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Katherine Alford Of "ultimate Recipe Showdown" With Monica Dinatale

Ultimate Recipe Showdown on Food Network has entered it’s sizzling third season. Hosted by Guy Fieri , of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and Guy’s Big Bite, this series challenges the 24 top contestants to chop and mix their way through 6 recipe... -

The Ultimate Super Bowl Recipe Collection

Super Bowl recipe ideas  are some of the most sought after ideas for the sports-crazy Americans who celebrate this game . Owing to the fact that Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day in the US for food consumption (after Thanksgiving),  ... -

Italy's Ultimate Answer To Bacon Is Guanciale

If America is swept by bacon mania, then Italy ’s ultimate answer to bacon is guanciale . In US eating bacon is in its culture and in Europe g uanciale is Italy’s reply to bacon . Read more to find out why it is said that Italy ’s ultimate... -

The Ultimate Weight Solution By Dr Phil Mcgraw

The Ultimate Weight Solution is a book written by Dr. Phil Mcgraw. Phillip Calvin McGraw is known better as Dr. Phil. He is a famous American Television personality who hosts a television show 'Dr. Phil from the year 2002'. Besides, he is a... -

Review Of "veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook"

The Cookbook Review of Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook by  Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero About the Author Isa Chandra... -

Best 5 Apple Pie Recipe Ideas

    Orange Glazed Apple Pie This orange glazed apple pie looks stunning and needless to say it tops my list of best 5 apple pie recipe ideas. This apple pie has raisins with apple in its double crust pie and has cinnamon seasoning.... -

Get Groovy With These Granola Recipes

Made using a blend of various healthy foods, including rolled oats, honey, nuts and even rice, the granola recipes are really mouthwatering. Anyone who tastes these healthy and marvelous granola recipes will get a healthy addiction. These granola recipes may... -

Recipe Contest List

2007 Recipe, Cook-offs & Food Related Contests for both amateur cooks & professional chefs Most of these contests have very good prizes, some up to $1,000,000 in cash for the grand prize winner. If you like to cook, and have an exceptional... -

Mexican Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

Celebrate Mexican culture, heritage and pride with family and friends by hosting a Cinco de Mayo party. To help you with this we have listed some classic Mexican recipes for Cinco de Mayo.  No Cinco de Mayo fiesta is complete without the salsas,... -

10 Most Popular Meat Variety Recipes

Nobody, just nobody can claim to be a true blue American unless they are fond of red meat . Such is the common belief. While there have been many arguments and counterarguments about it, the facts speak for themselves. Meat consumption has been steadily... -

Delicious Fish Stew Recipes For This Winter

This winter whether you want to make a healthy soup or an inexpensive soup or just want to prepare a hearty delicious soup, the best soup ideas can come from expensive fish soup recipes. You can try any of these delicious fish stew recipes for this winter ... -

10 Vegetarian Recipes For Winter

    With winter comes the vegetable bounty – a season for the vegetarians to celebrate. Winter gives you the ultimate freedom and an endless choice of making different and unique vegetarian recipes, so much so that at times it becomes really... -

10 Recipes You Can Save Your Life With

There is nothing like eating your own cooking- it’s healthy and rewarding considering the interests invested in the ‘art’.  As we witness the art of self cooking fading away into the speed of today’s lifestyle, here are some 10 recipes you can save... -

Cooking Recipes Specifically Meant For Young Cooks

Cooking with young cook - yes, getting your kids to the kitchen means lot of fun time for your kids during the holiday season. To liven up the kitchen for your kids you would need some cooking recipes specifically meant for young cooks , after all they too... -

Top 10 Popular Meat Recipes Of The World

I believe that meat is the ultimate in comfort food. Here are top 10 popular meat recipes of the world for all meat lovers. 1. Savory meat recipe : This meat recipe is quite popular among women and is specially eaten on Women’s day all over the... -

Healthy Recipes For Picky Eaters - Get Them To Eat Too

My sentiments were always echoed by the lines of a famous poet - “Eat, eat my child, how thin you are”, but then my daughter would refuse to oblige through persuasion or coercion. Had I not bumped into a few healthy recipes for picky eaters , every... -

Top 10 Recipes Made With Cranberry

Among the top 10 recipes made with cranberry, are these all time favorites which have been modified over the years. These cranberry recipes are the ultimate when it comes to flavor and are great to have on your table during the festive season. ... -

