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Viennese Chocolate Dream Pastries

GETTING READY 1 Preheat the oven to 425°Fahrenheit. 2 Let both the pie crust pouches stand at room temperature for 15 to 20 minutes. MAKING 2. Remove 1 pie crust from pouch, unfold the crust; press out fold lines. 3 On ungreased cookie sheet or... - 47.7974

Viennese Jam Rolls

MAKING 1 For the sponge: In a small bowl, crumble the yeast over the milk and add the sugar. Let stand for 3 minutes. 2 Add the flour and whisk until smooth. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand in a warm place until bubbly and doubled in volume,for... - 47.086

Viennese Coffee

MAKING 1) In a saucepan, mix together coffee, cloves, cinnamon and water. 2) Heat the coffee mixture and bring to a boil. 3) Take the pan off the heat and set aside for 5 minutes. 4) Pass through strainer and allow to cool. FINALIZING 5) Fill two tall... - 46.3364

Vienna Torte

Beat eggs until very thick and lemon colored. Gradually add sugar and beat until sugar is completely dissolved. Add flavoring. Bring milk and butter to a boil and add it to the egg mixture. Then fold in the flour which has been sifted with the baking powder... - 45.6923

Viennese Torte

Sift together sugar, flour, and cocoa; add hazelnuts. Beat egg whites until very stiff. Fold into sugar mixture. Grease and flour 3 cookie sheets. Pipe mixture from pastry bag or spread in 9-inch layers on cookie sheets. There should be 3 layers. Bake in... - 44.7933

Viennese Torte

1. Make filling: Soften gelatin in water in small saucepan; stir in coffee; heat slowly, stirring constantly, just until gelatin dissolves; cool. 2. Beat butter or margarine with sugar until fluffy in large bowl of electric mixer at high speed; add eggs, 1 at... - 44.1154

Vienna Torte

Mix graham cracker crumbs, almonds, sugar replacement, 2 T. (30 mL) fructose, cocoa, cinnamon, and cloves in a bowl. Pour melted margarine over the top of the mixture. Toss to mix. Press mixture into the bottom and up the sides of a 9 in. (23 cm) springform... - 43.8279

Viennese Jam Pockets

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 350°. 2) Mix butter and sugar together by beating them with a wooden spoon or by using an electric mixer at medium speed until the mixture is light, fluffy and creamy. 3) Rub the hard-cooked egg yolks through a sieve... - 43.244

Viennese Torte

This viennese torte is made with fruit jam and a buttery grated nut filling. Sweet and nutty, I love this beautiful and fruity torte and often bake it for parties and brunches. - 43.2251

Viennese Jam Rounds

In large bowl of an electric mixer, beat butter and sugar until creamy. Beat in egg yolks and lemon peel. In another bowl, stir together flour, salt, cinnamon, and cloves; gradually add to butter mixture, blending thoroughly. Stir in almonds (dough will be... - 42.3029

Viennese Torte

MAKING 1. Slice the cake, lengthwise into 3 layers. 2. Each side of the layer, sprinkle with rum. 3. On a serving plate, place the bottom layer, spread with strawberry preserves. 4. Place middle layer on top, spread with apricot reserves. FINALISING 5. Place... - 39.928

Viennese Apple Pastry

Sift flour and salt into mixing bowl. Cut in butter until:mixture is the size of small peas. Sprinkle water, a little at a time, over mixture while stirring.with fork until dough is just moist enough to hold together. Form into a square Flatten to 1/2... - 39.4045

Iced Viennese Coffee

MAKING 1. In a pan pour boiling water over coffee, cinnamon, cloves and allspice. 2. Let it stand for one hour. 3. Strain and pour over ice in tall glasses. 4. Sweeten if desired. SERVING 5. Top with whipped cream and serve. - 38.7661

Viennese Pastries

Mix butter, cheese, flour, sugar and a small amount ot lemon rind with hands. Wrap the dough in wax paper, and chill in refrigerator. Roll out dough onto a heavily-floured board. Cut the dough into squares 1 1/2-2 inches. Put a little dab of marmalade mixed... - 36.0435

Viennese Torte

In heavy saucepan, heat chocolate, butter, and water over medium heat, stirring till blended. Cool slightly. Add egg yolks, sugar, and vanilla; stir till smooth. Chill till mixture is of spreading consistency, about 45 minutes. Slice cake horizontally in 6... - 32.9706

Viennese Coffee

Chill bowl, beaters and cream before whipping. Place 2/3 cup cream and sugar in chilled bowl. Beat with electric mixer at high speed until soft peaks form. Do not overbeat. Cover and refrigerate up to 8 hours. If mixture has separated slightly after... - 32.5194

Viennese Crescents

1. Grease large cookie sheet. In large bowl, with hand, mix 1/4 cup confectioners' sugar with remaining ingredients until well blended. 2. Preheat oven to 325°F. Shape 1 teaspoonful cookie dough at a time into 1 1/2-inch crescent. Place on cookie sheet, 1... - 30.9562

Viennese Coffee

MAKING 1. In a saucepan, mix together brandy and coffee. 2. Add sugar to taste and stir well. SERVING 3. Top with whipped cream and garnish with chocolate shavings. - 30.7024

Viennese Coffee

Chill bowl, beaters and cream before whipping. Place 2/3 cup cream and sugar into chilled bowl. Beat with electric mixer at high speed until soft peaks form. Cover and refrigerate up to 8 hours. If mixture has separated slightly after refrigeration, whisk... - 29.6927

Viennese Coffee

1. Put cinnamon sticks in a serving pot and add the hot coffee. Let stand for about 5 minutes. 2. Pour coffee into mugs or cups and top with whipped cream. Add a sprinkle of ground cinnamon, if you wish. - 28.4597

Viennese Coffee

MAKING 1) In a blender jar, add all the ingredients, place the lid and blend for 30 seconds at the Crush Ice speed. 2) Keep in a tightly covered container until required. SERVING 3) In a mug, add 2 teaspoons mix and required quantity of boiling water, then... - 28.0733

Viennese Spiced Coffee

Combine coffee, sugar, spices, and water. Cover, bring to boiling. Remove from heat and let stand, covered, about 5 minutes to steep. Strain. Pour into cups; top each with a spoonful of whipped cream; dash lightly with cinnamon. - 27.9272

Viennese Coffee

Combine first 4 ingredients in a small saucepan; cook over medium heat until thoroughly heated, stirring occasionally. Pour mixture evenly into 2 serving mugs; top each serving with 2 tablespoons whipped topping. Garnish with nutmeg, if desired. Serve... - 26.2627

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