Vanilla Butter Glaze Recipes

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Rich And Fabulous Vanilla Frosting

If you wish to keep your cake moist as well as dress it up in a fanciful way, learning how to frost your cake will help. In this video, Betty teaches how to make rich vanilla frosting from the scratch. Bake your favorite cake, add a creamy layer of this rich... - 83.6904

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Chocolate Glaze With Vanilla Flavoring

Chocolate and vanilla are flavors to die for and this glaze recipe takes in both and no wonder, it is terrific! Made in no time, this chocolate glaze with vanilla flavoring will for sure pep up your cakes and desserts. Give it a try. - 26.9895

Vanilla Glaze

Simple and easy this vanilla glaze is a classic glaze recipe that can go with almost any baked goodie. Prepared in a jiffy wih vanilla, light cream and suagr along with butter, this glaze recipe is a keeper. - 23.6442

Sugar Glaze

Combine all ingredients in a small mixing bowl, beat until smooth. - 21.5195

Chocolate Vanilla Glaze

MAKING 1. To prepare chocolate glaze, in a saucepan melt butter and chocolate. 2. Take off from heat. 3. Mix remaining ingredients and beat. 4. Stir occasionally. SERVING 5. Keep warm. - 33.4061

Vanilla Glaze - Perfect For Cakes Or Doughnuts

MAKING 1. In a bowl, add in confectioners’ sugar, melted butter, 1 tbsp. milk and vanilla extract. Mix together with a spoon. 2. Stir in remaining milk and mix together. SERVING 3. Glaze the pound cake and serve for dessert. - 101.197

Vanilla Cream Icing Or Glaze

Sift sugar, add all other ingredients and beat until smooth and creamy. Spread on cakes or cookies. When this icing is used for a glaze it must be spread very thin on the hot cookies. It will form a glaze when cool. - 23.4315

Chocolate Vanilla Glaze

Melt butter and chocolate in saucepan over low heat. Remove from heat; stir in sugar and vanilla. Stir in water, 1 tablespoon at a time, until glaze is desired consistency. - 24.1552

Vanilla Chocolate Glaze

Put chocolate and butter in top of double boiler and set over simmering water until melted. Remove from heat. Blend in icing sugar, boiling water and vanilla and stir until smooth (not thick). Pour over cake letting it drip down sides. - 23.4882

Wegmans Vanilla-orange Glazed Carrots

This side dish is healthy and it is "addicting". Even picky eaters will say "It's Great!". The creamy texture and the combination of the sweetness of the carrots and vanilla, the tang of the onions and orange juice, and the little kick from the cayenne is... - 144.215

Browned Butter Glaze

Melt butter until golden brown. Blend in sugar and vanilla. Stir in hot water until icing spreads smoothly. - 20.7386