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Are Walnut Oatmeal Cookies Healthy

Walnuts are famously known as the “brainy nuts” and oatmeal is considered as the much-required tonic for a number of health ailments. Mixing these ingredients into a cookie would surely make for a tasty treat, but are walnut oatmeal cookies healthy too?... -

National Date Nut Bread Day - Celebrate With Dates

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } National Date Nut Bread Day - Celebrate With Dates! I'd be happy if a nice guy takes me out on a couple of dates and more. Lol! But this post is not going to be about my love life. It is going to be about one of... -

Bachelorette Stars Bake Together On Their First Date

It is the turn of the Bachelorette to head straight for the kitchen now! Yes, you guessed it right! Monday’s episode of the hit show featured the athletic looking macho coach Ryan donning a frilly apron and whipping up a host of delectable delights in the... -

3 Easy Dates Cupcake Ideas

Cupcakes containing dates mentioned in the write up offers you a chance to relish some hearty delights for brunch or breakfast. Dates render a natural sweetness and moisture to the classic dessert items, transforming them into even more luscious ones. Here... -

Picnic Foods Ideas For A Fun Valentines Day Date

When you are planning to spend the Valentines Day by celebrating a picnic, then these picnic food ideas for a fun Valentines Day date would become quite helpful. Valentines Day is the perfect occasion to be together in a romantic location. If you... -

How To Create Romantic Food Gift For A Valentines Day Date

If you wish to know how to create romantic food gift for a Valentines Day date , you have to consider a few things, so that you are able to create a perfect gift. You have to think about all those things which your valentine loves in food – food... -

Tips To Make Date Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

You have this really great dinner party planned but you want to serve a sweet appetizer before the meal that would require the least cooking. One of the first and easiest recipes that pop to your mind is date balls. This fruit is incredibly nutritious and... -

How To Eat Date

If you love a date with dates, then unraveling some methods on how to eat date can make your tryst with the fruit awesome. You can enjoy the sweet-tooth indulgence with dates without harboring any guilt of going overboard with sugar... -

How To Store Dried Medjool Dates

You must have used medjool dates at some time or the other in your cooking! How do you store these dates? This is one of the common problems of many homemakers who love to use these dried dates, but do not know the right way of storing them. The... -

Dates For Weight Loss

Dates are one of the most ancient fruits in the world because their history can be traced back to some time before the 5 th  Century BC. We all know that these sparkling small fruits are filled with a bounty of nutrients. However, there are very few of you... -

Raisin Filled Cookies

Raisin Filled Cookies by muybuenocookbook Makes: About 3 dozen Hola amigos, happy holidays to you. Are you ready? I’m not. Not at all. I don’t really have it together this year, yet! I mean, there’s still... -

Top 10 Recipes That Use Black Walnut

Those who like black walnuts’ strong, rich and smoky flavor, ifoodtv presents Top 10 Recipes That Use Black Walnut here.   Introduction: Black walnuts are no doubt tastier than ordinary walnuts. But use walnuts only in recipes where you want... -

How To Use Black Walnut In Daily Diet Or Occasionally

The form of vitamin E found in walnuts is somewhat unusual and is particularly beneficial and has been found to provide significant protection from heart problems. Black walnuts are a great source of protein, fiber, and essential vitamin and minerals and... -

 health Benefits Of Walnut

Walnuts are also called "super food" and the health benefits of walnut are known to mankind for long. As it resembles brain, in ancient times it was considered as the symbol of intellectuality. Let’s... -

Walnut Calories

Walnuts are one of the most prized nuts with host of health promoting factors. Calories in walnuts are the high take on healthy fats, proteins, fiber, and nice dose of vitamins.  Walnuts are perhaps the healthiest nut, when it comes to counting... -

How To Bake Cookies – Chocolate Chips Yummy Cookies

Cookies are my favourite – whether they are strawberry, chocolate chips, butter or ginger cookies - I love them all!. I decided to learn how to bake cookies so that I could have them whenever I felt the urge – no more running to the store to get cookies.... -

