Veal In Walnut Sauce Recipes

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Veal In Walnut Sauce

1. Combine veal, stock, quartered onion, garlic and thyme in 3-quart (3-L) saucepan. Heat over medium-high heat to boiling; reduce heat to low. Simmer, partially covered, until veal is fork-tender, about 1 hour. 2. Meanwhile, combine Mexican Cream, 1 cup (250... - 37.6745

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Veal Balls With Fresh Tomato Sauce

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the lard or oil in a frying pan, 5 minutes before cooking. MAKING 2) Take a large mixing bowl and combine, veal, onion, breadcrumbs, beaten eggs, olive oil, wine vinegar, parsley, mint, oregano, garlic, skinned and crushed, boiling... - 46.0304

Veal In Aspic With Sauce

Veal In Aspic With Sauce is an aspic recipe with a difference. Served with a separately prepared sauce, this main dish is great for parties. The flavor of the veal comes together with the sauce in a way that build the flavor of the dish as a whole. Don't... - 50.9839

Fricadelles In Tomato Sauce

These small meatballs are an excellent alter- native to stuffed egg salad. They can be made from any raw, ground meat, fried and served hot, with or without sauce. Method Put veal, or ground beef and pork, and bacon in a bowl. Add onions, thyme, breadcrumbs... - 24.9572

Ham Balls With Cherry Sauce

Assemble Food Grinder with Fine Disc. Grind bread, ham, veal, and onion into a bowl. Add eggs, parsley, milk, and pepper to bowl; mix well. Shape into walnut-size balls. Heat oil in large skillet. Add ham balls and brown on all sides over medium heat, then... - 41.263

Potato Encrusted Sea Scallops With Bloody Mary Sauce

Chef Instructor Corbin Evans, of the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia makes Sea Scallops and serves them with a Bloody Mary sauce. - 115.475

Fusilli Con Polpettone

Work the garlic and meat in a food processor or through a mincer (grinder), then add the bread, chopped parsley and half the grated cheese. Mix thoroughly with the eggs and season to taste. Roll into small balls about the size of a walnut and flour... - 41.026

Koenigsberger Klopse

GETTING READY 1. Slice off the crusts of the bread slices. 2. Soak the bread in milk and keep aside. MAKING 3. In a large mixing bowl, combine ground veal and pork. 4. Add egg, soaked bread and seasoning and mix well. 5. Form into small walnut size... - 42.6838

Swedish Meatballs

Combine the beef, veal and onion. Add 1/2 cup water to crumbs, then mix and add to meat mixture. Add the egg, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg and ginger to the meat mixture and mix well. Shape into 40 balls, about the size of a walnut, then dredge... - 39.2248

Greek Meatballs

In a large bowl, combine the beef, veal, lamb, egg, milk, onion, mustard, tamari, 1/2 teaspoon of the oregano, the salt, garlic powder, vinegar, if using, and bread crumbs. With your hands, gently mix the ingredients until combined. Shape into 36 walnut-size... - 44.702

Forest Chicken

PREHEAT THE OVEN to 350°F. SEASON THE FLOUR with a generous pinch each of salt and pepper. Dust the chicken with the seasoned flour, patting to remove excess. In a large skillet, heat the oil over medium-high heat. Add the chicken and saute until golden... - 43.3398