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Basic Cold Souffle Vanilla

Mix gelatin and sugar in the top of a double boiler, gradually stir in milk, set over simmering water, and heat and stir until sugar dissolves; mix a little hot mixture into lightly beaten egg yolks, return to pan, and cook and stir 2-3 minutes until slightly... - 33.013

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Vanilla Cream Using Gelatine

Beat the eggs and sugar until liquid. Heat the milk to almost boiling-point and pour over the egg mixture. Strain the egg and milk back into the saucepan, and cook very gently until thick, stirring all the time. Allow to cool. Soak the gelatine in the water... - 36.4561

Creamsicle Gelatin

Put the gelatin powder into a large mixing bowl. Add the boiling water and stir until the powder is dissolved. Add the ice cream and cold water. Stir to mix. Pour into four dessert bowls. Chill until firm, 3-4 hours. Garnish with orange sections. - 31.7995

Creamy Melon Gelatin Dessert

Put the gelatin powder into a large mixing bowl. Add the boiling water and stir until the gelatin is dissolved. Add the ice cream and cold water. Stir to mix. Arrange the pieces of melon in four dessert dishes. Pour the gelatin mixture over the fruit. Chill... - 31.4912

Cold Cherry Mousse With Vanilla Sauce

Prepare whipped topping according to package directions using milk and vanilla; set aside. Combine gelatin and sugar in small saucepan; stir in water. Let stand 5 minutes to soften. Heat over low heat until gelatin is completely dissolved. Cool to room... - 46.1741

Royale Vanilla Mousse

Soften gelatin in cold water. Heat milk and sugar in the top of a double boiler and bring to a boil. Add gelatin and stir until dissolved. Pour a little hot milk over beaten egg yolks and stir eggs slowly into milk. Cook in double boiler over low fire until... - 39.9946

Gelatin Blanc Mange

The gelatin blanc mange is a vanilla flavored gelatin dessert made with added milk. Cooked and chilled in molds to set, the gelatin blanc mange can be served with ice cream or fruit slices. They are excellnt in the summer for dessert! - 38.9467

Vanilla Flavored Charlotte Russe

The charlotte russe is a gelatin and cake dessert flavored with vanilla. Made with a base of angel cake topped with gelatin, milk, eggs and cream custard, the charlotte russe is chilled and served as a luscious dessert. - 48.7309

Gelatine Ice

MAKING 1. Scald the 1/4-pint milk with vanilla pod to infuse the flavors. 2. In another bowl, tip in the gelatin in 2 tablespoons cold water. After a few minutes, place this on top of a bowl standing in hot water until the gelatin is syrupy. 3. Gently strain... - 35.4188

Sunshine Gelatin Mould

In a large bowl, dissolve the lemon gelatin in boiling water. Whisk in the vanilla ice cream until melted. Stir in the mandarin oranges and pineapple. Pour into a 6-cup ring mold coated with cooking spray. Refrigerate for 2 hours or until firm. Unmold onto a... - 27.6958

Gelatin Fruit Salad

Combine all ingredients; chill until firm. - 20.6994

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