Top 10 Cheese Dessert Recipes

  This list of top 10 cheese dessert recipes will keep you ready for any party throughout the year. These desserts cater to different palates and age-groups. So, get going and let us know which one became your favorite.   ... -

National Pomegranate Month - Recipe Ideas To Celebrate

Pomegranates – sown in seeds aplenty, overflowing with the richness of goodness, beauty and health – these red ‘n’ pink ‘n’ yellow fruits can bring back the roses to your cheeks for the wonders they do to your body. And so we have the National... -

Four Seasons Hotel Gains Wheels

Four Seasons is considered to the ultimate in fine dining with celebs from all walks of life preferring to meet at the classy restaurant for a gourmet meal. A Food Truck, on the other hand, is a mobile eatery, often handing out hot, casual meals or fast... -

Margaritas For Everyone!

    If you love Margaritas and want to try them at home without the unsavory after-effects of alcohol, try the "1800 Tequila Ultimate Margaritas" in Tetra Packs. This revolutionary product is basically Margarita on-the-go. It... -

Obama Delivers Pizza In Between Debate Prep

With just 22 days left till America goes to polls, President Barack Obama is upping the ante in his showdown with Mitt Romney, his presidential rival for the White House. It was during one of those debate boot camp visits at the Kingsmill Resort this weekend... -

Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival

From July 29 – August 1, 2010, the Atlantic City would be host to its very own Food and Wine Festival , a four-day extravaganza, showcasing the best of talents among wine and spirits producers of the country, along with chefs and culinary experts. ... -

Indianapolis Prepares Chefs & Food Trucks For Super Bowl

Think of Super Bowl 2012 and you can’t stop thinking of food in the same breath. Besides preparing for the game this year, host city Indianapolis is also preparing its chefs and food trucks for heightening the Super Bowl fever. Food obsession is bound to... -

Top Five Spices To Shed Weight

  We generally look for diet plans and recipes that can help us lose some weight. But, today I bring to you the top five spices to shed weight. All you need to do in order to lose weight is to include these five ingredients in your regular... -

This Cake Is Real, Not A Lie

The popular game portal has coined the phrase ‘the cake is a lie.’ The phrase is used liberally through out the game which keeps promising you a cake that never gets delivered ultimately. As you manage to advance from level to level in the game , you will... -

Top 10 Italian Cook Books

Cook books on Italian food are a wonderful investment if you have always been a great fan of delicacies from the land of Good Food. However, the best cook books are those that make you feel as if you are cooking under the tutelage of the expert himself.... -

Top 10 Cucumber Dishes

  Usage of cucumber goes much beyond plain salads; it can be used in innumerous ways like any other vegetable. Here’s a must try top 10 cucumber dishes to enjoy this ultimate cool food; believe it or not they are all as cool as cucumber itself.... -

How To Eat Arroz Con Leche

A favorite dessert in Mexico and many other Latin American countries, Arroz con Leche literally translates to ‘rice pudding’ in Spanish.  However, compared to other forms of rice pudding, Arroz con Leche is a thicker, richer ric -

Burgers Galore - Number One American Favourite

Classic American Hamburger of the 50's So many around the world think of American cuisine as "junk foods".  This is not really the case - many do eat healthier foods.  The basic recipes are not junk food, but many companies have... -

Culinary Library

Hi: Welcome to all who wish to learn how to cook, Chef Milani here and I have been cooking and teaching for 10 years now. I have a web page and I created it to help people understand common procedures and terms in the culinary language. In the Culinary... -

Calling All Chocolate Lovers

1. Chocolate pots Rich and dense, these puddings need to be made with the very best bitter chocolate - you only need a few mouthfuls. Think of them as a chocolate truffle in a pot and get creative with flavours. Spice the cream with star anise for an... -

Printed Cookbooks Still Rule

The Internet users are growing by the minute. Yet surprisingly, the printed cookbook remains the ultimate reading material for serious foodies, chefs and food writers. When the electronic world has taken over almost every other aspect of our lives but why?... -

Avocado Galore During Super Bowl Xlvii

Forget chicken wings and beer! This year's Super Bowl bash will see the rise of a new star - Avocado. It is expected that while watching the Championship Game, Americans are going to consume 79 million pounds of avocados . It may be in dips, salads,... -

