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How To Pair Wine And Cheese Perfectly?

  Pairing the appropriate cheese with wine can be a challenging task, especially for newbies. Both of these complement each other well when properly paired . Otherwise, a very strong flavored wine may mask the creamy... -

Top 10 Wine Consumers Of The World

Is Pope Francis listening? His abode, Vatican City, is found to be the top wine consuming country (city state, in this case!) in the world, as per the 2012 list of per capita consumption of wine by “California Wine Institute.” The other top entrants in... -

Wine Calorie Check Made Easy

You have been trying to cut down on your calorie intake by restricting yourself to fruity desserts of late. A commendable act for sure but what about the wine that you enjoy on special occasions? It happens to be calorie laden too and is equally responsible... -

Serve The Right Wine At Your Christmas Dinner

  Wine adds a touch of elegance to your dinner party. The ones you serve should blend well with the food. However, if you are a novice, you'd be perplexed as to how to pair the right wine with the right food . To help you get over... -

5 Grave Wine Faux Pas

Sipping on wine when dining out or pouring out a glass of the finest vintage for a valuable guest is something that you are accustomed to. But are you a wine connoisseur ? Or do you pride yourself on excellent knowledge about the do’s and don’ts with... -

Are You A Wine Pro – Ask Wine 101

Do you know that the experience of enjoying wine depends on the glass in which you drink it? Or this that a wine label contains all the important information about a wine, including the area in which the grapes were grown that were eventually turned into... -

Wine Basics For A Novice

  If you have never tasted wine before or if you are a newbie in that department, you would probably be too shy to even talk about it. Your predicament is much worse if your pals love wine, talk about the various types, and always brag... -

Top 5 Mulled Wines This Fall

Nothing can be as comforting as a cup of hot, mulled wine on a chilling, cold evening . Made with red wine and spices, it is a great drink to drown your winter blues. Mulled wines start making their appearance every fall and continue well past the long... -

Top 5 Low Alcohol Wines

Serving wine with a formal dinner is an absolute necessity, especially if you are going to have important guests over. However, the high alcohol content of most wines tends to make you drowsy and lethargic and might even get you tipsy, if you have... -

Ice, Ice Wine

The heat of the summer is killing and most people think nothing of pouring out a cool glass of wine , topped suitably with ice cubes. You are likely to hear a ‘GASP’ from wine connoisseurs who would be aghast at the thought of adding ice to wine. ... -

Supermarket Wines Bag Major International Wine Challenge Awards

  “International Wine Challenge Awards” this year was swept by Supermarket wines making them the obvious choice for consumers when it comes to having a 'tipple'. The Supermarkets scored high on the award list and collected 25%... -

$168,000 Wine That Takes The Cake!

  You must have read about shipwreck bottles of champagne being sold for $156,000 earlier this month but this bottle of wine takes the cake. It is released by famous Australian wine producer, Penfolds, and it costs $168,000 a bottle. ... -

Champagne Cocktails Recipe Book Giveaway

          To Enter: Make a quick visit the Facebook Fan Page and answer the trivia question.   Don't forget to enter your name and email address if you want the... -

How To Clear Rhubarb Wine

  How to clear Rhubarb wine   is quite an intricate matter unless you know the right method. Clearing rhubarb wine is a part of brewing, which removes the sediment portion from the wine texture.... -

Which Wines Are Best For Cooking

    You know that wine adds class and flavor to even the most mundane of dishes. But do you know which wines are suitable for culinary purpose? No? Well, there are a lot of wines available in the market, which are overpriced and... -

Help A Child With 5th Annual Hudson County Casa Wine Tasting

    Attending a Wine tasting event can be fun and it is designed for people who love wine. These kinds of events provide opportunity to sample a range of wines and also socialize at the same time. Wine tastings are... -

How To Choose Sweet Wine At A Restaurant?

