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Vegan cookie is a healthy, egg-free and dairy-free snack that is popular all over the world. Ingredients such as flour, vanilla, baking soda, egg replacer, turbinado sugar and vanilla. Vegan chocolate chip recipes include vegan chocolate chips as well. Enjoy tasty cookies and enjoy your evening.

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Top 5 Vegan Christmas Cookies Ideas

Top 5 Vegan Christmas Cookies Ideas On : 17-Dec-2010 By : amisha

  What is Christmas without cookies? Unfortunately, most of the cookies available in the supermarket or shopping aisles are unsuitable for those of us who are strictly vegan. So, what to do? Well, the next best thing would be to bake some...

Top 5 Vegan Food For Romantic Picnic

Top 5 Vegan Food For Romantic Picnic On : 09-Feb-2011 By : Shivani99

If you are not very creative with food then coming up with ideas for vegan food for romantic picnic maybe difficult.  Here are some super romantic food ideas for a vegan picnic. Valentines Day is round the corner and  if you're celebrating and...

Best Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

Best Vegan Thanksgiving Menu On : 18-Nov-2010 By : Sweetcandy

If you are fond of vegan foods, here is a collection of the best vegan thanksgiving menu. You can prepare this menu for your friends and relatives and make the best of Thanksgiving holiday. Here  are some vegan Thanksgiving menu ideas for you: ...

Bill Clinton Advocates Veganism

Bill Clinton Advocates Veganism On : 02-Aug-2013 By : celebrity_diet

Former President Bill Clinton has some vegan advice for Americans. After having a blast with his frequent McDonald's trips, when he was the president, Clinton seems to have sobered down and is now suggesting that everyone should turn vegan. The advice...