Win Alice Waters Newest Book-autographed Just For You

Alice Waters is considered the forerunner of waking Americans up to sustainability and healthy eating.   Alice is one of the best-known and most influential American chefs since the 1970s, is credited with single-handedly creating a... -

Top 5 Vegan Christmas Cookies Ideas

  What is Christmas without cookies? Unfortunately, most of the cookies available in the supermarket or shopping aisles are unsuitable for those of us who are strictly vegan. So, what to do? Well, the next best thing would be to bake some... -

10 Holiday Cookie Ideas

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }a:link { } Here is my top 10 Holiday Cookie Ideas ! Well, you can use these ideas all year long, if you like that is. I'm putting up this post not just to give you cookie recipe ideas for holidays but I'm... -

How To Store Cookies?

Cookies are most adored snacks by people of all ages, whether one is elderly, ages, or kids. However, if we are not familiar with best ways on how to store cookies, they may go soggy and become soft instead of crispy. Cookies can be made from variety of raw... -

Get Creative With These Creative Cookie Recipe

  With Christmas round the corner, you must be thinking about baking Christmas cookies. Traditional holiday cookies are baked in every household year on year, so why not make something different and Get Creative With These Creative Cookie Recipe ... -


Breskvice (peaches) are very traditional in all the countries of formerly Yugoslavia, and are a must on weddings, holidays and any special occasion. Of course I would, from time to time, come up with a special occasion just to make them : ) There are many... -

How To Preserve Cookies

  Wondering How to preserve cookies ? Well, storing cookies in jars mars the taste of cookies as it becomes stale in less than a week. Learning the process of preserving cookies lets one enjoy... -

4th Of July Cookie Ideas

We love to celebrate 4th of July with parties and get-togethers. It goes without saying that  good food and drinks are an integral part of any such celebrations Whatever you choose to cook and serve on the Independence Day, one thing remains intact - the... -

How To Eat Coyotas - Mexican Cookies

If you are interested in having some super sized Mexican cookies , you need to learn how to eat coyotas. These are Mexican sugar cookies which are flat and very large. You can eat them in a variety of fillings. The most common filling is that which is made... -

Top 10 Cookies For Mother's Day

  Make your mother feel special this Mothers’ Day with an assorted cookie gift hamper.  There are countless websites and bakeries from where you can order them, nevertheless, homemade cookies are special - especially because they are... -

5 Steps To A Hassle-free Cookie Exchange

I am planning a cookie exchange this Christmas and I can’t wait to get started. I just love baking and have a few friends and family who share my passion. This Christams we all want to prepare our own cookie boxes, but with some help. So,  I ... -

5 Cookies You Must Make This Christmas

Have you started baking your Christmas cookies yet? The holiday season is here and with that almost every household is geared to bake Christmas cookies. There are numerous types of cookies that you could make and there are hundreds of recipes that you... -

How To Eat Melomakarona – Honey And Spice Cookies

Are you fond of cookies? The Greeks have innovated their own way of having cookies with their honey and spice variety – learn how to eat melomakarona and you will understand what I am talking about. Melomakarona is considered to be a bakers pride – it is... -

How To Heat Up Valentines Day With Romantic Picnic Food

You truly have to be a romantic at heart to plan a picnic for Valentines Day and make some romantic picnic food. Go that extra mile and plan a special Valentine’s Day date for your sweetheart. Most people take the easy way out by simply going to the mall... -

How To Use Dried Fruit In Place Of Fresh?

Do you know how to use dried fruit in place of fresh when you suddenly realize that you have run out your stock of fresh fruits? This is one of the best ways to bring a change in your regular recipes making use of dried fruits. When you are choosing dried... -

Middle Eastern Menu

Middle Eastern Menu also known as West Asian Menu comprises a large variety of dishes collected from the various countries and people belonging to the Middle East. Olives, honey, parsley, chickpea, mint, pitas and dates are commonly used in Middle Eastern... -

Best Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

If you are fond of vegan foods, here is a collection of the best vegan thanksgiving menu. You can prepare this menu for your friends and relatives and make the best of Thanksgiving holiday. Here  are some vegan Thanksgiving menu ideas for you: ... -

