Vegetarian Sushi Recipes

Vegetarian sushi is a traditional Japanese dish.The dish is a proof that not all sushi is made with raw fish, vegetarianscan have it.Sushi simply refers to sticky rice seasoned with rice wine vinegar, served in ... More »
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Aspen's Famous Sushi

Here is creative way to experience a traditional food with an international flair. Created by five-year-old Aspen and her mother. - 136.053

Chinese New Year Raw Sushi Rolls

Gung Hay Fa Choy! Celebrate the Chinese New Year with these incredible raw foods. Here is a complete Asian inspired raw food meal that you can make to impress your friends and family and influence them into going raw! A delicious Apple and Ginger Cocktail... - 133.857

Quick California Roll

On a vegetarian diet but want to try Sushi? Your solution is right here. Watch this video where the chef demonstrates how you can prepare the California Roll which is a Sushi modified to suit your taste buds and is prepared using mock crab meat. What are you... - 121.479

Sushi Rice In A Rice Cooker

GETTING READY 1. In a large bowl, put rice, and rinse it with cold water. 2. Mix, and rinse it again. Repeat until the water becomes clear. MAKING 3. Put rice in rice cooker bowl. 4. Pour water into it. 5. Select sushi pre-washed option from the menu. Cook... - 117.927

Raw Vegan Sushi Rolls

Today is our anniversary!We're celebrating it with some raw vegan sushi rolls. This week we start working on that huge list that you all posted last week. One by one, we'll make your favorite cooked foods and turn them raw.Sushi rolls were the first (and... - 116.763

Stove Top Sushi Rice

MAKING 1. Place a pot on heat, add unwashed rice, and water in it. 2. Bring it to boil over high heat. Do not put the lid on. 3. Reduce the heat and allow it to simmer for 20 minutes or until all the liquid is absorbed by the rice. 4. In a large bowl, put... - 116.539

Organic Vegetarian Sushi Platter

Love sushi and want to keep it simple with regular vegetables - watch this video. The chef here shows the easy way to roll sushi using different ingredients of his choice. You can have your choice to roll them up. So, get the detail instruction and start now. - 115.908

Aishiteru Veggie Sushi!

Have you been looking for a sushi recipe that fits your vegetarian diet criteria? This recipe is just perfect for you. Watch the chef demonstrate a step-wise process to prepare this delicious Oriental Vegetarian Sushi recipe. - 107.085

A Nutritious Lunch In Minutes: Nori Hand Rolls

MAKING 1. Place a nori sheet smooth side down rough side up over the counter. 2. Stuff with multi grain rice, water cress, carrot, cucumber, scallion and avocado. 3. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the stuffing. Roll the nori sheet as shown in the... - 106.065

Homemade Vegan Sushi

Create delicious healthy homemade sushi, like california rolls at home and lose weight. This meal option is appropriate for the 1st and 2nd stage of the 3 stage diet. You can use any ingredients you like. Mix it up! Keep it delicious! - 105.36

Pickled Ginger For Sushi

MAKING 1. Peel the ginger and make slices with mandolin. 2. Place the ginger in a jar. 3. In a cup pour in rice vinegar, honey and add in salt. Mix well. 4. Pour the vinegar mixture in the ginger jar and close the jar. 5. Keep in the fridge for 60... - 104.418

Sweet Sushi Raw Food Dessert

GETTING READY 1. For the filling, in a food processor jar, add macadamia nuts, coconut, honey, sea salt and vanilla powder. Process to combine. 2. For the dipping sauce, in a large bowl, combine orange juice, lime juice, ginger, honey and coconut aminos. Mix... - 103.005

Oriental Vegan Sushi

Did you always wanted a Vegan Sushi recipe? You've got it right here. Watch chef Hether prepare this yummy Oriental Vegan Sushi now. The recipe is easy and can be replicated at home. Treat yourself to this Japanese delicacy today. - 102.98

Jack's Dessert Sushi

MAKING 1. Slice a brownie. Top this with a slice of granny green apple. 2. Add the next layer of mint leaf. 3. Next, add a slice of watermelow. 4. Grated Granny green apple and mix with strawberry purie. Add this as next layer. 5. Add a layer of... - 102.226

Sushi With Avocado And Cucumber

Sushi in Japanese cuisine is a cool compact idea to pack lunch and snack outside or inside home. Watch the video showing how to make sushi with Japanese rice with avocado and cucumber on nori sheets. Good for picnics! - 101.838

Vegan Sushi

Have you been looking for a sushi recipe that you suits your vegan diet. You've got one right here. Watch this video now and learn to prepare this easy to make Vegan Sushi. We bet you will try this recipe more often. - 99.9688

