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Will Work for Food is an amazing Food Network 2009 TV show which gives an opportunity to the people with respect to solving any kind of global problem by taking some action locally. Adam Gertler, one of finalists of 4th season of “The Next Food Network Star” is the star of this popular food show. Adam is quite famous for sharing his humorous and entertaining take on the food in various TV shows and series. In “Will Work for Food” TV Show Adam takes up various kinds of challenges without fear and tries his level best to accomplish the tasks assigned to him. A few examples of the challenges undertaken by the start include molding ice with a chain saw, digging a wine cave, and taking out honey from millions of bees. Due to extreme passion for food, Adam can really do anything in the name of food.


Features of the Show “Will Work for Food”

  • The concept of the show “Will Work for Food” is somewhat similar to another Food Network show “Glutton for Punishment”, which features the host in various kinds of food related challenges.


  • Will Work for Food is a unique show which motivates the participants of the show to act as volunteers in their communities and ask their families and friends to donate for sponsoring this work. The money that is raised through donation is used for dealing with child malnutrition overseas.


  • In the show, Adam works with a combination of adventurous and daring spirit and comedic timing. The start is exposed to a different world where he puts his life in danger to take up various challenging tasks.   


  • Fun loving nature of the star, his passion and love for food, and his energetic and adventurous spirit are revealed in a very nice manner in the show “Will Work for Food”.


Popular Episodes of “Will Work for Food”

  • “Lobsterman and Beekeeper", the premiere episode of the show, where Adam hits the high seas to learn the job of a Maine lobsterman and extracts honey from millions of bees


  • "BBQ Pitmaster and Competitive Eater", where Adam fires up the pit, prepares hundreds of pounds of meat, and begins cooking in a slow manner just after midnight.


  • "Pizza Tosser and Cider Maker", where Adam takes up the challenge to mix, roll, toss, prepare and cook pizzas alongside pizza-making and pizza-tossing world champion Tony Gemignani.


  • "Chocolate Dress Maker and Dog Food Chef", where Adam helps chocolatier Richard Capizzi and designer Gregory Gale to create a beautiful dress for a New York City fashion show.

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