Veal Chop

Veal chop is a cut of rib and loin meat obtained from a calf. It is one of the most tender pieces of meat and is also a rich source of proteins. Veal chops are not as common as the generally available beef and pork chops and are hence somewhat expensive. A vast number of recipes in the American and French cuisine include Veal Chop as the main ingredient, most of which are prepared by braising, broiling or roasting. Popular recipes prepared using Veal Chop are Pounded Veal Chop and Garlic Veal Chops.

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Stuffed Breast Of Veal On : 23-Sep-2007 By : alokskumar

Stuffed Breast OF Veal - This is really a family dish, admirably suited for a luncheon releve. It is accompanied chiefly by vegetable puree, but all the vegetables and other garnishes given under rump or round roast of veal may be served with it.Breast of...

How To Cut Brisket

On : 20-May-2011 By : priyam

  Most of us are a bit confused about how to cut brisket correctly. Brisket is a meat cut, mostly beef or veal, from breast or lower chest. Brisket is rich in muscles and fat and hence requires quite a bit of cooking to be tenderized. ...

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