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Guinness Beer-battered Onion Rings

For all those who like eating onion rings at the restaurant, should definitely take a look at this guinness beer-battered onion rings recipe and try making some at home. Watch the video to see step by step instructions to make fresh-cut slices of sweet... - 131.85

Beer Battered Onion Rings

Delicious, hot and crispy onion rings! - 131.411

Perfect Crispy Onion Rings

Onion rings are such a delight to eat. They go perfectly with just about everything. These particular ones are covered in batter and then breadcrumbs. They will come out perfect every time. - 123.085

Beer Battered Onion Rings With Roasted Garlic Ranch Dip

Crispy onion rings with a great homemade roasted garlic ranch dip! - 119.153

Frizzled Onion Rings

This is part of our fried foods video. When you fry food at home they can be healthier. I recommend safflower or sunflower oil. Make sure the oil is heated properly before frying and please dispose the oil after use. Try these thin, fried onion rings as a... - 115.91

Old Fashioned Buffalo Onion Rings

Want that restaurant style spicy onion rings?? Watch this video to learn it all. These spicy onion rings are seasoned to perfection. It is the perfect way to spice up your platter and give you a rich savory taste. This video certainly makes you crave for more. - 115.89

Sloppy Joes With Onion Rings

An easy dish to whip up for the kids! Sloppy Joes are meaty enough not to break the bank! Watch Ken make these Joes in this video! - 115.637

Panko Onion Rings

MAKING 1. In a large bowl take flour, baking powder, salt and black pepper. Whisk together. 2. Add in the water and mix well. 3. Dip the onion rings in the batter and roll into the panko bread crumbs. And take out with the help of fork. 4. Place the onion... - 111.523

Crispy Onion Rings

Are you really missing the plate of crispy and crunchy onion rings served in your favorite restaurant? Don't bother, as you can prepare the same at your home once you go through this video. Arrange your favorite dip to serve on side with the onion rings. - 110.034

Oven Baked Onion Rings

GETTING READY: 1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. MAKING: 2. In a bowl, mix 2 cups of non-dairy milk, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and a dash of tobasco sauce(or any other hot sauce) 3. Cut the top and bottom of the onion and cut into 3 quarter inch rings... - 108.838

Oven-fried Onion Rings

These baked onion-rings are not only ten times low-fat than the fried ones but it saves the messy job of deep-frying! And who would have thought that oven-fried rings could be as crispy as fried ones? Chef John’s secret to crispy oven-fried onion rings is... - 96.1769

Crispy Onion Rings

This video is in Filipino. - 93.8438

Hot And Spicy Onion Rings

If you are looking for an ideal accompaniment for your fish and chips, your search ends here. Betty whomps up her classic favorite onion ring recipe that not only satisfies, but is also simple to make. Tune into the video recipe to learn how to make this... - 93.1972

Oven Onion Rings

Finally, I've found a recipe that consumes less oil and yet has that amazing taste. We are talking about the Oven Onion Rings here. They are pretty simple to make and you can learn how to do so from this Foodwishes video. And as always, enjoy! - 89.7555

Spicy Onion Rings

Here is Chinese style spicy onion rings to spice up your party or any other special occasion. The chef here has prepared these onion rings with a spicy batter and deep fried for that crispy texture. Serve this crispy onion rings with any of your favorite dips... - 85.3435

Unfried Onion Rings

Are you looking for a snack that fits your raw food diet perfectly? Watch this video to learn a super healthy and tasty Unfried Onion Rings recipe. Do not give this one a miss. - 64.2268

Stuffed Squash Rings

If you were looking for something different, this Stuffed Squash Rings recipe is it! Your near and dear ones including your pals will vouch for this tempting Stuffed Squash Rings recipe. Try it. - 48.7816

Spinach Tart With Onion Rings

Spinach Tart With Onion Rings is an extremely simple dish. I prepare it for my tots as a snack. Serve the Spinach Tart With Onion Rings for your family and see how they fall in love with it! - 48.4774