Fast Food Restaurants Plan More Onslaught In 2011

Fast food restaurants plan more onslaught in 2011, introducing more greasy goodies on the food scene. The Americans who have grown numb to various types of burgers can now expect some food surprises from their favorite food chains.   Some of... -

Top Three Shrimp Cookbook Reviews

  If you like seafood and if you love shrimp, you ought to have one of these top three shrimp cookbooks . Every recipe detailed in these books is scrumptious, delicious, and unforgettable. Read their reviews to decide which one of these... -

All The Manhattans You Can Drink

No, Manhattan cocktails are not back in style! The reason? They have not been out of style for a long, long time now. This classic cocktail, created at the Manhattan Club, NYC, in 1870 , continues to hold sway and is believed to be the ultimate among... -

Weekly Tailgate Menu: November 14, 2007

This Week's Menu: - Barbecue Chicken Pizza - Feta and Tomato Pizza - Grilled Pizza con Funghi e Fontina This week we're talkin' pie. Pizza pie, to be specific. Monday was "National Pizza with the Works... -

Weekly Tailgate Menu: October 3, 2007

Every Wednesday I publish my Weekly Tailgate Menu which has a complete menu (usually four dishes) to throw a great tailgate party - or backyard party - that weekend. Of course you can mix-and-match recipes but each week I try to explore a differnt type of... -

Vegetarian Burgers

Burgers can be the perfect easy-to-make summer party food, but nowdays many of us who aren't actually vegetarians are realizing that eating more plants and less meat is a good thing. For anyone trying to eat more veggies, here are ten delicious... -

Dosa Delight!

Food for some means Dosa. Amazed at this,   but its true. In India and the world you will find many foodies for whom , whether be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, Dosa is the foremost option.     One of my friends is amongst the foodies... -

How To Remove Lasagna From The Pan

Lasagna is arguably the most famous and utterly delectable Pasticciata; and like any other casserole baked Pasticciata, serving Lasagna can get potentially messy. To prevent these embarrassing table moments, I brings to you few simple tips on how to remove... -

High Blood Pressure Diet Menu

High blood pressure diet menu is formulated for hypertensive patients suffering from extreme blood pressure. Normally, hypertension is not symptomatic and doesn't seem like a threat until it triggers risk of kidney failure, heart attack or stroke.... -

Are You An Outdoor Person?

Are you an outdoor person? If yes, then the grill is the ultimate way of cooking for you. Turn on the grill invite family and friends and have a great party outdoors. Here’s just how. The grill can be a wonderful way to add to the merry making.... -

Top Three Chili Cookbook Reviews

If you are looking for some of the best chili recipes out there you need to consider these top three chili cookbooks . They have some really mouth watering recipes along with fantastic illustrations. Here is a review on the best three.   ... -

How To Use Onion Powder Substitute

Onion is one of the most popular vegetables we use in our daily cooking; the rounded edible part of this plant is composed of fleshy, tight concentric leaf bases and it has a pungent odor and taste. Here are few points about onion, onion powder and ... -

What Are The Culinary Uses Of Panko Breading

The culinary uses of Panko breadcrumbs  are many and each one aimed at enhancing the taste of recipes.  Uses of panko breadings   are common in several American traditional recipes, mainly for baking, frying and also as a topping to add crunch to any... -

Best 5 Hamburgers To Serve On National Hamburger Day

Americans love to eat hamburger s all the time, so they deserve a celebration like National Hamburger Day . Here are the best 5 Hamburgers to serve on National Hamburger Day. While burger seems to be a staple food in US one should be celebrating with... -

Weekly Tailgate Menu: October 31, 2007

This Week's Menu: - Florida Honey Datil Wild American Shrimp Cocktail - Steak Jalapeno - Kickin' Corn on the Cob - Bulldog Tailgate Peach Cobbler I spent last Saturday in Jacksonville, FL with 100,000 or so... -

Most Popular Diets For Men

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } A lot of the commercial diet programs are kind of inclined toward the feminine end of the human spectrum. NutriSystem diet program is specifically designed for men. It has 3 different programs within it;... -

Top Three Potato Cookbook Reviews

  These  top three potato cookbooks are ideal for all spud lovers. Recipes ranging from the easy to the complicated, it really does not matter if you are a novice in the kitchen or a veteran, there will be plenty of recipes for you to cook.... -

5 Must Have Christmas Main Course

Main course dishes for  Christmas  vary with the traditions, history, and region. However, each of the dish shares a significant connection either with the season or with the individuals relishing the meal. Here are five of the dishes which should... -

Qr Codes That Look Good Enough To Eat!

