Wedding Pie

Wedding pies are a great alternative to a wedding cake. Wedding pie recipes are numerous in numbers of which the popular choices are vegan pies, cream, meringue and chocolate. Ingredient such as butter, eggs, sugar, and flavors are mixed, cooked and poured into a pie shell which is chilled. Serve wedding pies with fresh cream and enjoy the wedding feast.

Wedding Pie Blogs

Wanna Have A Pork Pie Wedding Cake?

Wanna Have A Pork Pie Wedding Cake?  On : 02-Jul-2012 By : FitGal

Have you had your wedding yet? If not, here is one of the most unusual wedding cakes , an idea for you to pick up for your party. Well, there are couples, married recently, who have very bravely ditched the traditional icing and cake in favor of the pork...

Mcdonald's Offers Weddings

Mcdonald's Offers Weddings On : 16-Oct-2010 By : foodbuff

Can you ever think of a more innovative way than throwing your traditional wedding protocol at the nearest McDonald’s? Well, it may not be the nearest but it is definitely possible if you plan the wedding in Hong Kong. Yes, Hong Kong will be the first place...

Wedding Dessert Ideas

Wedding Dessert Ideas On : 31-May-2011 By : nithya

  Looking out for a creative way to celebrate the D-day in a unique way? Then try these wedding dessert ideas . Instead of throwing a normal wedding dinner party, you can even invite your guests to a dessert party with these astounding ideas....

How To Organize A Vegetarian Wedding

How To Organize A Vegetarian Wedding On : 24-Sep-2010 By : Sudipa

My friend planned a vegetarian wedding for herself – she spent a lot of time to learn how to organize a vegetarian wedding, because such weddings are usually not as common as other weddings. Organizing a vegetarian wedding involves a few special...

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