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Blond Made Velvety

On : 27-Dec-2007 By : marcelo menyon

Blond made velvety Ingredients: 130 ml of foaming Chandon Brut 130 ml of beer Way of Preparation: Mounted. To place the beer in great special cup, and to complete with foaming and the ice rocks (Drinking,...

Celebrating Thanksgiving With Pumpkin Pie - 5 Ways

Celebrating Thanksgiving With Pumpkin Pie - 5 Ways On : 13-Nov-2013 By : sumer

Thinking of making pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving? You are at the right place! Pumpkin pie can be prepared in a variety of ways, viz. crusted pies, self crusted pies, eggless pies etc.  Here are a few pumpkin pie options you can try out this Thanksgiving. ...

Cool Off With Burger King's 50 Cents Offer

Cool Off With Burger King's 50 Cents Offer On : 21-Aug-2012 By : FitGal

Earlier this year, Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day brought much delight to hungry customers looking for a free deal. Fast food giant Burger King attempts to do the same for you again. With the sun shining down so hard these days, no offer could be as...

How To Puree Potato

How To Puree Potato On : 17-Nov-2011 By : priyam

Planning to serve potato puree on Christmas Eve this year, well, the velvety white mash would be lovely and luscious when done right. Read on for detailed steps to make the most wonderful tasting puree of potatoes.       ...