    The QR (Quick Response) code is here to stay! For the first time, the advertising industry is enjoying the results of being able to put a barcode in every man’s pocket courtesy a smartphone. But now, Taco Bell has gone... -

How Important Is Bread In Daily Life

  Consumption of bread in daily life is with the purpose of intake of grains. That is how you defined the importance of bread. With the exception of rice and a few other grains that are consumed as such, wheat primarily and corn to some extent is... -

1500 Calorie Diet Menu

1500 Calorie Diet Menu is a balanced diet plan, having the essential nutrition to nourish and body and keep it healthy. 1500 Calorie Diet plan is very similar to 1200 calorie menu plan and can slowly help in reducing body weight. 1500 cal diet menu can help... -

Los Angeles Food Festivals

Los Angeles is the ultimate food destinations for epicurean, and gastronome. The central dogma of the Los Angeles food festivals is nothing more than, dine, wine, and be merry all the time. The foodie’s city spins the cascades of most ethnic world... -

Seasoning For Lentil Soup - How To Tips & Ideas

A simple lentil soup can be converted into an exotic one, by using the appropriate seasonings . The homemade lentil soup is the ultimate choice of comfort food for many for the rainy and breezy afternoons. Here I am going to share some of my favorite... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Gingerbread

Gingerbreads   may be the ultimate holiday favorites, but did you know that this ginger-flavor bread could contain quite whopping amount of fats too? However, that doesn't mean that you have to forgo your favorite dessert. You can always... -

Top 5 Popular Hanukkah Finger Foods Eaten On Hanukkah

  Some latest  Hanukkah party ideas: Top 5 popular Hanukkah finger foods eaten on Hanukkah , adding these foods on your Hanukkah party menu will make the party more interesting as guests can enjoy their food in a non-formal... -

Chop-syc – Cutting Board That Speaks

After spending a week evaluating 70 entries to its “GetItDownOnPaper” competition, scientists at Sharp Laboratories in Europe selected Siobhán Andrews’ interactive cutting board, Chop-Syc, as the best design idea. Now you may ask – a cutting... -

Cinnamon Menu

  Creating a cinnamon menu ?  Who would have thought that this particular tree bark could be responsible for completely changing the taste of dish around. It's highly aromatic fragrance and flavor can wonders for any... -

How To Use Pomegranate For Skin Care

Pomegranate is an exceptionally smart choice for skin care . This wonderfully nutritious fruit is a potent source of Vitamins B and K. These vitamins are essential for ensuring the vitality and radiance of skin. Moreover, pomegranate is packed with... -

Spices That Go Well With Eggplant

Eggplants, the high-fiber low-fat vegetables have a unique advantage over all other vegetables - they have no distinct flavor of their own and hence, they give you the unfathomable freedom to cook it in any way you want to. The varieties of spices that go... -

Win A Copy Of Perfect Pies Just In Time For The Holiday

      Thanksgiving is right around the corner and ifood.tv is going to help you make the perfect pie for your friends and family!  Just check out the ifood.tv Facebook Fan Page and tell us what your favorite holiday pie... -

How To Add Whey Powder Into Cooking Oil

We know that cooking oil is a must in many recipes – you will find some of the most mouth watering dishes cooked in this oil. If you wish to add a difference in your various recipes with the use of same cooking oil, you can add whey powder. Adding... -

Cameron Diaz's Fav Pizza Now Available In Mumbai

Are you the kind of celebrity fan who would do anything, even travel from city to city just so that you can be a part of their life in a minor way? Then, Mumbai is calling!! If you love Miley Cyrus or Cameron Diaz then you can at least be a part of their food... -

Elephant Bar Menu – A Pan Asian Dining Experience

First opened in 1980, the Elephant Bar Restaurant has been a delectable playground of Pan Asian flavors as well as other popular recipes from different cuisines since then. The basic idea behind opening this restaurant was “to provide a comfortable and... -

How To Eat Tofu?