Carrot Onion Ring Salad

MAKING 1. Peel carrots. Cut slanting slices about 1/4 inch thick. 2. In a pan cook carrots covered in 1 inch boiling water for 5 minutes. 3. Drain out from water and dip into cold water. 4. Drain out again and keep in serving bowl. 5. Separate onion slices... - 47.9876

Sweet Onion Rings

Sweet Onion Rings are a crispy, puffy, sweet, quick snack to relish on a bore day with family. Enjoy! - 47.766

Carrot Ring

GETTING READY 1) Take a 1 1/2-quart ring mold and grease it. 2) Preheat the oven at 350 degrees. MAKING 3) Mix the shortening and sugar to make them fluffy. 4) Take the eggs and beat them. 5) Take the salt, baking powder, baking soda and flour together. 6)... - 46.5226

Spinach Ring

Remove outer wrapper from package of spinach. Place unopened carton in dish in microwave and cook 5 minutes on high. Turn out into strainer and drain well, pressing out excess moisture with back of spoon. Set aside. Combine all remaining ingredients, except... - 45.701

Pickled Fish And Onion Rings

Pickled fish and Onion Rings is an amazingly delicious seafood recipe. An easy to prepare recipe, Pickled fish and Onion Rings is a dish that you will surely love to talk about with us. - 45.4637

Fried Onion Rings

GETTING READY 1) Peel the onion and cut into 1/4 inch thick slices 2) Separate into rings. 3) Cover with cold water, and let stand 30 minutes. 4) Drain the onion rings, and spread out on paper towels. MAKING 5) Meanwhile, make Batter: In a medium bowl, sift... - 44.9747

Apple And Onion Ring Mold

Put the onions in a dish with 1 tablespoon of water, cover and microwave on HIGH for 7 minutes. Peel, core and seed the apples and cut into quarters, then into thin strips. Put the onions in a strainer (sieve). Place the apples in the dish, cover and... - 44.5667

Marinated Tomatoes And Onion Rings

MAKING 1)Mince fresh herbs or dried herbs and mix with vinegar, olive oil and shake in tightly covered bottle. 2)Slice tomatoes and onion separating it into rings. 3)Put alternate slices of tomato and onion on salad plates and pour on dressing. 4)Sprinkle... - 44.5023

Spinach Ring

Preheat the oven to 350°. Lightly butter and flour a 1/2-quart ring mold. Melt the 2 tablespoons of butter in a heavy 3- or 4-quart saucepan, remove from heat and stir in the 2 tablespoons of flour. Then pour in the milk and stir with a whisk until the flour... - 44.2238

Spinach Ring

GETTING READY 1. In a saucepan of boiling water, add the spinach and blanch for 5-6 minutes until the stems are tender. 2. Drain in a colander and refresh immediately under cold tap water. Leave to drain. 3. Squeeze out as much moisture as possible from the... - 44.0225

Deluxe Fried Onion Rings

GETTING READY 1.Remove the onion peel and slice them into 1/4 inch pieces. 2.Open the slices into rings and keep them in a bowl fill with ice water. 3.Leave the rings for 30 minutes. MAKING 4.Take the rings out on paper towel. 5.Take a medium bowl and mix... - 43.9455

Fresh Vegetable Ring

Arrange broccoli in a circle around rim of a 12-inch round microwave-safe platter. Arrange cauliflower next to broccoli. Arrange alternate slices of zucchini and yellow squash next to cauliflower, leaving space in center of platter. Pour 1/4 cup of the broth... - 43.7727

Baked Carrot Ring

Shred enough of the carrots to make 1 cup. Cook remaining carrots in boiling salted water until just tender, but not soft. Drain and cool carrots until they can be handled. Shred enough to make 2 cups. Combine the raw and cooked carrots in a large bowl. Blend... - 43.518

Carrot Ring

Generously grease a 1 1/4-quart (1.25 liter) glass ring mold. Sprinkle crumbs over sides and bottom, tipping and patting to coat evenly; set aside. Assemble Salad Maker with Shredder Disc and large bowl. Process carrots (about 1 quart or 1 liter). Set... - 43.3418