Top 10 Bakrid Desserts For The Party

  Hosting a Bakrid party at your place and running out of ideas for sweets that can be prepared on this auspicious occasion? Read our guide on the top 10 Bakrid desserts for the party. The article features Bakrid dessert... -

Top 10 Foods For Purim

  The importance of foods for Purim can never be underestimated. Purim is like Jewish Halloween, no it is a combination of Mardi gras and Halloween. Yes costumes, food and drinking are all associated with Purim... -

5 Homemade Holiday Treats - Just For You

  Looking forward to an inexpensive yet memorable gift option for your sweet heart this Christmas? If yes, here are 5 Homemade Holiday Treats - Just For You! Just remember, homemade holiday treats are simple, convenient and perfect to... -

Sunday Treats For School Party

Weekend treats need not be restricted to celebrate Saturdays & Sundays alone; they can even be served at school parties. Be it the year end party or any other celebrations, these treats have the potential to add fire to  party spirits. Delve into the... -

Hanukkah Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Hanukkah celebrations are incomplete without its share of sweets and any man worth his 'sugar' knows that! However, if you are a diabetic or have diabetic friends who find it difficult to stay away from sweets during the festive season, then these... -

Top 5 Nut Recipes To Help You Live Longer

  Did you read the latest news about nuts ? It has been proved that eating them about three times a week will make you live longer! Well, we have always heard about how healthy nuts are, didn’t we? When we think of it,... -

Top 10 Chinese New Year Desserts

      Desserts form a quintessential part of any celebrations and Chinese New Year is no exception to this ground rule. Here are some classic and popular Chinese New Year desserts, which represent the classic traditions... -

Oats For Weight Loss

It is a common practice to have oats for weight loss. Actually they fit the bill when it comes to curbing hunger and keeping one full. It has been found that  that the soluble fiber in oats does the trick. It gets modified into gel once you consume oats. If... -

5 Popular Desserts For Ramadan

Ramadan is the holy month of fasting - a total abstinence of food and water from dawn to dusk. These popular desserts for Ramadan are normally served once the fast is broken. Here are a few dessert recipes are handpicked from across the world cuisines. Read... -

Top 10 Food Gifts For Your Mother On Mother's Day

  Your mom means the world to you. And when it comes to choosing food gifts for her on Mother’s Day, you are bound to get confused. Should it be sugary or savory? Should you consider her tastes or go for something exotic? The options are... -

Top 10 Gorgeous Delights For National Chocolate Chip Day

  “Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get", said Forrest Gump. And, I feel that he said this with the “National Chocolate Chip Day” in mind. Today is May 15 – a day dedicated to these... -

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls Recalled

  Have you bought any Pillsbury refrigerated cinnamon rolls lately? If yes, please check the use by date to see if it is the same as what is mentioned in the following paragraph. General Mills has voluntarily recalled a few batches of... -

Top 5 Christmas Baking Gifts

Christmas is just round the corner and you must be thinking about gift ideas for your near and dear ones – why don’t you try Christmas baking gifts? Top 5 Christmas baking gifts can add a personalized touch and make your friends feel really special.... -

How To Make & Serve Christmas Wine?

The rising star on Christmas Eve night is a great festive affair and when you make the Christmas wine    right , the spirit of the season reaches new heights.     To start with, the... -

St. Patrick's Day Traditions

"Everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day," or so goes the saying. Judging by the number of people around that world that enjoy St. Patty's celebrations, it seems that the saying has never been truer.   Oxalis... -

Tips On Christmas Baking For Kids

  Kids have a keen desire to try out their baking skills during holidays. The tips we provide on  Christmas baking for kids will not only involve your kids in the baking process, but will also help you get your holiday baking done! You can... -

How To Freeze Cheese Curds For Longer Duration

Freezing cheese curds  is the best way of extending your limited sup ply of cheese curds. It is also economical, so know how to freeze cheese curds for longer duration and enjoy cheese curds for many days. Also if you want to retain the flavor of... -

10 Super Easy Christmas Dessert Ideas

Satisfy the cravings of your sweet tooth this holiday season with these deliciously easy Christmas dessert ideas. These delightful eatables, as the name suggests, do not require intensive efforts. Move out of the comfort zone of the traditional recipes and... -

