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How To Make Grilled Garden Vegetables

Grilling vegetables is an easy, healthy and delicious way to simplify your summer meals. Amazingly enough, you can never truly get tired of this recipe. If you have a vegetable garden, nothing can be better than using the fresh veggies for this recipe. Try... - 148.574

Roasted Herbed Veggies

Roasted Herbed Veggies is a nutritious and flavorful side dish. It can also be eaten as a salad or served with omelets for breakfast. Watch this vibrant recipe, you will love it. Bon Appetit! - 147.621

Yaki Gyoza Oriental Style

Looking for a side dish recipe for your Japanese spread? Your search ends right here. Watch this video now and surprise your guests with these delectable Japanese Pan Fried Dumplings. That’s not all, the video also has an added Gyoza sauce recipe that you... - 147.12

Oven-roasted Vegetables With Rotini & Rosemary Pesto

Roasted vegetables with rotini and rosemary pesto is a delicious dish, which can be served on any occasion. It will surely satisfy even the heartiest appetite. It is quite simple to make. Just check out the recipe detail here. - 142.404

Fresh Panzanella Salad

If you've never tried this bread salad, you're in for a wonderful surprise! Filled with lots of fresh veggies and toasted French bread, this recipe makes enough to feed a crowd. - 142.351

Herbed Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetables make a great meal! Don’t you agree? This is a recipe which makes a great side. The vegetables are well flavored with several herbs. The roasted garlic added at the end, really spices up that flavor. A great dish which is not only... - 140.066

Vegetable Salad With Avocado Dressing

Move over honey mustard or chili lime! Here’s a new salad dressing that will win everyone’s heart. Silky, smooth and luscious, this creamy dressing mixes well with almost anything — be it your leafy greens or roasted chicken. What’s more, it can... - 139.359

How To Make A "jardiniere De Legumes"

"Jardiniere de legumes" is a delicious, healthy garden vegetable dish, that's simple to prepare. You can use any fresh, seasonal vegetables you like. It is healthy and delicious. Watch how to make it. - 137.497

Wegmans Roasted Veggies With Chestnuts

Wegmans Chef Nella Neeck show you this amazing veggie side dish that's a great way to get more tasty veggies on your plate. This recipe is good with any vegetables. You can leave out the chestnuts and it is still delicious. - 137.113

Aloo Masala For Dosa

Chef has a spicy Indian curry dry called aloo-masala which is a tasty addition to dosa or Indian crepes or can be enjoyed with parathas. She makes the dish with great details for the viewers to get an authentic Indian dish at the end. Nevertheless, it is a... - 136.344

Cottage Cheese Vegetable Summer Salad

This is one of my Mother's favorite salad recipes and now it's one of mine! This is a cottage cheese vegetable summer salad. This is one of the salad recipes that my grandmother used to make for my mother when she was a girl in NYC! It's cooling and crunchy... - 135.484

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine With Couscous

MAKING 1. In large soup pot heat oil over medium heat. 2. Cook adding onion, garlic and carrot and stir 5 to 6 minutes. 3. Add cumin, paprika, turmeric, cayenne pepper and cinnamon to pot. 4. Continue to cook and stir for 3 to 4 more minutes, until spices... - 134.828

Indian Aloo Dum

Indian curries have won millions of hearts all over the world and people who have tasted it once go hunting for recipes. Indian Aloo Dum by Chef Manjula is an authentic Indian side dish and she has the most authentic way of preparing it. She explains the... - 134.523

Cardoon Gratin

Today we'll be cooking with Sonia a tasty vegetarian dish: the cardoon gratin! The cardoons are not used very often, but they lend themselves to many recipes, thanks to their delicate taste... you'll be pleasantly surprised! - 134.008

Indian Eggplant Tomato Curry

This Indian eggplant tomato curry is an authentic eggplant preparation, which you should try to bring a variation in your regular menu. Eggplant is a versatile vegetable which can be used in various ways. The gravy is extremely delicious and can be served on... - 133.623

Indian Aloo Gobi

Indian Aloo Gobi is another authentic dish from Chef Manjula. Cauliflowers are available all over the world so why not try making a curry that's so delicious and loved all over the world. Making curry is not that difficult as the chef shows the complete... - 133.563

