Vegetable Spring Roll Recipes

Vegetable spring roll is an Asian recipe that is famous worldwide. Vegetable spring roll is a kind of roll with shredded vegetable filling. Vegetables like cabbage, spring onion and capsicum are used in the roll. All ... More »
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Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls

Thinking of serving spring rolls this evening as a treat to your loved ones but do not have the time? Then relax, sit back and just watch this video by CookingWithCam and learn to make yummy vegetable spring rolls in minutes! - 87.1571

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Heat 1/2 cup oil, add all the vegetables and bean sprouts. Fry for 3-4 mins. Add salt, ginger, garlic and soya sauce and fry 2 mins more. Strain and keep aside. Mix flour and salt together, add 1 tbs oil and rub it well into flour, add enough warm water to... - 41.9362

Vegetables Spring Rolls

This is a very healthy dish... Lumpia or spring rolls made of mixed vegetables and cook in the oven... - 33.6151

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Vegetable Spring Roll Part 2: Rolling Vegetables In Dry Rice Papers

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Vegetable Spring Roll Part 1: Vegetable Filling

Clyde is making Vegetable Spring Roll Part 1 using raw Vegetables. He tried his best to explain every ingredient but it could have been more clear through his dialogues and the video for easy understanding. - 42.7041

Vegetable Spring Roll Part 3: Serving Rolls

Now that the spring rolls are ready, Clyde gives us ideas for serving them elegantly. This dish is super easy and super quick to make and you can just add your favorite ingredients and make it to your taste preference. - 43.445

Veggie Spring Rolls / Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Learn how to make Indo-chinese style delicious appetizer veggie spring rolls at home. This is a super simple recipe for home made spring rolls. - 74.9435

Vegetable Spring Rolls

In a mood to have some Chinese appetizers, then you must try this recipe. Chef bhavna shows how to make spring rolls. They are so yummy and easy to make. You can serve them with chilli sauce or ketchup. Do try out this recipe and don't forget to watch the... - 101.982

Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls

MAKING 1. Take a pan and heat a little bit of oil and add minced ginger and garlic. Stir for a couple of minutes. Then add the onion and saute. 2. Add the chili sauce, soy sauce, sesame seed oil and vinegar. Stir well. 3. Add all the vegetables into the pan... - 122.644

Raw Vegetable Spring Rolls

Attention all the raw food lovers! here's a great recipe that perfectly matches the parameters of your raw diet. Watch this video to know how you can prepare these easy and totally scrumptious raw vegetable spring rolls at home. - 82.4173

Thai Style Spring Rolls

Want to grab a tasty snack, but have no clue? Thai style spring roll is what would spark up your mood. And you won't have to give much effort in making this munchy snack at all. Just follow the simple recipe and perfect the art of making Thai spring rolls at... - 82.8406

Fried Vegetable Spring Roll

Don’t you just love spring rolls? A favorite among kids, this is a great recipe to know to make at home. Chef Vikas shows you how to make these at home! Ching’s sauces are a convenient way to prepare Chinese at home. - 87.2463

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls - If there is any dish that can take you to heaven and back then it is this. This tasty Spring Rolls preparation can make your day! Try this brilliant Spring Rolls recipe! - 49.1054

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