Vanilla Chai Tea

Vanilla chai tea is a healthy and refreshing beverage made by combining together various spices, vanilla and milk with tea. The beverage is highly popular across the world and is actually a twist on the traditional Indian chai or tea. For centuries, spiced tea, or masala chai, has been used as an Ayurvedic medicine and is believed to offer a wide range of health and medicinal benefits. There is no one way to make chai tea with vanilla and there are no fixed ingredients. Depending on individual tastes and requirements, herbs and spices are added and vanilla is added at the brewing stage to give the tea a sweet taste.


The tea is a delicious and healthy beverage and is consumed by people almost everywhere, more than once a day.


Vanilla Chai Tea : Preparation Overview

The ingredients used and their quantities when making the tea are all adaptable and can be modified based on individual preferences and needs. Mostly, however, when making the tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves are used. The tea is mixed with boiling water and brewed with the spices. Vanilla powder or essence is added while the tea is still in the process of brewing and this adds to the sweetness of the preparation.


Vanilla chai tea is mostly served as a hot beverage, mixed with milk and some sugar. Based on individual tastes, however, the tea can be served iced or made into a latte.


Vanilla Chai Tea Benefits

The tea, because of its mixture of herbs and spices, is highly beneficial and is used as a remedy for a wide range of physical and psychological discomforts and problems. The tea is rich in antioxidant properties and research has proven that the beverage's properties do not alter by temperature or caffeine content.


Vanilla chai tea is used as a digestive aid. It strengthens the digestive system and calms the stomach to better combat nausea and diarrhoea. Based on what spices and herbs are added to the tea, it can fight various stomach and digestive system problems. The tea strengthens the immune system and is a popular remedy for flu, cold, cough, fever, headache and other similar everyday ailments. With its soothing and calming properties, the tea helps relieve stress and exhaustion.


Vanilla chai tea is a popular Ayurvedia medicine.

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