White Veg Pulao

Normally we cook pulao which we cook along with vegetables which makes color of the rice little bit yellowish.This is easy way of making veg pulao along with retaining white color of the rice which helps to retain color of the vegetables. - 133.274

Pan-simmered Vegetables

A simple cooking technique that will help you be successful making tasty veggies from Wegmans Executive Chef Russell Ferguson. A hybrid of braising and stir-frying, this technique is fast with very flavorful results. Melding a sauce with the veggies makes... - 132.694

Easy Spinach Dal

The combination of spinach and lentil is too delicious and too nutritious for all the health conscious foodies. You can prepare it easily after watching the video. It is a perfect comfort soup for a chilled afternoon. Enjoy this soup alone or with bread rolls. - 132.13

Indo - Chinese Fried Rice - Fusion

Fried Rice recipe here I’ve showcased is a Indo – Chinese version which is my family’s absolute favorite. Rice is cooked with Chinese sauces and smoky flavored vegetables to make it absolutely delicious. - 131.957

Stir Fried Asparagus

Chef Manjula is not only an expert cook of Indian cuisines; but she also develops international recipes to suit Indian taste. Whatever may be the reason but if you have not yet tried healthy asparagus, here the chef has an Indianised stir fried asparagus dish... - 131.9

Seasoned Kale With Nuts

A delightfully tasty dish – if that is what you are craving for, your search ends here ! Prepare kale with assorted nuts with a bright and lemony dressing merged with the combination of vegetables with great seasoning puts a delicious dish on your dinner... - 131.77

Roasted Cauliflower & Delicata Squash With Baby Spinach

How do you make veggies taste great? You watch Wegmans Chef Nella Neeck and learn how to roast them to perfection. - 131.568

Spicy Tomato Chutney

This spicy tomato chutney is a great condiment, which you can prepare in large quantity and store in refrigerator. It is a versatile sauce, which can be served as a side dish almost with anything. This recipe video displays the quick and simple process of... - 131.328

Veggie Grilling

When you're grilling veggies it's good to stay close to the grill. Every grill has spots that are hotter than others so vegetables in one area of the grate will be done before others. And, of course, different vegetables will take different amounts of time to... - 131.188

Roasted Veggies And Dip

GETTING READY 1. Cut the eggplants into quarters, slice all the bell peppers. 2. Slice the onions into think rings, cube the butternut squash, cut the zucchini lengthwise and then cut into 3/4” slices, set everything aside in separate bowls. 3. Preheat the... - 130.843

Organic Roasted Beet Salad With Goat Cheese

All you salad lovers would really enjoy this European salad. The combination of golden and red beat makes the salad unique. Your guests would really like this salad and it can be served at any dinner party. - 130.465

Clean-out-the-fridge Quiche

For those of you who spend hours bent over books, here's the college recipes! To improve your memory (and get rid of leftovers) that's the recipe right for you: the clean-out-the-fridge quiche! - 129.925

Simply Delicious Roasted Herb Veggies With Parsley, Sage And Rosemary

Host Maryann Ridini-Spencer roasts a selection of fresh veggies and potatoes with herbs to create the perfect side dish! This is a great recipe to serve with fish or with chicken! It’s an amazing recipe to spice up old veggies too. You will love it! - 129.567

Classic Navratan Korma

Planning to treat your family to an Indian delicacy today? there's nothing better than this Classic Navratan Korma. The dish is packed with flavors and is truly delectable. Do not give it a miss. - 128.971

Refreshing Spring Salad

This salad is so easy and is deeeeelicious! A must try for sure. Salads are great to make ahead of time, assemble the salad and keep the dressing in a separate container and when you’re ready to eat, just toss together. - 128.935

Spicy Vegetarian Stew

Combines vegetables, spices and red wine to make a delicious stew. - 128.235

Aloo Gobi Ki Sabji

Aloo Gobi ki sabji is one of the most simple staples of Indian winters as cauliflower is a winter vegetable. However, as this dish has become an international favorite; you can follow this video and prepare a simple and delicious curry at home no matter which... - 128.213

Roasted Winter Vegetables

Roasted winter vegetable medley will add a dramatic touch to your harvest table. Here's a simple recipe that you can try at home. - 128.092