Marinated Cucumber And Onion Rings

Rasp the skin of the cucumber with a fork. Slice the cucumber and onion very thin. Sprinkle with salt, cover, and refrigerate for 1 hour. Drain. Add vinegar, sugar, and pepper. Stir and return covered to the refrigerator. Just before serving, add sour cream... - 43.2194

Incredibly Light Onion Rings

Prepare the batter Place the cold water in a bowl large and deep enough to hold the onions separated into rings. With a strainer or a sifter, sift the flour into the bowl in small amounts, stirring with a wooden spoon or whisk to incorporate it evenly into... - 42.5703

Richard's Onion Rings

GETTING READY 1. Take a bowl and mix flour with ground red pepper, salt, pepper and beer to prepare a batter. 2. Take a paper bad and transfer the left out 1 cup flour into it. 3. Separate the cut onion rings. 4. Take a fork and immerse the onion rings into... - 42.4497

Colorful Carrot Ring

MAKING 1. In large (3-quart) microwave proof casserole or dish, combine water, 1/2 teaspoon salt and carrots. 2. Cover dish with plastic wrap or wax paper and cook in the microwave for 18 to 20 minutes, until carrots are very tender, turning them halfway... - 42.4452

Easy Onion Rings

GETTING READY 1.Remove the onion peel and slice them into 1/4 inch pieces. 2.Open the slices into rings. MAKING 3.Mix together flour, baking powder, and salt. 4.Put eggs, milk and 1 tablespoon of oil in the mixture and blend well. 5.Heat oil in a skillet at... - 42.2973

Pickled Onion Rings And Carrots

Peel carrots and cut in 2 1/2 to 3 inch lengths. In small saucepan simmer carrots in a small amount of boiling water for 5 minutes. Drain the carrots thoroughly; cut into thin sticks. In saucepan combine the 3/4 cup, water, vinegar, sugar, stick cinnamon,... - 42.2943

Carrot Cocottes On Marrow Rings

GETTING READY 1) From the marrow, chop off the ends. 2) With a knife, cut the marrow into four or six thick slices. 3) Now, scrape off the centre pulp and seeds. MAKING 4) In a shallow dish, place the marrow rings along with 2 tablespoons of water. 5) On... - 42.1726

Beef Medallions With Wilted Collard Greens And Tobasco Onion Rings

MAKING 1) In a bowl, mix flour, cornstarch, cumin, chile powder and salt. Toss the onion rings in the mixture and dust off the excess. 2) In a saucepan, add enough oil for deep frying and heat it to 350 degrees. Add in the rings in batches and fry till... - 41.8421

Glazed Squash Rings

GETTING READY 1.Cut the ends of squash and cut it in in 1 inch slices. 2.Take the seeds out and discard. 3.Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. MAKING 4.Add a sprinkling of salt and pepper to squash. 5.Bake the sqush for 30- 35 minutes. 6.Make a mixture of brown... - 41.7323

Puffy Coated Onion Rings

Remove skins from onions and slice into 1/4-inch thick slices. Separate into rings. Beat egg yolks. Add buttermilk, oil and dry ingredients. Beat egg whites until stiff. Fold into buttermilk mixture. Dip onion rings into batter. Fry a few at a time in deep... - 41.7308

Carrot Ring

Heat oven to 350°. Grease a 1 quart ring mold. Blender crumb bread. Line mold with bread crumbs. Set aside. Blender chop half the carrots, empty into a bowl and repeat with remaining carrots. Sift flour, baking powder, salt and baking soda into bowl with... - 41.5409

Spinach Ring

In a large mixing bowl, combine the spinach, cucumber, spring onions [scallions], marjoram, salt, pepper and mustard. Rinse a 2 pint [l 1/4 quart] ring mould with cold water. Spoon the spinach mixture into the prepared mould and mix thoroughly. Pour the... - 41.4646

