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USANA Health Sciences is an internationally recognized multilevel marketing company that produces health products and nutritional supplements for direct sale.


Historical Facts Related to the Origin of USANA Founder Myron Wentz set up USANA Health Sciences in the year 1992. The company produces a wide range of nutritional supplements, diet drinks, energy drinks, multi vitamins, fish oils, skin care products, and snacks that are sold through direct marketing to customers.


Popular Products of USANA

A large range of products are made by the USANA Health Sciences Company. The most popular products are-

  • Nutritional supplement range- There are over a 100 different products that are retailed in the nutritional supplement range. Active calcium, chewables, chelated minerals, probiotics, multivitamins, minerals, and herbs are a few of the most popular products.
  • Diet and energy range- The USANA Health Sciences Company produces a range of diet supplements like energy bars, powders and drinks that are perfectly calibrated to provide energy and nutrition all through the day. The most popular bars are the oatmeal raisin and chocolate fusion nutrition bars. The powder products like chocolate and vanilla Nutrimeals are also very popular.
  • Skin care range- crème masques, serums, skin polishers and balms are also made by the company. Along with skin care, the company also makes completely healthy hair and body care products for men and women.


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The USANA Health Sciences Company has now been approved by the FDA for manufacturing OTC medications





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