Watermelon Martini

Watermelon martini is a sweet flavored fruit martini which is a ladies' favorite. Popular in various parts of the world, this fruity cocktail is pink in color and has a refreshing taste. The summer fruit watermelon is used fresh, frozen or in pureed form for making this cocktail drink. When prepared traditionally, the drink has a sweet and light taste; however following the modern recipes, the drink can be made strong and flavorful.


History of Watermelon Martini

Although, there is no information about the specific time and place of origin of watermelon martini, the drink has been popular in Europe and America since many years. A summer drink commonly served in parties, water melon martini has been relished since many years both with and without alcohol.


Preparation Overview of Watermelon Martini

The ingredients which are suggested by the watermelon martini recipe include watermelon cubes, vodka or tequila, lime, sugar and ice. The liqueur used for the drink may vary as per the choice of the bartender or the drinker.


Preparation of watermelon martini is easy and less time consuming like other martinis. To make the drink, the glasses are chilled in advance. Once chilled, a watermelon cube is ribbed on the inner surface and the rim is dipped in a bowl containing sugar. All the ingredients are mixed vigorously in the shaker and strained and poured into tall martini glasses.


The drink is served cold with garnishing of watermelon balls or drink umbrellas.


Serving Watermelon Martini

Watermelon martini is usually served cold or slushy along with spicy foods such as lime tortilla chips or crispy cheese snacks like wonton wrapper parcels.


Nutritional Facts of Watermelon Martini

There are approximately 125 calories in watermelon martini which makes the drink consumable for those who are conscious about calorie intake. Making use of agave nectar instead of sugar helps in decreasing the calories to some extent.


Popular Watermelon Martini Recipe Variations

Watermelon cucumbertini- A delightful blend of watermelon and cucumber, this cocktail is an ideal drink for summers. Cucumber vodka is mixed well with slushy watermelon, lime juice and agave nectar to make this refreshing drink.


Muddled watermelon martini- Watermelon is mashed and blended with vodka, liqueur and ice to make muddled watermelon drink. A splash of cranberry juice and sour mix impart a tangy flavor to the drink.


Watermelon basil martini- This cocktail combines basil juice with watermelon infused vodka, watermelon puree, lemon juice and cranberry juice. The drink is served slushy with garnishing of basil leaves. 

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