Crisp Fried Onion Rings

GETTING READY 1. Peel the onions and wash well. 2. Cut the onions into 1/2-inch slices and separate out the individual rings. Set aside to drain MAKING 3. In a large bowl, combine all the dry ingredients and add buttermilk and egg while beating till... - 41.3903

Candied Summer Squash Rings

Cut the summer squash into 2 halves and continue cutting crosswise into 1-inch slices; discard seeds. Arrange in single layer in shallow baking pan; season with salt and pepper. Cover and bake at 350° till almost tender, about 40 minutes. In saucepan... - 41.0329

Baked Onion Ring

Top of double boiler; Set on bottom of double boiler, to Blend all ingredients except egg whites. Turn mixture into which hot water has been added. Cook until mixture thickens, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Turn... - 40.9561

Buttermilk Fruit Ring

In a blender or food processor, sprinkle gelatin over buttermilk; let stand for 5 minutes to soften. Heat orange juice to boiling, then add to blender with honey. Cover container and whirl on low speed until well blended. Pour mixture into a bowl, cover, and... - 40.7305

Fried Onion Rings

Cut onions into 1/2-in.slices; separate into rings. Place in a bowl; cover with ice water and soak for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, combine egg, water, oil and lemon juice in a bowl; mix well. Combine flour, baking powder, salt and cayenne; stir into egg mixture... - 40.6163

Fruited Buttermilk Ring

In saucepan stir together gelatin and sugar; add 2 cups of the buttermilk. Cook and stir over low heat till gelatin and sugar dissolve. Cool 15 minutes. Add remaining buttermilk, lemon peel, and lemon juice. Pour into 6-cup mold. Cover and chill... - 40.3514

Pickled Refrigerator Onion Rings

MAKING 1) Take a small saucepan and combine water, vinegar, sugar, cinnamon, salt and cloves in it. Bring the mixture to a boil. 2) Cover and reduce heat. Simmer for about 10 minutes. 3) Remove from heat and strain mixture. Discard the spices. 4) Pour... - 40.1182

Easy Sour Cream Spinach Ring

In a saucepan, combine thawed chopped spinach, onions, chicken stock base and ground pepper. Cook according to directions on spinach package. Drain well. Soak gelatin in cold water and dissolve over hot water. Add gelatin to spinach and cool Combine sour... - 39.8812

Glazed Acorn Squash Rings

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 350°F 2. Lightly grease a large shallow baking dish with oil or butter. MAKING 3. In a medium mixing bowl, combine all ingredients for the glaze. 4. Stir to mix well. 5. Arrange the squash rings in the baking dish. 6.... - 39.4745

Onion Rings

Combine all batter ingredients in small mixing bowl. Stir until smooth. Heat 2 to 3 inches Oil in deep-fryer or large saucepan to 375 °F. Dip a few onion rings in batter. Let excess batter drip back into bowl. Fry a few at a time, 2 to 3 minutes, or until... - 39.0272

Baked Carrot Ring

Blend all ingredients except wheat germ. Turn into bowl. Stir in wheat germ. Turn into oiled ring mold. Set in shallow pan of water. Bake until firm, about 30 minutes at 375° F. - 38.5551

Carrot Ring

In mixer bowl, cream shortening and brown sugar. Beat in eggs and 1 tablespoon hot water. Stir together flour, baking powder, salt, and soda; add to egg mixture. Fold in carrots. Turn into oiled 5 1/2 cup nonmetal ring mold. Cook at MEDIUM (5) for 10 to 12... - 38.3692

Fresh Orange & Onion Ring Salad

Remove peel and white membrane from oranges; cut into thin crosswise slices. Layer oranges and onion in a shallow bowl. Combine oil, vinegar, sugar, paprika, salt, and mustard; blend well. Pour over oranges and onion, tossing to coat. Cover and chill for at... - 38.3426

