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Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

Expecting guests? This video might come as a savior. Watch chef Heather share her personal favorite recipe to prepare these totally delightful Thai Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce. This recipe is sure to fetch you compliments. - 129.83

Vietnamese Spring Rolls With Shrimp

If you like to eat Vietnamese food, here is a simple to make recipe that can be enjoyed at home. In this video, chef Marie from shows how she makes Vietnamese spring rolls with few ingredients. The best part of her videos is she gives... - 119.434

Tasty Fresh Spring Rolls

Looking for a 5 minute dinner? Want to learn how to make tasty, delicious fresh rolls, or vietnamese spring rolls as they're also called? I'll show you how simple they are to make in this video and also show you a trick to make them grain free! - 110.545

How To Make Shrimp Spring Rolls With Spicy Peanut Sauce

Learning how to make shrimp spring rolls is easy and so healthy for you. I'll show you how to make the spicy peanut sauce too. - 107.288

Vietnamese Rolls - Fresh Spring Rolls

MAKING 1. In a large skillet heat peanut oil. 2. Sprinkle salt on sliced tofu; place in the pan and fry 6 to 7 minutes each side. Transfer to paper towel, cool; cut into thin strips. Set aside. 3. Prepare and poach the shrimp and set aside. 4. Beat eggs with... - 102.3

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

These are spring rolls with a difference. The rice paper makes the spring roll look delectable, because you can see right through! They will look dainty on a platter to serve the guests. The video takes you through the whole procedure of how to fill, what to... - 76.3169

Vietnamese Egg Papaya Roll

Vietnamese Rolls are easy to make, delicious and filling. The best part about this roll is the option to use the filling of your choice and also the liberty to play with textures. Traditionally, the rolls have seafood filling and generous amount of fish sauce... - 33.8775

Chicken Rice Vietnamese Spring Roll

A classic Vietnamese Roll with chicken instead of sea food filling. Chicken in the recipe is paired with salad leaves and rice to give crunchiness and body to the roll. Enjoy.. this complete meal. - 30.3285

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

"I love these, they're really addictive and healthy!" - 29.1606

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