Grilled Potato Pocket

For all of you, who enjoy outdoor cooking, here is another great recipe. Rosemary garlic potato pocket can be a nice side dish to any of your barbecued meat preparation. It is easy and simple and can be cooked on the same grill along with your main dish. - 127.664

Aloo Palak

If you like your greens, this recipe is for you. This simple aloo palak is ready in no time and uses fresh ingredients with a few spices and tastes divine, as it is cooked just right, saving the real flavors of the vegetables. Take a quick look at this video... - 127.573

Moroccan Couscous And Vegetable Salad

Have tried making a salad with couscous! If not then make a salad using all the fresh vegetables and mix in some couscous using the guidance of this video! Its light and easy and the video has simple instructions! - 127.556

Root Vegetable Pie With Lemon And Ginger Sauce

Healthy food is in fashion now and what is more interesting is that dishes like this root vegetable pie with lemon and ginger sauce are so delicious that even normal people will love to trying it. After all everybody is eligible for eating healthy food. Take... - 127.529

Easy Cook Along Ratatouille

If you don't want to complicate cooking and would like to spend less hour making a dish , then Ratatouille could be any day a simple cooking option. Paul puts together a fancy yet easy-to-put-together dish with fresh vegetables, cooked in the French style.... - 127.502

Gran's Carolina Slaw

Looking for the down-home flavor of a southern vinegar based coleslaw? Here it is straight from our Gran! - 127.486

Cranberry Broccoli Salad

Do you like broccoli? How about a nice healthy side dish to go with your meal? Here is a wonderful video recipe showing you how to prepare it. The video also gives you some great nutritional facts about broccoli, so listen closely! - 127.469

Msuhrooms And Beans With Roasted Garlic

Boiled green beans for dinner? Well if you thought that was appetizing, then you must watch this recipe video!! This is fantastic!! Simple and quick, this has just a few ingredients but is full of flavor. Watch the recipe and cook up your beans in a new way! - 127.395

Low Calorie Vegetable Augratin By Tarla Dalal

A healthy version of vegetable au gratin. The veggies are cooked in a creamy sauce in which the creamy texture is retained by the use of low calorie white sauce made with cauliflower puree instead of high fat butter. Small portions of such healthy main... - 127.178

Collard Greens

If you find your greens highly unpalatable, then this recipe will surely give you one good excuse to love them — taste. Deep green collards make for healthy indulgence to any meals, given you cook them tastefully. This simple video will give you ideas on... - 127.148

Classic Italian Bruschetta

Fond of Italian food? This recipe is a must try for you. Watch the chef prepare this Classic Italian Bruschetta step by step in this video. We bet your family will love this Italian delicacy. Watch it now. - 127.139

Panzanella Salad

If you've never tried this bread salad, you're in for a wonderful surprise! Filled with lots of fresh veggies and toasted French bread, this recipe makes enough to feed a crowd. - 127.132

Mexican Fried Rice By Tarla Dalal

This Mexican rice recipe is very easy and quick to make. . . The taste of chili garlic paste added along with vegetables makes it a perfect recipe. . . - 126.966

Spicy Jeera Aloo

Jeera aloo is a common Indian cuisine, which you must have tasted in the Indian restaurants. You can recreate the same dish at home, quite easily. This potato side dish is a perfect entry with rice or Indian flat bread. You can also use it as a sandwich... - 126.957

Roasted Vegetables

Rebecca Brand shows how to make fresh vegetable roast with whatever vegetables you have in your kitchen for a naturally sweet roasted result. Rebecca's style is fun and quick as she cooks for her dinner parties and has to hurry! Yams, sweet potatoes, brussel... - 126.887

Ratatouille: Meatless Monday Earth Day

Ratatouille is the perfect Meatless Monday recipe! - 126.681

Basic Vegetable Stock And Soup Stock

If you use store bought vegetable stock, then maybe this video will get you to change your mind. A basic vegetable stock is super easy to prepare. To make stock for a soup, there is a slight variation to the basic recipe. Watch this video to learn how to make... - 126.62

Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato & Red Onion Side

Here's a great side dish that uses some of Autumn and Winters seasonal favourites. It's really easy to make and tastes great - especially with chicken. - 126.604