Glazed Acorn Squash Rings

Cut squash into 3/4 inch thick slices; remove seeds and membrane. Arrange squash in a lightly greased 12 x 8 x 2 inch baking dish. Pour orange juice over squash. Cover; bake at 350° for 30 minutes. Combine brown sugar and next 4 ingredients in a... - 37.979

Carrot Ring

Combine carrot and water in a 2-quart casserole. Cover with plastic wrap. Microwave at HIGH 3 to 4 minutes. Let stand, covered, 1 or 2 minutes. Drain. Beat eggs in a large bowl. Stir in milk, bread crumbs, salt, pepper, lemon juice, almonds, and carrots. Pour... - 37.8745

Buttermilk Fruit Ring

In blender jar, sprinkle gelatin over buttermilk; let stand for 5 minutes to soften. Heat orange juice to boiling, then add to blender along with honey. Cover and whirl on low speed until well blended. Pour mixture into bowl, cover, and chill until thick and... - 37.661

Spinach Ring

1. Preheat oven to moderate (325° F.). 2. Drain the cooked spinach very thoroughly. Chop it very fine or put through a puree strainer. Reserve. 3. Melt the butter in a large skillet and saute the onion until golden. Blend in the flour and slowly add the... - 37.4066

Onion Ring Salad Bowl

MAKING 1. In a large salad bowl, break lettuce and romaine leaves into bite-size peices. Sprinkle onion rings on top. 2. To prepare Italian salad dressing, mix vegetable oil, vinegar, and water. 3. Pour over salad and toss well. SERVING 4. Serve fresh as a... - 37.3859

Colorful Carrot Ring

Place all ingredients in food processor; process 1 minute or until carrots are cut very fine. Turn into an 8-inch ring mold; set in a shallow pan of water; bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes or until set and firm. Un-mold on serving plate; fill center with... - 37.3701

Fillets With Onion Rings

GETTING READY 1.Defrost frozen fish as per package MAKING 2.In a baking dish, place the fish 3.Now dot with butter and add seasonings 4.Arrange onion rings over fish and pour on light cream 5.Bake in the oven for 25 minutes, until fish is... - 36.9185

Favorite Fried Onion Rings

Peel onion; cut into 1/2 inch slices, and separate into rings. Place rings in a large bowl of water; refrigerate 30 minutes. Drain on paper towels. Combine flour and salt; stir well. Add eggs, milk, and 1 tablespoon oil; beat until smooth. Dip rings into... - 36.895

Red Onion Rings

Combine onion rings, buttermilk and 1 teaspoon ground cumin in large bowl. Let soak 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Pour oil into large saucepan to depth of 1 1/2 inches; heat to 375°F. Mix flour, cornmeal, salt, pepper and remaining 1/2 teaspoon cumin in... - 36.8408

Fried Onion Rings

GETTING READY 1) In a wok heat oil to 370°F. 2) Slice the onions into 1/4 inch roundels. 3) Separate rings from each slice. MAKING 4) In a bowl place the rings in milk and allow to soak for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. 5) In a flat plate spread flour... - 36.4561

French-fried Onion Rings

Cut onions into 1/4-inch slices; separate into rings. Sift flour with baking powder, salt and sugar. Com- bine milk, egg and fat; add to dry ingredients all at once, beating until smooth. Dip onion rings into bat- ter; drain off excess batter. Fry in deep fat... - 36.353

Gourmet Carrot Ring

Cream the shortening, and add the sugar, then the eggs, and then the lemon juice. Stir in the carrots. Mix the flour, baking powder, and salt together, and stir into the carrot mixture. Grease a 3 to 4 quart ring mold, and line it with the Whea ties. Pour in... - 36.2919

Beer Fried Onion Ring

These Beer Fried Onion Rings are a great way to start your dinner! You simply cannot resist these golden brown fried onion rings served with sauces ! Try the Beer Fried Onion Rings and let me know how you've liked them! - 35.8211

Batter Fried Onion Rings

In a large, heavy pot or deep-fryer over medium-high heat, heat 2 inches of oil to 325°F, or until a 1 -inch cube of bread browns in about 65 seconds. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, whisk the egg and milk together. In a small bowl stir the flour, baking... - 35.817