Recipe Contest List

2007 Recipe, Cook-offs & Food Related Contests for both amateur cooks & professional chefs Most of these contests have very good prizes, some up to $1,000,000 in cash for the grand prize winner. If you like to cook, and have an exceptional... -

Learn How To Decorate With Nuts

Nuts with the 'raring crunch', which make all tough nuts easy to crack, are awesome for decorative purposes. Especially for the Christmas season, you could learn how to decorate with nuts and have folks and friends in a wild scramble for the... -

10 Easy Apple Starters

  Apple starters are treats for your eyes and taste buds. ifood presents an exotic collection of apple appetizers, which are very versatile. Delve deep into this write-up to know more about the delightful apple starters...   ... -

Traditional Ramadan Meals

Suhoor  and Iftar , which mean the morning and evening Ramadan meals respectively, are a very important part of the holy month. Each family has their own set of traditional recipes that are part of the Ramadan celebrations. Suhoor is the first... -

How To Organize A Thanksgiving Potluck Party

Thanksgiving is just round the corner – have you planned any thing for your friends this year? Here is our guide on how to organize a thanksgiving potluck party and enjoy with all your friends – good food and some great parties. Here are some easy... -

Finger Food Ideas For A Formal Tea

An Afternoon Tea Party always gives you room for experimentations and here are some finger food ideas to go for a formal tea .You can host it in a lavish manner, or make it a  formal affair or can go for a more warm and relaxed affair, where only close... -

Easy Squash Cupcake Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, vegetables can actually make great desserts! As a matter of fact, one of our favorite fall vegetables, squash, is a great veggie for baking into cupcakes! The payoff is a moist, airy, and light cake which you can then dress-up with... -

Greek Foods For Kids

  Greek foods for kids are fresh, fast and it is well known for its heart health properties.  They use lots of fruits, vegetables, variety of nuts, and other spices and herbs to come out with exotic dishes. Greek food for... -

5 Traditional Jewish Desserts To Serve At Hanukkah Party

Here are the top 5 traditional Jewish desserts to serve at the Hanukkah party , which you are planning to host.   Grated Chocolate Passover Cake As the name suggests this cake can be used as a... -

Different Cheeses To Entertain Your Guests This Holiday Season

I will tell you about different cheeses to entertain your guests this holiday season. I feel that most of the holiday tables include at least one type of cheese in the form of a dip, cheese ball or wedges.  I think the holiday season offers the... -

How To Sweeten Food Without Using Sugar

  There are many techniques to sweeten food without using sugar. Since sugar  is a strict ‘no’ for people wanting to lose weight, you need to watch out for alternatives that sweeten food safely. The sugar that we use is refined and does... -

Michelle Obama Hosts Tea For Indian Pm’s Wife

Michelle Obama, the First Lady, hosted a formal tea for Gursharan Kaur , wife of Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India. Tea was served at the ‘Yellow Oval Room’ on September 27, 2013, almost 3 years after the most important ladies of their... -

Annual Candy Festival And Fall Craft Fair

Date: Saturday, May 2010 Time: 10am to 5pm at Location: Texas street, Fairfield, CA Folks at Fairfiled, CA are having the fun family freindly Candy festival next weekend. They arrange this on 2nd Saturday of... -

5 Easy Alcohol Cupcake Ideas

An alcohol cupcake can be a novel way to satiate your sweet cravings, but of course, make sure that you keep your kids off from the scene. These exotic alcohol cupcakes recipes with a generous hint of booze yield enticing desserts. The alcoholic beverages do... -

Ashton Kutcher Looking For Love In 'racist' Ad!