            Choosing the right sweet wine at a restaurant can make your dining experience the sweetest to savor and remember. So read on for a few tips to choose sweet... -

How To Get The Best Wine Deals For Yourself

Wine is a favorite drink for many and finding the best wine deals for yourself can be a tricky task. This is because there are lots of companies which are competing to sell their products to you. These companies sometimes try to attract customers with... -

The Top 10 Varieties Of Kosher Wine

The world of kosher wines have become very interesting with many varieties of kosher wine making its appearance in the wine market. This article introduces the top 10 varieties of kosher wine in the year 2010. Previously, New York State was... -

Why Should You Decant Wine - For Fresh Taste

Have you ever thought of using a decanter for your red wine? If not, here are a few reasons why you should decant wine. The most obvious reason is for fresh taste! Surely every wine drinker owns a beautiful decanter; one which has been gifted... -

How To Determine If A Wine Is Spoiled

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } How to determine if a wine is spoiled? This is probably the most commonly asked question by all wine enthusiasts. Some of us would have learnt the answers the hard way, by experiencing really bad wines. But, some of us... -

Port Wine Ideas - To Warm Your Winter Wine Glass

The port wine is the one thing which can zip up your moods for good during this chilling winter time. We are giving out some amazing port wine ideas to warm your winter wine glass .  The port wine is a sweet wine which is just apt for the winters. You can... -

What Drinks Can Be Made From Pinot Noir Wine

  What Drinks Can Be Made From Pinot Noir Wine?  Pinot Noir is a red wine made from Pinot Noir grapes derived from French words ‘pine’ and ‘black’ for the nature of the clustered dark grapes. It is a difficult variety to cultivate. Pinot... -

How To Host A Wine And Cheese Tasting Party

Arranging a formal dinner party can mean a lot of work but hosting a simple wine and cheese tasting party for a few close friends can sure be a lot of fun. However, the problem of how to host a wine and cheese tasting party            can prove to... -

How To Open A Wine Bottle Without Using A Corkscrew

Opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew? – you must be thinking this is impossible. However, there might be situations when you don’t have a corkscrew handy, but you have a new bottle of fine wine , which you desperately want to open.... -

How To Keep Wine Barrels Clean

Wooden wine barrels are best for keeping wine flavorful and fresh. Keeping wine barrels clean is equally important for correct ageing of wine, the effectiveness of wine ageing is lost if the barrels are not clean. Here is a step-wise instruction on ... -

How To Place White Wine In An Ice Bucket Before A Party

I used to get worried every time I organized a party – my main concern was how to place white wine in an ice bucket before a party. There are many ways of placing white wines in buckets , but some of these might be really untidy, Have you noticed... -

Why We Love Greek Wines - 7 Reasons

  Why we love Greek wines - 7 reasons ? This title may strike with many wine aficionados. But before dissecting the 7 reasons behind our love for Greek wines, it's important to know how it all began and how it reached this level. ... -

How To Find A Good Dry Wine For Cooking?

There’s only one thing that matters the most when you talk about wine – taste. Whether you drink wine or use it for cooking, a good dry wine, which had been aged for that perfect period of time, is the most essential ingredient and there is no substitute... -

How To Prepare A Wine & Cheese Tray

Preparing wine and cheese tray is knowing about how to place the ingredients right so that wine and cheese does not over power each another. How to prepare a wine & cheese tray for your next party? If you wish, you can  go  by  the thumb rule... -

How To Make Wine Marinades – Add Flavor In Style

The wine marinades can be just perfect to cook your meat or chicken, when you know how to make wine marinades . Usually, the wine marinades are prepared using two types of wine, red or white. Along with the wine, different types of spices or herbs are... -

How To Keep Wine Glasses Clean? – The Sparkling Stem Beholds The Sparkling Drink

Your sparkling wine seen through the kaleidoscope of a perfect glassware holding it, as it rises- all bubbly celebrating the spirit of every occasion…the crystal clear appearance un marred…till you are jarred by a realization of a stain on the... -

How To Fake Being A Wine Expert

  So – you wish to learn, how to fake being a wine expert! Well – it is quite simple, you just have to be smart and prove your expertise in the presence of others who are actually wine experts. Faking being a wine expert will require... -

