a cocktail to create mouth feel and texture. This is one of the best gin cocktails that you can lay your hands on. View the video for details. - 125.77