Spinach Ring

Spinach Ring is an amazingly delicous side dish. Try this Spinach Ring recipe; I bet you will have a huge fan following for this one. - 35.7907

Carrot Soybean Ring

Mix all ingredients except soybeans. Turn into oiled ring mold. Set in shallow pan of water. Bake until firm, about 30 minutes, at 325° F. Turn mold onto hot platter. Fill center with soybeans. - 35.5758

Oven Fried Onion Rings

Spray a large baking sheet with non-stick coating. In a small mixing bowl stir together the bread crumbs, melted margarine, salt and if desired ground red pepper. Spread crumb mixture on a sheet of waxed paper. Using a fork, dip the onion rings in the egg... - 35.3296

Baked Carrot Ring

Melt butter, add flour and seasoning. Add to slightly beaten egg yolks and blend smooth. Add cooled mashed carrots and mix well. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Pour mixture into well-greased 1 1/2 quart mold. Set mold in pan of hot water and bake 1/2 hour... - 35.2342

Cabbage With Onion Rings

Separate onion slices into rings. Season milk with salt and pepper to taste. Dip onion rings into milk, then into dry bread crumbs to coat well. Melt butter or margarine in skillet over medium heat. Saute onion rings until crisp and golden brown; lift out,... - 35.2286

Easy Spinach Ring

MAKING 1. Drain spinach in a colander squeezing out as much water as possible 2. Place between paper towels and pat dry. 3. Add spinach to a bowl and mix in butter, salt, pepper and nutmeg 4. Spoon into a 1-quart ring mold lightly greased with butter. Pack... - 35.1228

Carrot Ring

Melt 1 1/2 T.butter to grease ring mold well. Pour extra butter in carrot mixture. Fill mold. Set in pan of water and bake at 325° until set. Serve creamed green peas or fresh asparagus in center. Serves 8 to 10. - 34.7838

Crunchy Onion Rings

Crunchy onion rings are oven baked onion rings prepared with a wheat flour coating. Simple and easy to prepare, these onion rings can be served as a snack with a dip or as a side with any meal. - 34.5164

Piquant Carrot Ring

Combine carrots, eggs, onion, salt, pepper and milk; mix well. Pour into greased mold. Place in pan of water. Bake at 375 degrees for 35 minutes. Unmold on serving platter. Center of ring may be filled with creamed peas or lima beans. - 34.139

Carrot Ring

GETTING READY 1. Turn the oven to 350°F/180°C/Gas 4 MAKING 2. In a pan, add the carrots, stock, castor sugar and butter, cover and cook till the liquid is absorbed 3. Mash the carrots, mix with cheese, egg, mace and seasoning and add into a ring mould;... - 34.1182

Carrot Ring

Mix all ingredients. Place in oiled ring mold. Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. Serves 6. When serving, arrange with English peas in center. - 34.07

Fresh Vegetable Ring

1. Arrange broccoli in a circle around rim of a 12-inch round microwave-safe platter. Arrange cauliflower next to broccoli. Arrange alternate slices of zucchini and yellow squash next to cauliflower, leaving space in center of platter. Pour 1/4 cup of the... - 33.8686

Fried Onion Rings

1. Separate onion slices into rings. Whisk cream and water in a large bowl. Stir in onion rings and let stand for 15 minutes, stirring frequently. 2. Shake soy flour, whole-wheat flour, salt, and pepper together in a gallon-size zip-close bag. Lift a few... - 33.5792

Glazed Acorn Squash Rings

Cut squash into 1" crosswise slices. Remove seeds and stringy fibers from center. Arange slices in 12x8x2" (2-qt.) glass baking dish. Cover tightly With plastic wrap. Microwave at high setting 6 minutes. Turn squash over and rearrange slices. Cover tightly... - 32.973

Fried Onion Rings

Mix first six ingredients well to prevent lumps. Add onion rings, few at a time and deep fry in hot oil. Drain and serve. - 32.7237