Tofu, the Japanese version of the Indian “Paneer”, is made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curd into soft blocks. While most of us are aware of what tofu is, some of us may still wonder how to eat tofu . The best attribute of... -

How To Eat Baccala Fritto? The Essence Of The Cod Fish Culminating The Italian Way

Italian cuisine is all about variations to suit the vicissitudes of the day. And so is Baccala, the salt-cured cod fish . Baccala is a delicacy that adorns the festive season of Christmas and is therefore considered Italy’s favorite. How to eat Baccala... -

What Are The Types Of Mushrooms?

What are the types of mushrooms ? If you are a mushroom lover, this must have come to your mind. There are many types of mushrooms – some of which are edible while others are not. In fact, it is said, that there are nearly 10,000 types of mushrooms... -

How To Make Christmas Food Gifts For Cheap

Learn how to make Christmas food gifts for cheap and discover a special way of greeting your loved ones even when you are on a tight budget. Foods are something, to which no one can say “no.” Plus, with foods you always add your personal touch to a gift... -

New York Food Festivals

New York food festivals are the grand celebration of food, culture, and wine, with a classic touch. The festival features the most lavish and exquisite cuisines of the state`s restaurants, and is marked by presence of top notch chefs and culinary experts.... -

5 Easy Carrot Cupcake Ideas

The moist and healthy carrot cupcake ideas can be prepared in an assortment of  flavors with the addition of spices. The tangy cream cheese frosting, which is one of the commonly used  icing, strikes a perfect balance in terms of both color and flavor.... -

How To Cook Beef In Slow Cooker

One of the most popular ways of using a slow cooker is to cook tough cuts of fleshy foods like  beef.  Such cuts of beef are generally cheaper  because of the difficulty in preparing them. However, cooking in a slow cooker tenderizes the beef by the... -

Top Three Beef Cookbook Reviews - Best Beef Cookbooks

  Here are reviews for the top three beef cookbooks out there. It does not matter if you’re a whiz in the kitchen or just a beginner, you will find recipes for every skill level and every occasion. Hopefully the reviews will help you... -

Use Fiber To Improve Your Child’s Academic Performance

  Is your Child struggling in scoring good marks in School? Is your child’s academic performance becoming your latest piece of worry? Well now, you can use fiber to improve your child’s academic performance. Yes, it’s true…... -

How To Prepare Hot Seasonings For Daily Cooking?

  There are four kinds of seasoning , which are meant not only to add the flavor, but also to give the final tongue tingling taste, which otherwise will be missing, especially  for those home makers out there. Amongst the four, preparing hot... -

Top 10 American Traditional New Year Food

New Year is here and if you are particular about ushering in the year with traditional fare, just read on for the top 10 American traditional New Year food...             10 New Year Food to Try this... -

Top 10 New Zealand Cook Books

  The marvelous dishes of New Zealand can be termed as a delightful fusion cuisine that have a British base and is infused with Mediterranean inspirations. The New Zealand cook books also share information on the vastness and richness of its... -

Top 10 Tamil Cook Books

The richness of the culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu has played a major role in giving rise to some of tastiest delicacies of the world. Having two or three Tamil cook books handy will always help you to try out some fabulous recipes from this South Indian... -

November Menu

November menu ideas can be a medley of soups, stews, warm up delights, fabulous delicacies of fish, salmon, and quintessential vegan recipes. November is the month of winter splash, morning dews, and teasing cold. The way you pamper your gustatory senses,... -

Ideas For Hanukkah Dinner Menu: Quick And Easy Ideas To Prepare Kosher Chicken

Why a write-up on “ Quick And Easy Ideas To Prepare Kosher Chicken, for a Hanukkah dinner menu ”?  Kosher foods adhere to the Jewish Dietary laws, and Hanukkah, being an important festival of the Jews, brings out the purest spirit and form of... -

8 Wonderful Mardi Gras Ideas For Brunch

  Mardi Gras, a customary carnival festival especially centered in the French Quarter of New Orleans, is celebrated around the world. Customary Mardi Gras foods are an important part of a great celebration. If you plan to host, a brunch and... -

How To Use Celery For Skin Care

Celery is one of those vegetables that enjoy immense popularity in both the health and skin care industry. Celery is an excellent source of Vitamin A, C and E. This group of vitamins together acts as a potent antioxidant. They help in reversing and protecting... -

How To Have A Backyard Bbq W/o A Backyard!