How To Make Hot Spiced Wine

    Have you ever tried hot spiced wine ? Learn how to make hot spiced wine in any winter evening – you will vouch, that you probably never made anything as wonderful as this wine. It is ideal for chilly winters when... -

How To Chill Sparkling Wine

Here is how to chill sparkling wine . Bubbly wine is usually associated with celebrations like New Year’s and birthdays. The popular alcoholic beverages known as “sparkling” are either rose or white in color. Champagne is the most popular of all... -

How To Make A Homemade Fermenter For Honey Wine

Who doesn’t love a refreshing drink of Mead - the traditional Honey Wine; but ever thought of making your very own authentic homemade honey wine? You surely might have but stopped yourself at the thought of preparing cumbersome and expensive... -

How To Tell When Your Wine Is Done Fermenting

Wine is much more beyond merely being an alcoholic beverage. Dinner accompanied by a glass of wine or wine after long hours of work makes up for an experience that must be savored. Not only drinking wine is a pleasurable experience but making wine is also... -

How To Go Wine Tasting In Temecula

It is a heaven for wine lovers and it is located in Riverside in California. Much more than just a beautiful city, Temecula is home to two dozen wineries and vineyards sprawling 3,500 acres of land. Also known as the Temecula Wine country, it is the ideal... -

How To Send A Bottle Of Wine As A Gift

Gifting a bottle of wine often denotes love and thoughtfulness because of the warmth a wine exudes in gatherings as well as in solitude.  A delightful present, wines can be gifted to people for virtually any occasion — birthdays, anniversaries or even for ... -

How To Easily Choose A Wine

Renowned author on wines, Andre Simon, had once aptly quoted – “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” He, however, forgot to mention how to easily choose a wine to make every meal an occasion.  ... -

How To Make Strawberry Wine In A Short Period Of Time

Before telling you about how to make strawberry wine in a short period of time , you need to tell us whether you feel bored of gulping traditional grape wines? Then its right for you to go for strawberry wines . Strawberry wines are light and fresh.... -

How To Drink Wine And Grow Healthy

We are going to tell you about how to drink wine and grow healthy. Wine is not merely a drink for celebration but also a healthy drink. Discover the benefits of drinking wine, through this blog which tells you about how to drink wine and grow healthy.  ... -

A Guide To Red Wine!

Red Wine - A Guide to Red Wine  by   Jennifer Waite         There are several different kinds of red wine. Most wines are made from grapes, including syrah, cabernet and... -

All About Fine Wine!

As a wine lover, you must be very possessive about the bottles of wine you have collected for yourself. It is a great feeling to have the finest wine in your personal bar. You would simply love the kind of admiration you get from your friends. However, all... -

Gewürztraminer - Wine With A Twist

Gewürztraminer  ( guh-vertz-trah-MEEN-er ) - a real tongue twister.  Probably the most difficult name among all wines. But I love it.  I know, I know. It’s not the #1 on a of wine lover’s list.  But I just love this wine. And the... -

Wine Basics: Red Wine Grapes

Alright, so I have been in California for a year, and spent a year in France before that, and believe you me, I have drunk more wine in these two years or so than I had ever before. And it has taught me a lot. For example, I never knew you could get drunk... -

Indian Wines

Hi guys, So here is my first post. I recently had the opportunity to taste Indian Wines in the Washington, DC area. I know the supplier personally and I must say that I highly recommend these wines, check out the website at ... -

6 Reasons To Drink Wine

  It is an oft-repeated statement that a daily glass of wine will do you more good than bad but have you ever wondered what the good effects of wine actually are? Here are the benefits that come with a glass of wine daily:   ... -

Difference Between A Red & White Wine Glass

Tamara's Kitchen Tips  A White Wine Glass will be slightly elongated and have a small opening, it is made in this way because white wine is meant to be served chilled. The small opening helps to keep the wine cool.A Red Wine Glass will be round and have... -

Wine Appellations

In wine parlance, the quality of wine is judged by its appellation.An 'appellation' in the beverage terminology is a general category of wine which is often, the use of appellations is governed by the country that issues them, and are used to group... -