Vampire Party Recipes

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Hot Vampire's Blood

Count Culinarian makes us his adult cocktail "Hot Vampire's Blood" - or Red Hot Chocolate. Whatever you call it, it's bloody good! - 119.288

Brains On The Half-skull With Alien Potion And Vampire Cocktails

This week we share two ghoulish recipes and one out-of-this-word delight, Brains on the Half-Skull with Alien Potion and Vampire Cocktails. Our Brains on the Half-Skull recipe is not only scarily delicious, but it’s also super good for you. The halved grape... - 113.742

Halloween Cocktail: The Kinky Vampire, With Kinky Liqueur

Wow, that's kinky. No, really, it's Kinky...liqueur. The Kinky Vampire comes straight off their list of cocktails, fits the season and is sweet and tasty on top of it all. You'll find the rest of the ingredients easy to find, so you just have to seek out some... - 105.636

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Halloween Cocktail - The Vampire Bite

The Vampire Bite, our first real Halloween cocktail of the season 2012. The flavor profile is definitely unique and intense and the color fits the theme of the month. The flavors of sweet grape juice, a hint of blackberry and a dry bite of cranberry juice... - 115.805

True Red Velvet Cupcakes

If you're planning a vampire inspired party then do check this out. These cupcakes are smooth and delicious to eat. The chef shows the recipe so nicely in the video. Your friends and family will enjoy eating it. - 138.366