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How to make Vegan Cupcake

Vegan Cupcake is a vegetarian form of the very popular dessert cupcakes. Vegan Cupcake are made without eggs, butter or cow's milk. Soy milk is used as a substitute for cow's milk to make this dessert. The light Vegan Cupcake is a perfect picnic food as it is easy to carry around. Often vanilla extract is used to add a unique aroma to Vegan Cupcakes. Cocoa powder and orange juice are also used sometimes to give it a special flavour. Vegan Cupcake recipes include Vegan Carrot Cupcake and Vegan Coconut Cupcake.

Vegan Cupcake Blogs

Pumpkin Fall Cupcake Ideas For Kids

Pumpkin Fall Cupcake Ideas For Kids On : 24-May-2010 By : romika

            The colorful, themed and healthy Pumpkin cupcakes are widely loved by kids. These beautiful little cupcakes are very easy to make and are also very easy for the small kids to hold. Especially in Fall, you can choose from...

3 Easy Beet Cupcake Ideas

3 Easy Beet Cupcake Ideas On : 13-Dec-2011 By : festivalfoods

  Baking cupcakes give you a wonderful excuse to make use of  beets. Both the variants – the deep-red colored and golden beets- are chocked with antioxidants and vitamins. Along with sharing this goodness with the delicious bite-sized cakes,...

Easy Mayonnaise Cupcake Ideas

Easy Mayonnaise Cupcake Ideas On : 02-Jan-2012 By : festivalfoods

Mayonnaise, when included, as one of the core ingredients of a cupcake allows you to omit eggs and oil. Since you get eggless mayonnaise as well, the mayonnaise cupcake ideas outlined below can be tried by vegans as well. The payoff will be fluffy and spongy...

Top 10 Fall Apple Cupcakes

Top 10 Fall Apple Cupcakes On : 01-Oct-2013 By : seasonal_foodie

If Fall comes, can apples be far behind? The answer is a resounding ‘no.’ Yet what can you do with apples, cartloads of them, that come tumbling out of the trees every fall? Turn them into mouthwatering cupcakes of course! You are free to experiment...

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