Whiskey Cake

Whiskey cake, tender creamy glazed baked food made with whisky as the predominant ingredient is a dessert intoxication. The basic recipe is a baked blend of whiskey, yellow cake mix, instant vanilla pudding, chopped pecans and vegetable oil in a springform pan or bundt. Oven fresh whiskey cake is glazed in two stages with a smooth dollop of butter, sugar and whiskey. Whiskey cake makes a delightful evening snack.

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Irish Whiskey Town Becomes Fake Village On : 02-Sep-2013 By : thot4food

Brightly colored stores which depict an obvious sign of prosperity are bound to fill you with joy as you enter the Irish town of Bushmill. However, this quaint town, known for its 400-year-old whiskey has put up a false façade in order to lure tourists...

Fruit Cake Recipe !

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5 Heady Dishes That You Can Cook With Bourbon

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A glass of the classic bourbon whiskey never fails to cheer you up, especially on a cold winter evening. But did you know that it is possible to turn it into an ingredient and come up with sumptuous dishes that do not cause any hangover ? It is best to...

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