  When Hollywood star and ex-husband of Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, donned brown make-up and sought love, while selling potato chips, he was not expecting to be called a ‘racist.’ Well, that is what he has been called and the criticism of his... -

Top 10 Apple Recipes

The days have become shorter, the nip is in the air and newly picked apples adorn the tablescape in most households. To welcome autumn and kick start Fall-o-ween, we have made a list of our 10 Most Popular Apple recipes. Be it a Gala, a McIntosh or a... -

Top 10 Dairy-free, Egg-free Dessert Recipes

If you are into vegan cooking, then you should have some ideas on top 10 dairy-free, egg-free dessert recipes. Once you know about these dairy-free, egg-free dessert recipe ideas, it will be easy for you to serve a variety of desserts to your family on... -

Christmas Special

Steak sauce - Chimichurri 1 spoon (soup) of green pepper chopped 1 tbsp (tablespoons) finely chopped onion 1 tbsp (tablespoons) chopped parsley 2 spoons (soup) of vinegar 4 spoons (soup) of oil salt, pepper,... -

Cute Easter Desserts

    Easter is the celebration time in spring when you can break all the rules and come out of your shell and get blended in sweets and Easter treats. Cute Easter desserts are the heart of celebration and they bring more... -

Pascha-the Great And Holy Feast

Romanian Easter Eggs-beautifully hand painted. Greek traditional easter treats prepared and kindly offered by the Pendeli orthodox monastery of Transfiguration.  by stephmel Orthodox Easter Sunday will be celebrated... -

Ideas For Preparing Fun Holiday Appetizers

 Holiday appetizers are bite-sized flavored food which could be either hot or cold. There are loads of Fun holiday appetizers that you could make, but here are my personal favourite Ideas For Preparing Fun Holiday Appetizers:   Stuffed Mushrooms:... -

Glycemic Diet Menu

Glycemic Diet Menu includes low glycemic index foods to aid weight lose, curb food cravings and restore energy in the body. Glycemic index helps in tracks the rise in blood glucose levels after meal and thus, such kinds of diet can play a vital role to curb... -

Mediterranean Menu

Mediterranean menu has a wide array of dishes unified from the different culinary traditions of the region. Rich soil and climate in the region has thrived great agricultural produce which is quite reflected in the foods of the region. Abundant use of... -

Polish Menu

  Polish menu , the traditional food spread from Poland, includes a wide array of dishes prepared using rice, meat, vegetables and spices. You can also find various kinds of noodles in the menu of the region. Cream and eggs are used... -

Ramadan Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Desserts make up for an integral art of any traditional festive meals and it might take quite some effort to say 'no' to it during the festival time, especially if you are a diabetic. To make sure that you do not go deprived this Eid, we have listed... -

Chinese New Year Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Chinese New Year is indeed the time to forget all your worries and eat, drink and dig into delicious traditional desserts   . However, for the diabetics, the very idea of gorging on sweets might look like a distant dream. Our... -

Super Bowl Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

If you are in charge of whipping up desserts for Super Bowl Sunday   , you will need to customize a few of them for your diabetic friends. Diabetics often choose to pass over the desserts, as they need to keep a tab over their sugar... -

Tips To Make Chocolate Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Chocolatiers make several versions of chocolate balls that are usually served as snacks or desserts. These delicious balls may seem complex and difficult to make but they really aren’t all that difficult.   To impress your dinner... -

Top 10 Hanukkah End Delicacies

Zot Hanukkah, the last and eighth day of Hanukkah, is all about praying quietly as the last of the 8 lamps is lit. However, a true blue Jew cannot remain far from his brand of food especially at the culmination of this particular occasion. Fried foods,... -

Healthy Baked Treats To Suit Any Occasion

From cupcakes, to bread and cookies baked treats are relished by one and all. Be it Thanksgiving Day, Halloween celebration, Christmas party or any other occasion, baked treats have always been in. Buttery croissants,... -

5 Delicious Desserts To Include In Your Purim Dinner Party Menu

Purim dinner party comes with th e spark of laughter, fun, and frolic to celebrate the most of this auspicious occasion. Purim party is the special holiday for Jewish people. They celebrate the advent of boisterous party, filled with feasting and food... -

Tips On How To Host A Graduation Party

There is a difference between hosting a graduation party and a birthday party because graduation parties are meant  for a huge group of people. If you plan to host such a party, it is crucial that you know how to host a graduation party , or you will... -

What Are Some Rare Types Of Sugar

    There are many rare types of sugar that you usually don’t get in grocery stores. Also these sugar types are not much used by common public but professional bakers, scientific community members, etc.... -

