White Cream Sauce

White cream sauce is a popular condiment used to make various Continental as well as Oriental dishes. diments around the world. This condiment is characterised by its rich creamy texture. It is mostly used to give a base to continental dishes like pasta, lasgna and oriental noodle dishes. The main ingredients used to make this sauce include flour, milk, butter and salt. Often pepper is added to the White cream sauce to make it even more delicious. Easy to make, this sauce can be prepared very quickly. This sauce, however, is high on fats and is not suggested for regular consumption.

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How Do You Make Whip Cream With Egg Whites?

How Do You Make Whip Cream With Egg Whites? On : 06-Jul-2010 By : gastronomica

Whipping egg whites into cream is easy and learning how to do it even more so. You can make whip cream from egg white by hand and the entire procedure will not take more than 10 minutes. What You Need Whisk or a hand mixer with whisk...

Cream Of White Chocolate

On : 09-Jan-2008 By : marcelo menyon

Ingredients 1 egg yolk ,4 spoons (soup) of maize starch 1 bar of 200 grams of white chocolate ½ liter of milk 1 spoon (soup) of butter without salt 1 condensed milk can 1 spoon (tea) of vanilla essence 1 can of milk cream frozen with serum ...

White House Food - Cream Spinach

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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cream Sauce

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cream Sauce On : 19-Nov-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

As with Alfredo or Hollandaise, all cream sauce come with generous helping of butter, cheese, and heavy cream that renders it extremely unhealthy and high on fats. If you think that there can be nothing like a low-fat cream sauce, know that making slight...

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