Restaurant Style Sushi And Tempura

If you fancy Japanese tempura and making sushi at home, you will love this restaurant style sushi and tempura recipe. It gives you an idea of how you can go about making these fancy dishes at home, if you have the required ingredients and equipments. Take a... - 99.7498

Veggie Nori Sushi Rolls

If you're fond of eating Japanese food, do try out this recipe. The Chef shows how to make nori sushi rolls. It's really delicious and easy to make. The combination of brown rice and vegetables is amazing. This is a great recipe for vegetarians. Do watch the... - 97.7607

Vegan Sushi

See the demonstration on how to make tofu sushi. - 96.662

Raw And Vegan Sushi

Who said raw and vegan food has to be boring and unappealing? These nori rolls or raw and vegan sushi definitely proves this popular belief wrong. It’s fresh, vibrant, fancy and far from being bland. These are absolutely perfect to impress your friends and... - 95.87

California Rolls - Part 1

Part 1: Raw food author and chef Jennifer Cornbleet shares how to prepare delicious California rolls using raw nori seaweed, avocado, cucumbers and other vegetables. From her DVD, Raw Food Made Easy. - 95.1993

California Rolls - Part 2

California Rolls are raw, vegetarian sushi rolls that swap out imitation crab meat for crisp, all-natural vegetables with thin slices of delicate avocado, wrapped in a thin sheet of nori seaweed. - 94.8902

Raw Organic Vegetable Nori Rolls

When it’s raw, it’s living! There is nothing better than eating something so fresh, straight out of your garden! If you are on the path of healthy, natural and organic eating then this recipe is one that you must have. Here is an awesome recipe that is... - 92.9131

Hippy Gourmet Makes Veggie Sushi

Are you looking for a vegan variation for the traditional sushi? watch this video to get some great ideas of how you can prepare the delicacy with vegetables. This one is a must watch. - 92.2604

Spicy Tofu Chickpea Sushi

Vegetarian nori rolls can now be made at home! Here is a simple recipe to making these! A really simple mix of chickpea and tofu, make the filling for this roll. Both are healthy ingredients and taste great together. A simple recipe and definitely worth a try. - 91.6615

Vegetarian Sushi Roll Part 1 - Preparation

How about a rolled entrée to be served? Try this version of the vegetarian sushi. Part 1 of the video is showcasing some knife techniques with the vegetables and getting them ready for the rolling! Part 2 is assembling the sushi roll so stay tuned! - 88.8692

Vegetarian Sushi Roll Part 2 - Assembling

Part 2 of the video is to assemble the sushi roll and get them neatly rolled with all the vegetables intact! Cut them and serve them on a platter! The video shows how neatly you can get it done! Super easy to follow! - 88.7273

Raw Vegan Sushi

Now, here's a sushi for all vegetarians out there. Crisp nori sheets are wrapped around shredded parsnip and vegetables to create a wonderful sushi for all vegan foodies. The video carefully shows all the assembling so that you make the right veggie sushi. - 85.4502

Sushi Dressing

MAKING 1. To make a sushi dressing, place all the ingredients into a small saucepan and heat gently. 2. Stir until the sugar has dissolved and allow to cool. SERVING 3. Use with recipes as desired. - 83.4892

Sushi Rice

New to cooking sushi rice? Let this video demonstrate to you how to cook sushi rice to perfection. Would have liked the measurements for the ingredients though and also, the recipe of the dressing used. - 76.456

Vegetarian Sushi

Vegetarian Sushi - 42.4069

Easy Sushi Rice

GETTING READY 1. Rinse rice with water and drain well. MAKING 2. In a saucepan, combine sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, water, vinegar and sake; stir until sugar and salt is dissolved. 3. Add rice to the saucepan; cover and bring to boil over high... - 39.052

Vegetarian Nori-wrapped Sushi (vegan)

Historically, sushi evolved as a utilitarian food as far back as 300 BCE when fermented rice was wrapped around fish as a form of food preservation. Today, sushi reminds us of the contradictions of our modern world. Inherently, sushi isn’t just food –... - 35.1695

Japanese Sushi Rice

Japanese sushi rice is the best tasting kind of rice. Plus it's very usefull because it's so sticky. I use white or brown rice. - 29.9621

How To Make Simple And Delicious Breakfast Sushi

Easy and the kids will think you are the coolest mom ever. Breakfast sushi are surprisingly quick and easy to prepare. There are so many creative ways to make sushi rolls and many of them are delicious. These breakfast sushi rolls are pretty easy to make! - 0

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