For many, the summer is synonymous with summertime fun and the traditional American backyard barbecue.  However, living in the city can put a damper on anyone’s backyard dreams.  In a place where high-rise buildings are plentiful and grass-filled... -

Fun Cooking Ideas With Chocolate - Have Fun With Chocolate

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Fun Cooking Ideas With Chocolate - Have fun with chocolate!! Yes, Siree!! I don't know about you but I know that I can have fun with chocolate ; morning, noon and night. I can have fun with chocolate even in my... -

April Menu

April menu can be full of color and splendors of spring, and summer fresh fruits, and veggies arrivals. You can jazz up your April menu plan with some relishing seasonal flavors which can also act as natural chill pill. April gives the hint of early summer,... -

Mozzarella Menu

A mozzarella menu can also literally translate to a ‘sinful’ menu. This spun-curd buffalo milk cheese ranks up there amongst the list of the most delicious cheeses. Add it to the blandest of foods and you it transform the dish to a rich, savory item.... -

Easy Diet Menu

Easy diet menu is the ultimate success mantra for dieters who find it hard to stick to extreme diet regimes. Diet recipes needn’t always be insipid. With a little creativity and a handful of low-fat alternatives, you can easily turn your daily fare... -

Cyclic Ketogenic Diet Menu

Originally devised for epileptic children to prevent seizures, cyclic ketogenic diet or CKD has become the ultimate fitness mantra for body builders and fitness enthusiasts today. High in fat, low in carbs, and moderate in protein, cyclic ketogenic diet... -

Seasoning For Stew-how To Tips & Ideas

The right seasoning can turn the all so famous stew into the ultimate comfort food. That said, seasoning is a most important part of  preparing stew , as without this the dish will lose its flavor and warmth. Here are some quick and simple ideas... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cream Soup

Be it creamy clam chowder or any cream of celery soup, nothing can be more comforting and satiating than a bowl of piping hot cream soup on especially hungry evenings. Thick, rich cream soups are the ultimate comfort food. Unfortunately, creamy soup comes... -

How To Use Cayenne For Skin Care

Cayenne pepper has been known for thousands of years as a powerful healer with remarkable medicinal properties. Cayenne contains high amounts Vitamin A and beta carotene. This makes cayenne an excellent anti-aging herb since Vitamin A and beta carotene are... -

Andy Wrobel Builds 2.5ft High Pancake Stack For Guinness World Records

Australia’s Andy Wrobel loves pancakes. Who doesn’t, you may ask. But then not everybody goes stacking pancakes to set world records, right? That is what Andy Wrobel did recently when he stacked 60 pancakes one atop another and got through into the... -

Are Walnut Oatmeal Cookies Healthy

Walnuts are famously known as the “brainy nuts” and oatmeal is considered as the much-required tonic for a number of health ailments. Mixing these ingredients into a cookie would surely make for a tasty treat, but are walnut oatmeal cookies healthy too?... -

Simon Cowell Rides Cookery Show Bandwagon!

  It seems everyone is rushing on the cookery television bandwagon. While the stalwarts,  Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson, are going full throttle at it, a surprising new entry into this world is that of grouchy British television... -

How To Make Ginger Scrub

Using a ginger based scrub is an excellent way of detoxifying your body while also removing accumulated dead skin cells. It is because of the therapeutic and medicinal properties of ginger that it has frequently been used in Indian and Chinese medicines for... -

Top 10 Dips To Go With Your Munchies

  No one likes to eat their favorite munchies without a perfect dip to go with them. That's why we've compiled a list of our favorite dips that are delicious and easy to make:   1. Creamy Spring Onion... -

Make Merry On National Macaroon Day

It is time to honor the macaroon again! Yes guys, May 31 is “National Macaroon Day” when we bake and enjoy these flourless concoctions to our heart’s content.  Although the macaroon is considered to be a Jewish specialty as it is made during Passover... -

Cakes G'lore

Decided to take a walk this morning…past two blocks and here I am… at my favorite corner. Standing here I experience the typical dilemma that an average person today undergoes on a daily basis. The “problem of choice” that’s exactly what it is. It... -