Aloo Patta Gobi

Simple cooking is the ornament of Indian kitchens and this aloo patta Gobi recipe justifies it. The effortless cooking style, bare minimum ingredients and the delicate flavors will make you try it over and over again. - 126.309

Tofu Salad With Oriental Dressing

Attention salad lovers! Here's an amazing tofu salad that you must not ignore. This video is a step by step guide on how to prepare the Japanese Tofu Salad with Oriental Dressing. Treat your family to this bowl of health today. - 126.293

Vegetables With Barbeque Sauce

Ever wondered how great it would be to get that smoky taste of barbeque sauce when you are on a raw food diet. Well, chef Joy Houston shows in this video a very innovative dish made with vegetables with a dash of barbeque sauce. The choice of vegetables in... - 126.248

Avial - Kerala Mixed Vegetable Curry

Avial is a kerala’s special mixed vegetable curry recipe. It is power packed with various veggies and goodness of simple and subtle spices like cumin and coconut. Serve Avial with steamed rice or roti. - 126.183

Spinach Salad With Homemade Dressing

So, you eat a lot of spinach in parathas, pakoras and curries? How about a Spinach salad with homemade dressing? Your very own Indian Chef Manjula has come up with a healthy spinach salad with a tangy dressing to suit Indian taste. It’s a low fat dish with... - 125.818

Tips On How To Roast Vegetables In The Oven And On The Bbq Grill - For Amazing Flavor

Here are some things you need to know on how to roast vegetables in the oven or on the grill.Roasting vegetables in the oven or bbq is one of the best ways (if not the best) to cook vegetables - 125.813

Black Beans Salad With Rice And Vegetables

If you have invited a large gathering over dinner, then this dish could be your side dish. Watch the video to learn making black beans salad with rice and vegetables. It is easy and tastes great. - 125.792

Low-calorie Vegetable Rainbow Salad

Looking for a new salad recipe to jazz up your holiday feasts? How about a bowl of salad that is nutritious made with fresh seasonal vegetables? The mix of swiss chard, lettuce and kale mixed together with variety of vegetables offers a unique taste to this... - 125.741

Sautéed Mixed Vegetables

This simple & delicious vegetable mix dish makes a superb Main Course or Side Dish. It's rich in flavor , filling and healthy. - 125.722

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels sprouts — if you haven't tried them yet, you are surely missing out on something! Makes for a perfect holiday side dish, this simple, easy to make Brussels sprouts preparation is unlike anything you have tried before. Simply seasoned with... - 125.718

Simply Ratatouille

Here's a tantalizing country French dish. Maryann Ridini has added some flair of her own. - 125.549

Tomatoes And Thai Basil Pasta Sauce

Looking for a pasta sauce recipe that is yummy yet easy to make? Then watch this video and learn of a pasta sauce that you can make in a matter of minutes and is bound to taste great. Watch and learn! - 125.346

Yummy Creamy Potato Salad With Zaatar

Za'atar, a spice blend of oregano, thyme, sumac, sesame seeds and salt, adds a distinct Middle Eastern flavor to this variation on potato salad. - 125.19

Korean Potato, Carrot Onion Stir Fry

Koreans have wonderful dishes to accompany the meat dishes. Try this potato, carrot and onion stir fry and serve it with any of the main courses. It goes well with meat, noodles and other dishes. Watch the video for the recipe details. - 124.897

Indian Lentil And Vegetable Soup

Want a vegetarian protein rich soup for your diet? Chef Manjula has a lentil and vegetable soup from Indian cuisine. She uses a pressure cooker for quick boiling. The best part of the recipe is its seasoning; using whole cumin seeds gives a nice flavor to... - 124.8

Lentil And Rice Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed cabbage rolls is a great party item. Rich in protein and fiber, this dish to delicious to taste and great to look at too! Made with lentil and rice, these cabbage rolls are really filling too. Watch Katherine as she prepares these rolls and then you... - 124.207

Steamed Vegetable Rice

Thermochef Steamed Dinner, 4 Ingredients Thermo Cooking, Cooking with Kim. This simple and easy to make Thermochef steamed dinner from 4 Ingredients Cookbook It's quick easy enjoy delicious uses things you already Have in the pantry and will save you Time and... - 124.117