Oven Fried Onion Rings

1. Preheat the oven to 375 °F. Coat 2 large baking sheets with the cooking spray. Peel and slice the onions 1/2 inch thick. 2. In a pie plate, toss the bread crumbs, parsley, pepper, and salt. In a shallow dish whisk the eggs until foamy. Dip each onion ring... - 31.9631

Candied Squash Rings

Cut squash crosswise into 1-inch slices; discard seeds. Arrange in single layer in shallow baking pan; season with salt and pepper. Cover and bake at 350° till almost tender, about 40 minutes. In saucepan combine brown sugar, butter, and water; cook and stir... - 31.6923

Fried Onion Rings

Fried Onion Rings has a Inspirational taste.The Eggs and Milk gives the Fried Onion Rings Fantastic taste. - 31.6391

Beer Fried Onion Rings

Beer Fried Onion Rings is a delicious dish that boasts a tantalizing flavor and crispiness. Use this brilliant Beer Fried Onion Rings recipe and surprise your dinner guests. - 31.1817

Onion Rings

MAKING 1) Take a frying pan and heat oil in it. 2) Add the onion rings and sauté until they turn brown and are caramelized. 3) Stir well after adding vinegar and caraway seeds. SERVING 4) Serve in accompaniment to bangers and mash. - 31.0129

Beer-fried Onion Rings

Combine flour and beer in large bowl; blend thoroughly with wooden spoon. Cover bowl; keep at room temperature at least 3 hours. Peel onions; slice into 1/4 inch rounds. Divide into individual rings. In large skillet heat enough oil to drop in onion... - 30.7342

Green And Gold Vegetable Rings

GETTING READY 1) Follow label instructions and cook frozen peas and corn in separate medium-size saucepans. MAKING 2) Drain well, when done and then add in 1 tablespoon of butter or margarine and 1 1/2 teaspoon of the fines herbes to each. 3) On serving... - 30.7323

Onion Rings With Sesame Seeds

In a deep fryer, heat oils to 400 °F (205 °C). Separate onion into rings. Mix flour and sesame seeds. Dip each onion ring in beaten eggs. Dredge twice in flour and sesame seed mixture. Fry onion rings until golden brown. - 30.1833

Acorn Squash Rings

Slice squash crosswise into half inch slices. Remove seeds and pith. Mix soy sauce, marmalade and ginger. Spray baking sheet with nonstick oil spray. Place rings on pan and brush each slice with the marmalade mixture. Bake at 350 degrees 40 minutes until... - 29.9227

Magic Onion Rings

Make Seasoned Flour and Egg-Buttermilk Wash; reserve. Peel onions and slice each onion into 3/8- to 1/2-inch rounds. Separate into rings. Lightly dust with Vegetable Magic. In large heavy skillet or deep-fryer, heat 2 inches oil to 350°F. When oil reaches... - 29.7838

Tropical Squash Rings

1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Cut squash in half crosswise; remove and discard seeds. Cut each squash half crosswise into 2 slices. 2. Spray 9-inch pie plate with nonstick cooking spray and arrange squash slices in plate. Fill center of each squash slice with... - 29.7785

Fried Onion Rings

Skin onions, slice thinly, separate into rings. Put into bowl, add the milk, let stand 1 hour. Drain, reserve milk. Beat egg well, beat in reserved milk, salt and sifted flour. Dip each onion ring into batter, drop into hot oil a few rings at a time so... - 29.68

Onion Ring Chicken

Onion Ring Chicken is an amazingly delicious version of side dish. An easy to prepare recipe, Onion Ring Chicken is a dish that you will surely love to talk about with us. - 29.5764

Candied Acorn Squash Rings

Preheat oven to 350°F. Trim off ends of each squash. Cut each squash crosswise into 4 rings, each about 3/4 inch wide; discard seeds and membranes from slices. On nonstick jelly-roll pan arrange rings in a single layer and sprinkle with salt and pepper;... - 29.4431

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