Vinegar Salad Dressing Recipes

Vinegar Salad Dressing, also known as Vinaigrette dressing, is the basic dressing used in preparing salads. It is prepared using vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Vinegar Salad dressing is made by blending all the ... More »
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Spinach Salad Dressing

This is a versatile dressing. It can be used in spinach salad with fruit or with bacon and hard boiled egg. It is also a great dressing for spaghettini salad. - 127.377

Salad Dressing - Italian Herb Vinaigrette, Ep44

MAKING 1. In a bowl, combine all the ingredients and whisk well. SERVING 2. Serve with salad. - 99.6766

Vinegar And Oil Salad Dressing

1 Place all ingredients in a small deep bowl and whisk together until foamy and well mixed. Taste and adjust seasonings. - 26.1862

Mixed Greens With Vinegar Salad Dressing

Combine first 6 ingredients in a bowl; stir well. - 21.1659

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Honey And Vinegar Dressing

Place all the ingredients in a screw top jar and shake well. Use the dressing as required. - 24.8505

Roquefort Dressing With Wine Vinegar

Roquefort Dressing is a tasty Cheese Salad Dressing that can make your simple green salads a masterpiece! This tasty Roquefort Dressing doesn€™t take too much time to prepare. Try it! - 32.3911

Hot Potato Salad With Vinegar Dressing

In small skillet heat oil over medium heat; add onion slices and bacon bits and saute until onion is translucent. Add vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper and cook, stirring occasionally, until mixture starts to boil. Add potatoes and cook, stirring gently, until... - 28.3915

Oil And Vinegar Dressing

Shake all ingredients in tightly covered jar; refrigerate. Shake before serving. - 15.367

Vinegar Dressing

1. Mix all ingredients in pint jar. 2. Cover and store in refrigerator. Shake well before using. - 24.0462

Vinegar And Oil Dressing

Combine ingredients, mixing well. - 25.973

Roquefort Dressing Using White Wine Vinegar

–  In a bowl, mix together all ingredients, and adjust seasoning to taste. - 26.109

Green Salad With Tangy Oil And Vinegar Dressing

1) Wash and separate the lettuce. Drain. Refrigerate until crisp. Rub the inside of a cold salad bowl with garlic. Tear the lettuce and place into the bowl. 2) Combine the olive oil, herb vinegar, salt, and pepper. Mix well. Pour over the salad and serve. - 29.3928

Oil And Vinegar Dressing For Fruit Salads

Put all the ingredients into a jar, cap the jar securely, and shake vigorously. Store in the refrigerator. Shake again just before serving. - 25.0336

Red Wine Vinegar Dressing

Red Wine Vinegar Dressing can make a masterpiece out of any salad. It is no wonder that my King's Arm Salad is very popular. You simply have to try this Red Wine Vinegar Dressing ! - 27.1826

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