Chili Pepper Sides

Chili peppers known as mirchi in Northern India are totally indispensible ingredients. Watch chef Madhura showing how to make crispy and spicy Mirchi Thecha and Mirchi Kharada, popular Maharashtrian side dishes made using green chilies or mirchi. Good to have... - 124.073

Aloo Matar Ki Sabji

Aloo matar ki sabji is the most popular vegetarian dish among Indians. In this video the chef is making it in the traditional way with minimal spices and optimum cooking assuring anyone can make it and will like it. Watch it and find out how easy it is to... - 124.021

Nawabi Curry (low Calorie & Weight Loss) By Tarla Dalal

Get set to be transported to the land of the nawabs with this amazing nawabi curry. Although I’ve converted it into a low-cal version, which is quite unlike the original, I’ve managed to retain the authentic taste by using an array of carefully selected... - 124.021

Sweet Cucumber Salad

A great salad for a summer day? Here is the recipe for a cucumber salad with onions. The recipe calls for a great dairy-free dressing that is sweet and healthy! Watch the recipe for some great tips. Simple and ready in minutes, this is a great recipe to try... - 123.871

Simply Salad

A Salad with fresh raw vegetables is the foundation of a healthy diet. It is an integral part of every meal and and should be had everyday of the week. In this episode Ed shows us how he makes a Simple Salad. He shows us some great tips on how to make a... - 123.538

Vegetable Side Dishes - Fennel Coleslaw

Fresh and fun summery Fennel Coleslaw for those hot, sunny days! Enjoy! - 123.457

Deep Fried Battered Eggplant In Yogurt Sauce

Want a gourmet like side dish for a party or family gathering? Try making Deep Fried Battered Eggplant in Yogurt Sauce with the chef in the video. The recipe is very simple to make and it would surely taste delicious. The most important part of this recipe is... - 123.39

Korean Potato Salad

How about a Korean potatoes side dish? Chef is making a mouth watering potato salad which can also be served as a side dish with Korean main dish. A well shot, well narrated video that gives you every essential tip to make perfect Korean Potato Salad. The... - 123.263

Subzi Pasanda (zero Oil & Weight Loss Recipe) By Tarla Dalal

True to the name, "subzi pasanda" is a veggie dish you will love! Calorie-laden cashew nut paste is replaced with a healthy paste made with cauliflower and onions. Serve hot with whole wheat parathas for a healthy meal. - 123.186

Potato Salad With Mayo-mustard Dressing

Potatoes for breakfast, lunch or dinner? I know that would definitely work for me!! If you’re running out of potato recipes, then here is a great salad recipe. Filled with the goodness of vegetables and herbs this salad is healthy and filling. Watch and... - 123.1

Old Fashioned American Salad

Are your meals incomplete without salads? Watch Chef Tracy Porter prepare this delicious and healthy Old Fashioned American Salad now. This video is a detailed demonstration of how you can prepare this salad at home. Watch it now. - 122.313

Kabocha Ratatouille - Simmered Pumpkin And Vegetable Stew

This is a simmered kabocha ratatouille - the best way to describe what I'm making today. I'm taking a couple of my favorite vegetable dishes, ratatouille and kabocha no nimono, and putting them together in this awesome new recipe. Enjoy and have fun in the... - 122.291

Summer Vegetable Gratin With Panko Bread Crumbs

Crunchy fresh vegetables are nutritious and refreshing treats during hot summers. Chef Ginny shows how to make the colorful Summer Vegetable Gratin using a lot of vegetables and just a few seasonings. Great with toasted bread crumbs and grated cheese on the... - 121.875

Greek Salad

Flavorful herbs, garden fresh veggies and creamy sweet-and-sour yogurt are the focal point of this lip-smacking Greek salad. Light, smooth and extremely flavorful, a bowl of Greek salad could be the ultimate way to satiate your gut and taste-bud on a lazy... - 121.686

Homemade Tomato Sauce

A quick and easy homemade tomato sauce can create splendor to your dinner table. Whatever dish you cook, add this special homemade tomato sauce as a side dish and just watch the expressions of your family members or guests. They might even go more for the... - 121.418