Top 10 Popular Potluck Dessert Recipes

Are you going to attend a potluck party? Then here you will find few easy potluck dessert recipe ideas , which can make delicious desserts without much difficulty. Top 10 Popular Potluck Dessert Recipes Ice Cream Dessert Use cookies... -

Get Crunchy This Winter With Nuts & Seeds

Weather is getting colder with the onset of winter. While we prepare ourselves with warm clothes, room heaters and geysers, it’s also good to get crunchy this winter with nuts & seeds to boost our immune system. There are many benefits of ... -

Healthy Snacks For Road Trip

Next time you plan a road trip, you won’t run short of healthy snacks   for road trip . Many of us pack junk food or packed foods since they can be prepared in a very short time and are easy to carry…but have you ever... -

How To Freeze Fresh Herbs For Easy Use

Have you ever freeze fresh herbs for easy use in off season? In fact, freezing herbs for easy use is quite simple proces s, provided you know the right tricks. A few tricks about the storing methods of herbs are narrated here; hopefully following... -

Essential Dried Fruits & Nuts To Keep In Your Pantry

  Dried fruits and nuts are essential ingredients in desserts, pancakes, muffins, spreads and dips. Here is guide of essential dried fruits  and nuts to keep in your pantry so that you don’t miss them while preparing dishes. While... -

Pecan Allergy-causes, Symptoms, And Cure

Pecan allergy affects about 1.2 % of the American population say the medical professionals. It is considered as a type of nut allergy that can manifest itself quite early in life and persist through adulthood. It is, therefore, imperative to know all about... -

New Year Treats For School Party

New Year is the time of newness. Let the kids also enjoy a great party at school with some mesmerizing New Year treats. These are quite fanciful, at the same time taste fabulous. Let your kids make a fresh beginning with this write-up…   ... -

Hanukkah Treats For School Party

Hanukkah, also called as the festival of lights, is a wonderful opportunity to make the kids get to know about the Jewish culture and tradition. The Hanukkah treats mentioned in this blog are a quintessential part of Jewish cuisine, with quite a few of them... -

Mincemeat Recipe Through The Ages

You must be worried about getting the core ingredient of your savory pies just right, especially with October 26, ‘National Mincemeat Day,’ looming on the horizon. No worries though! You are at the right place at the right time! Here is a lowdown on... -

Los Angeles Menu

Los Angeles menu offers a huge assortment of dishes which includes pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and barbecued dishes, deep fried delicious to some mouth watering desserts. You name it and you will find it in Los Angeles – the only difference is that... -

Arabic Menu

Arabic menu is all about dishes prepared from poultry, dairy products, vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes. Rice is the staple and is used for most dishes in Arabic cuisine. Vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, onions and okra are used as seasoning to add... -

How To Freeze Baked Pumpkin

Pumpkins are  versatile and tasty ingredients that make up a whole array of dishes. You can also freeze baked pumpkin and use in place of a fresh one. Here is a short guide that will help you to learn how to freeze an oven baked pumpkin the right way… ... -

Top 5 Jewish Pastries For Kids

It is generally found that during festive occasions kids are largely forgotten, but during this Hanukkah season you can make up for all those slips by serving them traditional Jewish pastries. Jewish Pastries are perfect Hanukkah food kids .   ... -

Top 5 Passover New-age Dessert Ideas

Passover is one of those festivals that has quite a stringent set of rules with respect to food and traditions. The Passover desserts mentioned here adhere to these rules completely but are different to taste, at the same time. Allow your family some exciting... -

Gastritis Diet Guidelines & Menu Choices

Gastritis is a painful condition of stomach, often accompanied by belching, bloating, nausea, etc. Therefore, doctors prescribe foods that are mild, non-acidic and easy to digest , so that the gut is not irritated. Fiber rich foods should be consumer more... -

Raw Diet Menu Dogs

Raw diet menu dogs stresses on all-natural diet for dogs. This dog diet endorses the importance of feeding your canine mate raw human grade ingredients. Uncooked meats, vegetables, fruits and other forms of proteins are the basic cornerstones of this raw... -