Vegetable Oyster Sauce Recipes

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Tofu Sesame Stir-fry With Oyster Sauce

All stir-fry lovers rejoice. Here's a lovely recipe by Chef Russel, shown in the video, that is Asian in nature while being completely vegetarian. Like all stir-fry's its quick, simple and full of flavors. - 109.013

Spicy Tofu With Oyster Sauce

Never thought that it can be so easy to prepare a delicious tofu dish. The video here shares a great way to make spicy tofu with oyster sauce. The recipe is absolutely simple and can be prepared in no time. Take a look at this step wise video and enjoy and... - 108.951

Stir Fried Cabbage With Oyster Sauce

Here is a great way to cook your cabbage to make it more tasty and delicious. Watch this simple video that shows an easy cabbage recipe that can be made in a few minutes and uses just a few ingredients. Try out the recipe at home and you would surely like... - 101.679

Fried Tofu With Oyster Sauce

Tofu can be served as a delicious snack too. See this impressive video that shares a simple recipe for fried tofu with oyster sauce. Take a look at this video and try out this easy recipe for a quick and tasty snack for your guests. Surprise them with this... - 100.981

Pinoy Eggplant In Oyster Sauce

Is this really eggplant? It tastes like some kind of seafood! This is a quick delicious recipe of eggplant cooked with generous amounts of garlic in Mama Sita's oyster sauce. The meaty flavors of eggplant with go perfectly with the salty oyster sauce. It’s... - 96.4434

Seasonal Vegetables With Oyster Sauce

All of us like trying something different with our favorite seasonal vegetables especially when they are at the peak of flavor and normally at their lowest price. Take a look at this video to see how the lady combines seasonal veggies with a couple of basic... - 87.2024

Mama Sita's Oyster Sauce Coated Broccoli

If you are not too fond of raw broccoli crudités, here is a simple way to turning the much despised broccoli into a delicious side. Serve broccoli the Mama Sita way! Watch this video to learn a great way to cook broccoli ahead of time without having mushy... - 87.1629

Blanched Chinese Cabbage With Oyster Sauce

Looking for quick and easy ways to include more greens into your diet? For those who do not like to eat raw cabbage, try this Filipino style blanched cabbage with oyster sauce. Blanching the cabbages helps to get rid of the peculiar smell cabbage. The salty... - 84.4025

Zucchini With Oyster Sauce

This video is in Filipino Language - 74.7773

Baby Vegetable Stir Fry With Orange And Oyster Sauce

GETTING READY 1) In a jug, blend corn flour with water to prepare the sauce. 2) Stir in orange rind and juice, oyster sauce and sherry or vinegar. Combine thoroughly. MAKING 3) Use a wok to heat up over moderate heat. 4) Add oil to get hot but not... - 45.9442

Stir Fried Lettuce With Oyster Sauce

GETTING READY 1 In a large saucepan, bring two thirds full of salted water to a boil. 2 Remove any damaged outer leaves from the lettuces. 3 Cut each whole lettuce lengthwise into quarters. 4 Wash, and drain very thoroughly. 5 Cut each quarter... - 45.2567

Chinese Broccoli With Oyster Sauce

Preparation Combine oyster sauce and sesame oil in a small bowl and set aside. Wash broccoli and peel off tough skin on stems. Remove flowerets from stems and cut into bite-size pieces. Cut stems diagonally into thin slices. Cooking Bring water, vegetable... - 31.8307

Marrow With Oyster Sauce

1 Peel the marrow, halve lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. Chop the flesh into 2.5 cm (1 inch) cubes. 2 Heat the oil in a saucepan, add the garlic and ginger and fry for 1 minute, until lightly browned. Add the marrow and stir well. Add the oyster sauce and... - 28.1255

Stir-fried Kale With Oyster Sauce (phat Khana Naam Man Hawy)

This dish is easy to make,and it healthy.Try to make Thai stir-fried vegetables.You'll like it! - 19.9716