Herbed Portobello Mushroom Steak

Why not make an awesome herbed portobello mushroom steak with a pine nut cheese topping. Look at this amazing video that is just perfect for an outdoor raw or vegan get together. Go ahead and watch this video to make this outstanding and delicious treat and... - 121.171

Easy Low-fat Raw Veggie Pitas

Marinated veggies and arugula wrapped up in a cabbage pita! Saaaweet! Seriously though, this is pretty darn yummy. You might want to eat like 6 of them ;) - 120.899

Mix Vegetable Salad

Interesting salad for lunch?? Here is a great recipe video showing you how to make this. Made with a spicy peanut sauce, this is a great change from the otherwise regular salads. Healthy and nutritious, this is a great recipe to try out. - 120.745

Southern Style Meaty Collard Greens

Southern-comfort luck food. A fine video to make smoky flavor collard green loaded with meat. Excellent seasoning gives a rich and smoky flavor to this southern wonder dish, tender in texture and delicious in taste. If you like greens or meat, you will love... - 120.369

Grilled Artichokes

Grilled Artichokes is an amazing dish that is flavoured with the wonderful spices and grilled. Chef Amelia Ceja prepares this simple yet delicious dish - Grilled Artichokes! Paired with Ceja Vineyards' Sauvignon Blanc and Red Vino de Casa, this magical... - 120.365

Pan Seared Soy Based Portobello Mushroom

Looking for a new recipe with Portobello mushrooms? Well here it is! In this video, Katherine shows you how to a simple, pan seared recipe. Well flavored with garlic and oregano, this recipe has just a few basic ingredients. A great vegetable that is a low... - 120.148

Hot And Fresh Organic Salad

Hot salad - how do you like the idea? If you have never tasted this, you should not miss the opportunity to prepare this of your own and to enjoy. Go through the video to know the ingredients and process of making the salad. Enjoy a hearty and healthy salad... - 120.063

Spring-in Quinoa With Veggies

If you believe in - cook once and eat twice, chef Dani Spies will guide you to the right direction. Serve this dish straight from the stove or store inside refrigerator to consume later. Quinoa, combined with vegetables is a great source of nutrition. - 120.021

Muli Aur Aloo Ki Bhaji

I never have imagined that something like radish; which is a salad vegetable, will taste so good in a curry. This video recipe of muli aur aloo ki bhaji shows the simple steps of making this easy and delightfully delicious radish curry with potatoes. So if... - 119.758

Summer Squash With Dill Sauce

Celebrate this summer with healthy and delicious summer squash. This impressive video shows an elegant recipe that would surely be a great summer delight. So watch this video to enjoy the summer squash with a flavorful dill sauce. - 119.582

Mushroom-onion Gravy

Mushroom gravy as a side for you? Try out this great recipe for a great low cal, dairy free mushroom gravy. A super easy dish which takes only a few minutes to prepare. The gravy goes great over rice. Watch the video to learn how to do it. - 119.546

Spicy Potatoes

Chef Manjula is jazzing up some potatoes for her potato loving fans. She has some great serving suggestions at the beginning of the video which makes this dish a very versatile one. Addition of spices add that extra zing to plain potatoes and makes them... - 119.539

Maple Roasted Squash

People who hate squash should watch this video of maple roasted squash for a refresher. This recipe is awesome. You will love it. Squashes are in the market only for a small time but they taste just too good. The chef offers a very nice recipe and few great... - 119.454

Yellow Squash With Bacon

Ever heard of White Trash Cooking? If you are already aware of this term or even if you are not, log into this video to know more about it. Also watch on for a white trash cooking recipe which includes yellow squash, zucchini and bacon. - 119.437

Simple Side Dish: Broccolini

Side dishes do not get any simpler than this Steamed Broccolini. Have a look at this quick and easy side dish that is flavored with garlic and lemon juice. This juicy side dish will elevate the over all flavors of any main dish. - 119.427

Betty's Grilled Summer Vegetables

A bright platter of grilled veggie makes for an excellent addition to your summer platter. Just pick your favorite summer vegetable, fire up the grill, master the few techniques and you have a crunchy, fresh, mouthwatering summer veggie dish. Watch the video... - 119.356

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